practice & ethics Nov 12, 2018

Every so often, we have the urge to ‘ask a fortune teller’. For some, it’s an occasional curiosity, for others, it’s a regular thing, or a way to learn how to read.

Regardless of how frequently you use divination or what brings you to the reading table, and whether you read for yourself or consult someone, these five tips will help you make the most your reading.



Questions have a way of driving their answers. It’s said that “the key is in the asking” and that “poor questions beget poor answers”. Even scientific queries run into this issue which is why a hypothesis must be defined according to certain principles before it’s tested.

So since your question will set the tone for the reading, it’s worth thinking about what exactly you’re asking.

This involves identifying what your query is and isn’t about. Your concern can have several facets and they’re probably all related. But you want zoom in on the heart of the question or on the aspect that you’re most concerned about.

Take the time to dialogue with you reader and clarify your query if you’re having someone else do your reading. They should be able to give you some good ideas if you’re unclear and could have some guidelines depending on the way their divination method works.



Most issues have several aspects, and often have an inner and outer component. By outer I mean events in the physical world, and by inner, I mean things going on inside your heart and mind. I believe that the inner work is often important because intentions precede events and actions.

So for your reading, you can go beyond specific events and also think about what’s key for your soul’s growth.

For example, you could be getting over a breakup while also having thoughts about another person. The question could be about whether you have relationship potential with this person. But your healing from the recent breakup and how you feel about it is also important, and can certainly affect how you attract and interact in new relationships. So it’s also worth inquiring into how you move forward in a psycho-spiritual sense.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t inquire into the next relationship or events in the world, not at all! It’s only to broaden your query and take your personal growth into consideration as well.



You might be at a loss and need a starting point, or have a suspicion you want to confirm. You’re wondering how someone feels about you, or want to better understand your role within a situation. You could also be more casual and just get a sense of what’s ahead for you in an open-ended way. These are all fine reasons to get a reading.

Another great motivation for a reading is to ask what you can do about your concern or what actions you can take for it. Proactive questions are awesome because they anchor you in your free will.

Even if your question is not specifically about an action, you can still get some useful advice from it and take away some advice, be it to think about your situation in a new perspective or to do something about it.

The more you focus on what you can do, the more life-enhancing your reading turns out. But the more you focus on what will happen to you, the more your reading locks you into expectations - which can disappoint. So, while divination carries many predictive messages, it also offers you heart-centered guidance - as it should! It does not replace your inner wisdom, but gives you more tools to work with.



Before you ask for a reading or do one yourself, ask yourself how you would feel if the cards don’t tell you what you want to hear? You want to be at ease with the different ways a query could turn out so you can be proactive with your different plans of action. For example, you might want to help someone, but the reading could tell you to focus on yourself instead. You might have one plan action in mind, but the reading doesn’t validate it.

An attitude of detachment is key to help you get the most out of your reading.

But it’s also important to remember that you’re free to do what you feel is right and should absolutely exercise your free will. A reading is just one source of insight for you. You have others, like the precious one between your ears!

When you feel a reading is at odds with how you feel, it’s actually a helpful sign because it could highlight a misalignment somewhere. You might need more information about the issue before doing a reading, it might not be the right time to ask, or you already know the answer or part of it. Any number of insights can help you circle back to why you’re asking in the first place. So be open and willing to hear yourself and the reading without worry or doubt, knowing that your truth is first and foremost within you.



Once you get your reading, it’s best to let it stew for some time. Of course, you can inquire into another area of your life, but it’s not a good idea to try and reconfirm the same question in another way or with another reading. This often happens when a reading outcome is not what you want to hear. But a reactive need to settle the question differently is a negative affirmation that creates insecurity and defensiveness.

If you disagree with the outcome of the query, your best defense is just see it for what it is and let it go! Remember that free will is your reality and readings are only one source of insight at your disposal. You have lots of wonderful tools, inside and outside of you, to work with and to help you create the life you want.

The same attachment can happen with a positive outcome. We start waiting for it ‘to happen’. Curiously, this too can push your good away, and you might have noticed this phenomenon at work in your life: You know something good will happen, you can’t get it off your mind, and then it never comes! These are law of attraction dynamics at play. Detachment is key for receiving, but you can’t pretend to be detached! So you have to practice. I know, it’s easier said than done, but you’ll love it once you get the hang of it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with readings, so please comment and share. Visit the FAQ’s at the bottom of the reading menu page for a few more insights into my approach, or get in touch if you have more questions.



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