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The Child is about new beginnings and the Scythe is about sudden change, and often, separation and severance.

Together, a new beginning is clearly ahead. It can happen suddenly or it can mean that it involves parting from something or someone.

Alternatively, it’s possible that the new beginning suggested by the Child can be sabotaged by the Scythe.

As the Child can also represent children, different suggestions can come through, although we need more context. But in the context of a pregnancy, the Scythe clearly suggests some danger to the pregnancy, like a miscarriage or an aboriton. That’s because the Scythe is often associated with surgery.

This is a good example where more cards are helpful, and this is due to the fact that the Scythe is one of those cards that doesn’t say much on its own.

If the order is Scythe and Child, the Scythe points away from the Child, but this is because of the illustration on the Silhouettes Deck. In all cases, the Scythe is behind the Child and so the pair could be telling us to break away and move ahead in this new beginning.

In this order, breaking out of hesitation and embracing this new beginning comes through better than in the first order.

In the context of a pregnancy, the pair can go both ways. It can suggest a danger ahead or it can refer to a sudden pregnancy. More cards are needed.

With young or older children, it’s a good idea to let them go, detach from them, and enjoy their own experiences.



A relationship comes into play with the Man.

Because the Scythe is in the middle, a separation is at hand. And because the Child is in the line, then it further suggests that the relationship doesn’t pick up. In other words, the potential for a relationship doesn’t pan out.



In this order, a sudden opportunity for a relationship with this Man is indicated. So this order changes the meaning of the triplet significantly.

The cards are broadly neutral, but the Child tends to be a happy card, so it can bode well for the relationship.

The Child next to a person card, like the Man, Woman, or the Dog, can mean that it is someone with children. This can give us a clue about who this Man is, it might suggest a sudden situation with this person, or it might mean that he or she suddenly decides to have children.



A new love is suggested here, mainly because of the Child on the other side of the Heart. With the Scythe, this can happen suddenly or unexpectedly.

However, as we suggested earlier, the Scythe at the end of the line can mean that this new beginning is sabotaged. So potentially, this triplet can refer to a heartbreak. But again, more cards would be helpful to qualify the Scythe better.



In this triplet on the other hand, the idea of a heartbreak is much better indicated because the Scythe is adjacent to the Heart, and on top of this, it is in the middle of the line. Furthermore, the Child at the end of the line heads into a new beginning, putting this heartbreak behind us.



A new relationship is more likely ahead here, and likely an unexpected one because of the Scythe at the outset.

Keep in mind that the Heart does not necessarily indicate a relationship per se, although with the Child, it is more probable than not. The Child and Heart can suggest an exciting and happy new beginning.



The Book is typically the card of knowledge and mysteries, and it often suggests that things are not yet revealed.

The Scythe and Book suggests a revelation as the Scythe breaks open the book. And with the Child, a new chapter or new opportunity is indicated.



The idea of moving into a new beginning is suggested but with the Book at the end of the line, the idea of the mystery ahead is better indicated.

So this triplet can mean that we’re taking a leap of faith, and moving ahead in a new chapter that we don’t know much about.



In terms of a pregnancy, this and previous triplets, can mean that it is unplanned, although the Scythe at the end of the line can sabotage it. 

With older children, a child could be hiding something, especially with the Book



The Stork is the card of change, so it emphasizes the new beginning brought by the Child. 

However, the Child and Stork is the classical combination for pregnancy. Personally, I prefer to have more cards to specify this, but in the context of children and family,then this combination can be right on point.

Otherwise, this triplet points to a significant change ahead, in addition to the new beginning that is at hand. At the very least, things will be different moving ahead.

With children, they could be making some important changes in their life. We would need more cards to tell us more here as there are many possibilities.

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