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The Fox and the Dog combination clearly brings up a relationship. The Dog typically represents a friend, someone we know, a colleague, a sibling, or someone in our peer group.

It can also represent someone who helps out with some work – especially with the Fox. That’s because the Fox is good with jobs and employment. So this can be someone like an employee, an agent, or a worker who gives us support in some area of life. 

But the Fox is typically a tricky card. It represents someone like a trickster, someone deceptive, not always transparent, and has ulterior motives. 

So when we see the Fox and Dog together, the pair can more often than not represent a fair-weathered friend, someone half-hearted, and who is not wholly honest or transparent. They keep their thoughts to themselves.


Sometimes the Fox and Flowers can mean false compliments or giving out compliments for the sake of being nice, but without really meaning them. So the Fox and Dog in this triplet can represent the type of person who just says nice things for the sake of saying them.

But the fact that the Flowers is on the right of the line might suggest that if we've had doubts about this person, they can be rectified. It might turn out that the Fox is not so much of a Fox after all. It might be a nice person.

And it would be more so if the Dog is next to the Flowers, because then the Fox is farther away from the Flowers. So the idea of false compliments is reduced, and instead the friendliness of the Dog and Flowers comes out more. This is a good friend, someone helpful, optimistic and bright. The order of the cards helps overcome the doubts or suspicions associated with the Fox.

If the Fox is on the right, it is more likely that this is someone who lacks transparency, and gives out false compliments.


The Letter is a neutral card. It is about news, communications, documents, paperwork, and applications. With the Fox, it can actually suggest someone who helps with something, like paperwork, an application, or some administration. So in this sense, the combination is neutral.

If the Letter is in the middle, a similar interpretation can be made. Likewise, if the Dog is in the middle and the Letter is at the beginning, the same idea applies as well.

However, we can interpret these cards to mean that news is suspicious and is not reliable. There could be something hidden that we need to be careful of. We have to double-check it, and not take it at face value.

If we are to send out a communication, these cards can advise us to leave out some details and to be careful about what we communicate. We are able to maintain a diplomatic approach, which can be helpful guidance.


The Sun is obviously one of the most positive cards of the deck, and that is what I was saying earlier when we were talking about the Flowers. Any positive card that comes up with the Dog and Fox can help overcome the suspicions that we might have because of the Fox, especially when farthest from the Fox.

The Sun can turn around the trickster aspect of the Fox and suggest that if we had doubts about this relationship, they may not be warranted. This person can come through as someone supportive and probably also successful and smart. 

The Fox by itself is actually a really clever card and can have positive aspects. It is very good with work discipline and day-to-day stuff. Interestingly, it is also said to be very good with family, protecting its young and spouse, and willing to sacrifice to support them.

What is also nice about these cards is that we can rely on someone's intelligence. The Sun brings out the intelligent aspect of the Fox. Maybe this is someone who helps us get around an obstacle or a tricky situation. They might help us achieve our goals too. Certainly, with the Sun on the right, this comes out better because the right side of the layout is often associated with the future-most aspect of a reading and can even represent the outcome.

At the same time, the Sun is so positive that no matter where it is, it shines its light through the whole line. So if the order is Dog, Sun, and Fox, I do not feel it changes the meaning much.

In case the Fox remains a tricky character, then the Sun helps us see through this character and can even suggest that the best way to deal with this person is to keep an optimistic front and not catch their ball of negativity. Having the Sun at the beginning of the line would offer a similar indication.


This triplet is pretty straightforward. The Woman is a person, just like the Dog often is, but because she is neutral, she can take on the negative aspects of the Fox. So these cards can represent someone who is not transparent, a bit false to your face, a trickster, somewhat deceptive, half-hearted, and all the characteristics we typically associate with the Fox, and I think this would be the case anywhere the Woman falls in the line.

Do you see how this is an example of a qualifier? In Lenormand, many authors like to associate the cards with a noun, verb, or adjective, and break down the cards literally like words in a sentence using some kind of grammar.

