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A while back, someone in our community suggested I do a reading about the coronavirus. Of course it’s a fabulous idea and I’ve been wanting to do it since.

Alas, just like many of you, I’ve been held up in a lockdown and unable to do as much as I’d like across different areas of my life including working, exercising, and being with others.

To add to these challenges, I’ve had to travel just weeks before the global outbreak.

So as of this writing, I’m in lockdown in a location away from my usual base. I can’t travel just yet, and I’m working through a number of challenges, including technical ones that have slowed down my work with Lenormand Reader.

I would have loved to do this reading as a video, but I still need to figure out a few things to make it possible from my present location.

And as my technical challenges are taking more time to smooth out than I’d anticipated, I decided to go ahead with the COVID reading in writing.

Therefore this post.



The COVID virus and its seamless spread out of China to the world has taken the world by storm.

Within weeks, most countries went from travel warnings to near-total lockdowns.

People are divided as some support the draconian measures being implemented to protect the public, while others protest them and outright disbelieve them.

The most shocking example I’ve come across so far is some ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel who totally refuse any such measures, are carrying on with their traditions, including funeral gatherings and the like, and some of whom are even coughing in public to spread the virus in protest.

Many supermarkets around the world went through shortages, people have hoarded food and household items, and factories are being re-purposed to help out just as though it were a war effort.

Many businesses are suffering, especially smaller ones who operate almost paycheck to paycheck. I read somewhere that some 40% of businesses who’ve had to close their doors due to this pandemic might not operate again.

For many of us, our work has merged with our personal lives as working from home becomes the norm. I have many good things to say about working from home, but I also understand why some find it challenging - more on that in the coming weeks.

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed from a hodgepodge of feelings, including panic, anxiety, uncertainty, confusion, loss, lack of confidence, and hopelessness, among many more. I’ll share my thoughts about these and how to cope with them in the coming weeks as well.

People aren’t sure what to do with themselves, but it’s nice to see a few fun ideas pop up on social media, as individuals and families share DIY tips and funny videos to help us cope with the times.

As Lenormand Readers, we’ll surely want to do a few readings about COVID.

But there are so many different ways to look at the situation and so many different questions that we can ask, that I reached out to you on social media for some ideas.

Before getting into the more detailed implications of the pandemic on our lives, I felt it would be helpful to first approach the issue from a broader perspective, so, I chose to first understand in a general way:

What is going on with this pandemic? How is it affecting our collective consciousness?

The reason for this question is that I would like us to create a foundation for our subsequent readings, and get a feel for the more general direction of the pandemic and its effects on our lives - before we delve into questions like “how much longer?”, “effects on the housing markets”, etc.

Of course, you might have a different way of approaching this and that’s totally fine. In fact, I’d love to hear about it, so please share it with Lenormand Reader’s community by hash-tagging #lenormandreader or reaching out to me directly.

I chose a large diamond for this first reading because it’s an awesome spread. It has central structures as well as lots of details, and I’ve never done one for a public reading before. So now’s a good time.

I encourage you to try your hand at this amazing layout, but if you find it too large, you’ll find smaller versions in the free resource.



I never cease to be amazed by Lenormand.

Here we go, the Coffin appears right in the center of our Diamond!

The central card is the most important card as it captures the essence of the reading. And in my personal approach with the cards, when I see a central card or other key cards so well-aligned with the query, I take it to mean that the reading is accurate and reliable.

So in this sense, I’m very impressed with the Coffin figuring in this important position.

This typically challenging card is mainly about health but often in a negative way. Its classical interpretation is illness and the need for rest and recovery. Needless to say, this is perfectly aligned with the COVID situation.

But the whole big deal with the virus is not only about health, it’s also about everything coming to a standstill and being on hold.

On top of that, many of us are in lockdown, staying home as much as possible (or as much as legally required). We’re working from home and unfortunately many have been laid off. We’re isolating, distancing, and staying away from each other.

