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The Cross is about destiny and deep life lessons, but it can also be challenging, suggesting burdens, responsibilities, and having to deal with something.

The Mountain is often associated with a place abroad, but it can also represent an obstacle or blockage.

Together, I see this pair as suggesting an important life chapter, but one whose importance may not yet be apparent. I read the Child and Mountain in the same way.

An important trip or a destiny abroad or in a different location is possible.

I do not feel the order of the cards matters much here. Perhaps with the Cross on the other side of the Mountain, important matters must be taken care of.



The Fox can represent work and jobs, but often enough, it suggests a tricky situation or person, and possibly even a trap, which makes it challenging.

With the Mountain, the challenging aspects of both Fox and Mountain are brought out. And with the Cross, this triplet can represent a test. And we will need to be clever to get around this obstacle.

A deception is also possible and we need to pay attention and see beyond the surface. The Fox needs to be watched carefully because the Mountain prevents transparency and access to this Fox. We might need to make some extra effort to understand what this Fox is about.

Alternatively, a job abroad or something to be careful about in relation to a place is possible.



With the Fox in the middle, it pays to be careful and to be patient before taking action - like moving abroad as possibly suggested by the Mountain.

The Fox in the idle can emphasize the clever aspects of the Fox and so we’re able to get around the obstacle.

Because the Fox is deceptive, paying attention and looking beyond the surface remain important in this triplet.



The Cross and Mountain meaning we initially suggested comes up in this triplet, but with the Fox, we will need to consider our priorities seriously, and watch out for anything we haven’t thought of.

We need to be clear about what we’re heading into because the Fox might also suggest misdirection and traps, and can lead us into the wrong direction.



With the Mountain behind us, this triple can mean that we overcome obstacles. The possibility of a trap, however, remains possible and there remains issues to deal with. So this looks like a bumpy ride.

But since the Fox is also about jobs, it’s possible that working with someone abroad is suggested here.

An important experience is also ahead. Even if it’s not all that easy, its lessons are valuable and help us align with our path.



The Garden represents a location, and with the Mountain, the idea of place is highlighted. So a place abroad is more strongly indicated when the Garden figures.

The Garden can also suggest a group of people or a community, possibly in a different location, or in fact online, as I take the Mountain to represent the online world. 

But with the Cross, there might be some challenges breaking into this community. They might test you out or make it a bit hard to join.

With this triplet, it’s a good idea to get out. The Mountain is often associated with solitude. And with the Cross, we could be feeling a little stuck. But then the Garden suggests getting out, and getting out of our shell.

A meeting is also possibly at hand, and the Cross in this sense suggests it is important.



The Book is about mystery and the unknown. On the other side of the Mountain, it’s likely a place we haven’t visited yet. And the Cross can suggest a mission for us to discover this place.

Otherwise, the idea of digging into some knowledge of finding something out is well represented by this triplet.

But it’s also possible that things are out of reach for the time being and there is no access into this - this information or situation.



The Cross and Book together can represent religion or spirituality, and with the Mountain, this can be a time for some kind of vision quest.

Searching our soul and digging deep within ourselves can come through here.



Here, there could be a place to be discovered, with important lessons and signs to be gotten from it. Discovering and searching continue to be relevant here.

In all these combinations with the Cross, the inner journey and spirituality are emphasized. Going into a hermit mode might also be suggested to enable this spiritual quest, as the Mountain is also associated with solitude.



The Lily is the card of life path and career, and with the Mountain and Cross, our life direction and purpose are highlighted.

This is a ‘big’ combination so to speak, because it is about the big picture of our life and destiny. It’s about what we’ve accomplished and where we’re heading.



With the Lily in the middle, the idea of a milestone on our life path is highlighted, and with the Cross, there are lessons ahead.

The Lily can also bring up our career, and so in the middle this area could be emphasized. An important opportunity could be opening up for us here, and possibly in a place abroad, in a different location, or online.

Contemplating a life abroad or away from our present location can also be suggested here.



The Anchor makes the triplet more tangible. The Anchor and Mountain suggests a foothold or a base in a different place.

And with the Cross, it might be important to create such a foothold.

The idea of moving is possible because the Mountain is in the middle and after the Anchor. And with the Cross, it’s important to assess what our life and affairs can look like in that place.



With the Anchor in the middle, the idea of being strong and solid is highlighted. It’s important to create a solid foundation for ourselves, and it can mean in a different place as well.

The Anchor on the other side of the Mountain can also mean that we land and arrive following a move or a trip. Or suggest that we’ve achieved something.

The Cross in this sense adds importance to this, but might also mean that there are still questions to be answered.

Though the Anchor makes the Mountain more about location, the challenging aspects of the Mountain might still come through. And in this sense, the Anchor and Cross suggest we stand our ground to overcome it.

The Anchor emphasizes our strength and confidence as it is solid and secure. So we must have faith in our capabilities and not compromise our position or our good.

It’s worth noting that both the Mountain and Anchor are strong card. The flip side is that they can be rigid and stubborn. And with the Cross being challenging at times, this can be an issue. 

So the advice here might be to loosen up and be a bit more flexible.



As the Mountain and Cross refer to that important chapter we initially suggested, with the Anchor at the end of the line, we could achieve something important. 

The Anchor is also a card of success, and having it at the end of the line points to a positive conclusion.

Decisions are made and lessons are learned, it’s important to have faith in ourselves.

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