I do not do this often because I feel the combinations just speak for themselves. But the grammar can come out clearly when we have qualifier cards, like the Fox qualifying this Woman, or qualifying the Letter, suggesting suspicious information. This kind of qualification also happens in the Houses technique of a Grand Tableau.

So with the Woman, it is pretty straightforward. It is just another person card that is neutral and works like the Dog in this line.


The Whip is the most challenging card of the deck, so definitely conflict is at hand here. With the Fox, and regardless of the order, the Whip delivers problems. This can be outright conflict, a trap, or a deception.

If we play around a little bit with the order, the Fox at the end of the line can tone down the conflict or anger from the Whip. It suggests that we be a bit calmer, more diplomatic, and not dump everything out of us.

But it is also possible that we need to blow someone's cover, so to speak, especially with the Whip on the right. The Whip could bring the hidden aspects of the Fox out into the open. So we are calling them out, pointing out the errors. We could uncover whatever they are hiding.

With the Whip in the middle, the idea of separating from this person can come through very clearly, because the Dog and Fox can each represent a person, and with the Whip in the middle, it is like a wedge between them. Again, as with all the cards, this can be taken as guidance and advice, and suggest that we move away from this person, and avoid trusting them or getting too close to them.

In all, the Whip is pretty turbulent. It adds conflict, and brings out more of the negative aspects of the Fox.


The Book is the card of secrets and mysteries, and with the Fox, clearly this is someone who is closed off and will not reveal what they have in mind, especially when the Book is on the right.

Again, we see how a pair of cards can qualify a person represented by the Dog. In this case, it is someone secretive, who keeps information to themselves, and is not really good with sharing knowledge. It can be the type of person who does not want to share, and perhaps they want to take the credit for something, if you see what I mean. Colleagues at work can be like that.

With a different order of the cards, something similar comes through, especially when the Book and Fox are closest to each other. 

If the Dog is in the middle, it can mean that we meet someone new, because the Book comes first and the two person cards come after. So this can mean that  we have not met this person yet. But with the Fox present, we must be careful and not be too quick to trust them.

With the Fox, Book, and Dog in this order, the cards could suggest we stay away from this person or avoid sharing too much information with them. The Fox advises us to stay quiet and keep some thoughts to ourselves.


This is pretty different from what we have read so far. The Ship is a card of movement, associated with business and trade, imports and exports, movement, adventure, and lots of activity that is not necessarily about travel. 

With the Fox, which can represent employment, the theme of work and projects is brought out better. Together with the Dog, it can mean that we are in for a collaboration, a new job (as the Dog represents someone junior), customers coming in, or that our projects bear fruit, and some exciting adventures are ahead.

It is really this order of the cards that brings it out best because the Fox is on the other side of the Ship and is not as close to the Dog, which would bring out the trickier aspects of the Fox. 

If the order is Fox, Dog, and Ship, the Fox and Dog are closest to each other, so there can be this tricky Fox character that comes through. With the Ship on the other side, we might have to be suspicious about undertaking ventures with this person, or more literally, traveling with them.

Still, the same idea that we read in the first order of the cards can continue to come through. The Fox and Dog can represent a colleague, a partnership, or some kind of venture that kicks off. So this can be exciting.

Because of the Fox's presence, I still think it would be a good idea to keep an eye on how things go.

Suppose we had the Ship at the outset, in Ship, Fox, and Dog, the tricky aspects of the Fox and Dog can come through, but because the Fox is next to the Ship, this theme of work and projects can continue to come through as well.

The Fox in the center can focus us on this idea of being careful, alert, aware, and calculating, as we move forward in this project, with these people.

The Fox is someone self-interested. Being diplomatic can help us win people over. We must also focus on our goals and pursue them diligently, albeit calmly. The Fox is a card of discipline, knows what it wants, and gets things done. These are all positive characteristics, and it is not a bad idea to take advantage of the Fox for guidance.

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