These are all perfectly well captured by the Coffin.





The corner cards frame the reading in that they highlight key themes.

You might like to order them differently, I just typically connect them this way. But the cards themselves might also guide us with how we string them into a sentence. Like in this case.

The Cross and Tower are thematically related in that they’re both about spirituality, mystery, and to some degree burden and challenge.

The Cross doesn’t make it easy, and the Tower suggests that this situation will go on for a while. This adds to the slow quality of the Coffin.

The Heart and Dog go really well together too, as they highlight relationships and friendships.

In the context of COVID, I read them as pointing to our sense of community and connection as one big family.

We’re all in this together is a key message coming through the Heart and Dog, but with the Coffin in the middle, it’s clear that our relationships are being challenged.

Simple yet incredibly on point, wouldn’t you say?

Though in the Diamond I consider the “corner cards” to be the peaks, we might also look at the corner cards of the nine-card portrait embedded within it: Fish + Rider + Clouds + Bird.

It’s pretty obvious from these cards that money is an issue.

More specifically, we can interpret the Fish and Rider as meaning financial targets or money deposited, like when receiving a salary.

With the Clouds and Bird, which to me is about arguments, disagreements, and even hurtful talk, I take the cards to suggest people losing income, needing financial help, and having their livelihoods challenged or interrupted.

These are aligned with the situation as millions are filing for unemployment benefits, thousands of businesses are on the brink of bankruptcy, and landlords all over the world are either forgiving rent or trying to get their tenants to pay up - many of them depend on rental income to live.

But it’s not just at the micro levels that we’re seeing financial struggle. Central banks and federal reserves in many countries are calling it a recession, and stock markets, housing markets, oil price, and many other areas of the economy are taking a serious hit.

So the portrait’s corner cards are another set of accurate cards in the context of the COVID pandemic.

The Diamond’s corner cards highlight the spiritual and relationship aspects at play, and the portrait’s corner cards brought out the main practical elements associated with the pandemic.

I’m impressed with this spread.



This line gives us key events about our query. It can tell the story from past to present - or from the earlier to the later phases - when reading it from left to right.

With the Heart and Dog bracketing the line, the people element comes into focus.

The first thing that jumps out for me is the Lily between the Heart and Coffin. In this context, I feel it’s referring to seniors.

We’re all worried about them as they’re more vulnerable and more susceptible to the virus than the rest of us.

I’ve read a few news pieces from different parts of the world about this, and I’m inclined to think that seniors are being deliberately sacrificed. One such shocking story comes from Ontario, Canada, where seniors in one home where the virus spread to a third of it, were prevented from being moved to a hospital for more proper care. Apparently, someone ‘judged’ that their case would be hopeless.

I have serious reservations about such ‘assessments’, and to be honest, pre-COVID pension funds crunches cause me to suspect that these decisions could be deliberate. How malicious that would be if it were true.

The Heart, Lily, and Coffin also point to people dying. Though we typically shy away from talking about this, we can see here that it makes sense.

As of this writing, numbers are climbing in the West, and they have been doing so for a while. So I fear the line is realistic.

But it’s lovely to see the Flowers on the other side of the Coffin. Together, the Flowers and Coffin is a direct reference to recovery and healing.

And the Dog on the other side of the Flowers is another positive Colombian for friendships and relationships.

So in addition to looking forward to healing, we can look forward to renewing our relationships and being able to connect again.

This will most probably translate into releasing the isolation and social distancing requirements, and probably to going back to our normal social interactions.

What’s interesting is that the Flowers is also the card of all things ‘returning’, ‘coming back’, and ‘recovering’.

So reading the line from past to future, there’s an unfolding through time that works well with the indications delivered by the cards on either side of the Coffin.

One concern I have is that we could lose a few more people and specifically older folks before we see an improvement coming through.

I also feel that it’s going to take a while longer - at least months - before it starts to turn around. That’s because the Lily and the Coffin are slower cards, and as we’ll see in the Main Vertical, more cards point to slowness.




