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The Book is the card of mysteries and the unknown, but it is also about learning and knowledge. The Sun is one of the brightest cards of the deck, so anywhere it shows up in a reading, it shines its light on the cards and helps alleviate any challenge, even that of the Whip.

Together, these two cards can deliver a sense of enlightenment, whereby knowledge is revealed, and we have insight into a certain situation. More generally, happy news is ahead.

The combination is also great for education, writing, research, and any kind of creativity really. Success and achievement are ahead.



The Book is the card of knowledge and often represents mystery and things unknown. Depending on your deck, it might be represented as an open or a closed book. The illustration might affect how you interpret it, but it is really in different combinations that meaning comes out best.

The Sun is one of the brightest cards of the deck. It is all around positivity, victory, and wish-fulfillment.

Together, the Book and Sun suggest a happy revelation, understanding, clarity, and even enlightenment. The pair answers a wish and brings about relief.


In this order, the pair might mean that some things remain unrevealed, but because the Sun is so bright and powerful, a happy revelation is likely still at hand.

Academic success and happy intellectual pursuits can also be suggested by this pair. Research, knowledge, and delving into the mysteries are highlighted by the Sun and Book.



Both the Clover and Sun are very positive cards. Together, they reinforce each other. And so the Clover doesn’t add much to the pair.

The triplet might also suggest a lucky phase ahead, and likely one that is not yet known because of the Book at the beginning of the line.


This triplet can mean that some things remain unrevealed for some time, but there’s actually a good reason for this.

It might be a good idea to keep our thoughts and ideas to ourselves.

In my experience, while the Clover is very lucky, it doesn’t always suggest that what I want will materialize. Often enough, things turn out differently albeit still positive. So with the Clover, luck is at play more than our ‘plan’.



In this order, the triplet can be interpreted in the same way as with the Sun + Book + Clover.


The Whip is the most challenging card of the deck.

With the Book, it suggests a challenging revelation. It can be something shocking or disappointing. It can mean that differences show through or that a conflict can no longer be contained.

However, the Sun on the other side of the Book, tells us that things are resolved, healed, and turn out for the best.

The Whip by the Book can also suggest that we have the wrong information or we lack information, but with the Sun, these gaps are resolved. Doubts are clarified and misunderstandings are resolved.



In this order, the brightness of the line can be muddied.

Although, I generally feel that the Sun overcomes even the Whip, this order can suggest otherwise to some extent.

The Whip can mean that an obstacle comes up, and things don’t turn out as we had hoped. This can muddy our initial hopefulness, and more realism can set in.


This order of the triplet doesn’t change the previous interpretation much. The Sun can lessen the intensity of the Whip, but the Whip can do the same to the Sun.


The Man and Book often refers to someone we do not know, or someone who is reserved or not revealing their feelings.

With the Sun on the other side of the Book, we meet and get to know this person, and the relationships turns out to be wonderful.

It can also mean a happy revelation coming from this Man. He is supportive, knowledgeable, and likely offers us helpful information.

The same applies if the Woman, or another person card like the Dog, figured instead of the Man.


I do not feel this order changes the previous interpretation. The idea of getting to know a nice man or that something nice is revealed by him remains the case here.


In this order, there could be some mystery that remains because of the Book at the end of the line. Nevertheless, the Sun in the middle likey helps us see through the Book.

The Man helps us see through the Book or perhaps, we see through him, his feelings, or whatever it is he is being reserved about.


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