The Vertical is specifically about manifesting our intentions. However, in this context and given the cards, I feel it’s telling us about more key events.

It’s a heavy line!

While the Cross and Moon can have a positive meaning, given the Coffin on the other side of the Moon and the query itself, their more negative connotation comes through.

Difficult emotions are brought out here, and with the Coffin, poor health, illness, and the need to wait, are re-emphasized.

The Cross, Moon, and Coffin further suggest that this whole situation might have to be endured for some time longer, and that things are unfortunately out of our hands. Clearly, these are all true.

The Road and Tower below the Coffin don’t help.

They further point to the need to wait and suggest that this whole situation will be protracted over more time.

We did see the Flowers in the Horizontal Line, but I don’t feel it’s sufficiently strong to overcome this powerful Vertical Line. Every card in it is slow.

It also suggests that this is the end of a major phase in the world.

Both the Moon and Coffin, and Coffin and Road, point to an ending. And The Road and Tower advises us to let go of the past.

This might be a good thing in some ways, but the lack of bright cards in the line suggests that we’ll need to let go of some things, and that not everything will return to normal.

From the point of view of health, this is concerning. But it’s also worrisome for societies and economies.

As draconian measures and the oppressive aspects of government are coming through all too clearly in this pandemic, I have to wonder if the Cross, Coffin and Tower, might not also highlight the limitations being imposed on us.

Keep in mind that the Tower is often associated with official matters, government, and the law.

So I am indeed worried about the future of our civil liberties.

While we all want to cooperate and help each other through this, I fear that some governments might be taking advantage of the situation to implement practices that could remain in place well after the pandemic is over.

I read that France is asking citizens to fill forms every time they want to go out. There is talk in Egypt about implementing 5G surveillance technologies with heat maps that could reveal people’s individual temperatures within crowds.

Some fines are ridiculously hefty, with the largest I know of being the $ 1,000,000 fine in Ontario for breaking isolation requirements and deliberately putting others at risk - if I understood it correctly.

In the United States, the Senate is working through the Earn It bill, which will allow the government to scan all online messages, eventually ending end-to-end encryption and the expectation of privacy altogether.

Not good!

And please don’t miss out on Google’s community mobility data, which appears to be aggregated data of individuals’ movement to basically everywhere before and after the lockdowns. We’ve always known Google is capable of this, I’m just worried that the pandemic is making this kind of surveillance more palatable to the masses.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds if not thousands being rolled out all over the world. Some of them may be true and others not, but regardless, many of these ideas are truly worrisome for the future of our freedoms.

Where is all this going?

I’m not too happy with what this Vertical is suggesting.




I take the diagonals to offer more key insights into our query - just like I would reading a nine-card portrait.

There are plenty of other diagonals that we can read in our Diamond, but we’ll ca read them as part of the inner and outer diamonds a little later.

The money element is appears through Fish. With the Coffin and Rider, the message is clear: People are not getting paid, businesses are not making money, costs are being cut or put on hold, many are being let go, and others are closing shop. Another straightforward line that doesn’t mince words.

The Clouds, Coffin, and Bird also align with the situation. Everyone’s worried, anxious, and at the same time, feeling helpless to a great extent. The Coffin in the middle delivers this idea well, and sitting between the Clouds and Birds, we see the frustration coming through.

So far, I’m really ‘happy’ with this spread. You know what I mean: It’s accurately aligned with the whole COVID situation and how we’re feeling about it.




I take the square to give us details about our query, and not so much main story lines. In a portrait, however, all horizontal and vertical lines, in addition to the diagonals, are key story lines as far as I’m concerned.

I’m happy to see the Fish, Moon, and Bird. A bit like the Flowers and Dog in the Main Horizontal Line, this triplet gives us some hope for money and general ease and comfort, but the Bird offsets this a little, suggesting pending anxieties and worries.

I can see that panning out.

Realistically speaking, I don’t feel we can get back to our pre-COVID levels of economic ease overnight. We’ll gain our hope back and reset our ambitions, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have some hanging concerns as we bridge our way back into ‘normal’ life.

The Bird, Flowers, and Rider, is another happy line. The Flowers being the card of ‘returns’ and the Rider being active and ambitious, we can look forward to regaining momentum. This pair offsets the anxious Bird, but the Bird by the Flowers can also be about having fun and kicking back.

I see this line as indicating a sense of relief and relaxation. We’ll find ways to be playful again as we get past the seriousness of the situation. Sweet message.

BUT (lol), the next couple of lines re-emphasize the challenges ahead. They highlight a challenging path to recovery.

I see the Lily and Fish as suggesting the economy on a broader scale. The Clouds brings up challenges, and it’s pretty clear from this line that it won’t be easy to turn the world’s economy - and country economies - around.

On a smaller scale, those whose businesses and livelihoods were severely affected by the pandemic might have a tough time to bring their income back to previous levels.

I foresee some serious adjustments will need to be made, and it could be a bumpy ride until we have a new sense of ‘normal’.

Still, the Moon, Flowers, and Rider in the Square, advise us to assume an optimistic attitude and to KMF - keep moving forward - as best as we can.




I take the Inner Diamond to bring out some hidden elements about the query and again, it’s possible to combine the cards differently, or use the cards as a guide.

I like to zig-zag the cards and would have read them as Moon + Flowers + Lily + Road, but because it makes more sense to read the cards of the Outer Diamond in their adjacent order, I want to do the same here for consistency.

These are lovely cards, but they’re also a little intriguing in view of the seriousness of the whole situation.

The Moon and Flowers is a lovely combination that tells of unleashing potential and expressing creativity.

With the Road and Lily, there’s clearly an opportunity ahead to make career or life path changes that are in better alignment with who we really are.

Healing, recovery, and regeneration are possible.

Something good is in the making, and this might be an opportunity to do things differently, to align with what we authentically want to pursue, and to make deep changes in our life and lifestyle.

This can be really exciting!

In my personal life, I feel this applies very strongly. Despite the many challenges that we’re all going through right now, I have many moments when I see the possibilities.

I hope you’re able to see things in this way too.

Of course, I understand it’s not easy. But if we’re able to consciously choose a different perspective, then we can create a different reality.

I believe that we have choice. I think it’s a fact of life!

Yes, of course, some things are out of our hands, but many others are in our control. And there’s no need for a complicated philosophical debate around this: We’re free in some ways, not in others; let’s just change the things we can and let go of the ones we can’t.

Though it’s not always easy to see the opportunity in adversity, it’s precisely having this sort of insight that is, by itself, a giant step forward in our consciousness.

It’s amazing how this small, silent line hidden in the Diamond, captures the key spiritual teaching of the reading and the COVID situation.

I am humbled to see it.





The Outer Diamond is about the visible, manifest elements of the situation. It’s a long sentences so it’s best to break it down. I like to do it in threes because it aligns with the sides of the Diamond.

I feel the Cross, Bird, and Dog, have to do with all things related to isolation and social distancing. While the Bird is the card of communication and the Dog is about relationships, the Cross is often a burdensome card imposing restrictions. It makes sense here.

The line is also about the general anxiety we’re experiencing in our relationships.

I’m not in my previous location right now and where I am the rules are more around curfews, but I can imagine that social distancing and isolation measures are creating all sorts of awkwardness between people. Not fun.

The Dog, Rider, and Tower might seem a littler brighter, but I’m not inclined to see them this way because of the broader context.

The Dog and Rider is an active pair, but the Tower can bring up the idea of administration and legalities. So I also feel that this has to do with all the rules we need to follow.

The Dog and Rider feel like the ‘junior’ aspect of the triplet, and the Tower is like the ‘senior’ element. So I feel this line has to do with authority and having to differ to it for just about everything right now.

Things like working remotely, adjusting to curfews, and communicating according to new frameworks can all be implicated by this triplet. And remember that the Outer Diamond is about the external elements of the reading, so all things practical can come through it.

But the line being active also suggests that we’re carrying on despite the challenges. It’s certainly a good idea to maintain some motivation as we go through this.

The Tower in this sense advises us to keep our sight on the long-term goals. This is helpful for a balanced perspective and for pulling us through this.

The Tower, Clouds, and Heart, I feel have to do with letting go of the past.

The Heart and Clouds normally points to thinking about love, likely unrequited. But in this context, and especially because of the Tower which is often associated with the past, we could be longing for the way things were before.

We all want to get over this and get back to our normal lives - even if they weren’t ideal.

I fear the line could be telling us that things won’t go back to normal, not all the way at least. So the idea of letting go comes through, especially in view of other lines we read, like the Main Vertical.

To wrap up, we have the Heart, Fish, and Cross.

While the Heart and Fish are typically positive for money and sometimes for love, the Clouds is on the other side of the Heart, and all the sides of the Diamond tie in together. The Cross also has its weighty side.

I’m inclined to see some positive aspects, namely the idea of pursuing what we love, but I also what to keep it balanced with the other cards and the broader context.

So I suggest that an evaluation of all things practical and financial is in view, but that this is also an opportunity to ask ourselves if we had been pursuing what we love.

The Cross is about the big decisions in life, so I also feel that we’re at crossroads and need to get real about life.

When something like this pandemic interrupts our lives so deeply, we become acutely aware of how precious everything is.

So let’s appreciate what we have and connect with what genuinely matters to us.

And if we haven’t been appreciative of the things we’ve done for ourselves, and aren’t aligning with our purpose, then this line - and the whole reading - is a wake up call to make the most of the time we have left in this life.

Carpe diem!



I’d say this is a really good spread. It’s got it all - all the elements of the situation, all the pro’s and con’s, the practical and the spiritual, the hopes and fears, and the red flags.

It accurately captures the situation, not least through the Coffin right in the center of it all, and the story weaves nicely.

To sum up, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

None of this is easy, and it’s unlikely that once this is over, we’ll be back to normal as though nothing happened.

Instead, we’re looking at some adjustments, inside and out. So this is looking like a fundamental disruption of lives - at the micro and macro levels.

But despite the whirlwind, a message of awakening comes through.

We’re being called to live more genuinely, to express more appreciation for who we are and what we have, and to even take advantage of the situation to make changes that are in closer alignment with what we really want in life.

So, for example, if you were let go from your job, or if your business had to close down, is this an impetus for you to do something else or to change a little how you’d been doing things?

Some might feel that looking at things in this way undermines the situation or implies that what we had been doing was wrong or misaligned. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead, it can just be about continuing in our path, and it happens that our path now veers in this or that direction.

Anytime you’re going somewhere, be it in your car or by foot, there are many points when you turn in a different direction. This pandemic can be one of these turns - though admittedly, a big one.

I always feel that awareness is the most precious gift. Just awareness. Not positive, negative, or any other qualifying aspects that make it easier or harder.

Without awareness, I feel we have very little - nothing really!

So, from my heart to yours, take this time to be aware. Aware about the world, yes, but more importantly, about yourself: Your life, who you are, the passing of time, the reality that everything ends, and what you want the rest of your life to look like.

I wish you well and pray that you’re safe.

Let’s affirm some of my favorite Louise Hay affirmations:

Everything happens in the perfect time-space sequence.
I trust Life to lead me to my highest good.
I am safe.
All is well in my world.


Try your hand at the Diamond layout

I created the Diamond layout in three versions: Small, medium, and large. Try your hand at this impressive spread, and start at whichever size you’re comfortable with. It’s awesome to help you practice both short and long sentences, and to get you weaving these amazing Lenormand stories together.

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