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The Lenormand Garden and Anchor is a really clear combination, and I think anyone, including beginners, can see that this is about staying in a place. 

The Garden is the card of location and places, and it is also about community, people, and events. The Anchor is clearly about staying put, being anchored, and dropping that anchor into a place. 

When we see these two together, it is clear we are anchored within a place or we need to find a place to stick with. It is also that we are feeling part of the community and having roots there. The clear advice that comes through these cards is to stay where we are at and not to move, and to stick with the people that we are with right now.

The Garden can sometimes be associated with work. We would need more cards or different cards to bring this out, or perhaps the question guides this context. But when it comes to the work indication of the Garden, the same interpretation applies, and it suggests that we need to stick with what we are doing with our work for the time being. 

I also think that switching the cards around does not change the meaning of the interpretation. This combination is about sticking with this place, these people, and this community, and not making moves for the time being. I do not think this is one of the combinations where the order matters, but this might change depending on the triplet we pull.


The Mouse on the right side of the Garden suggests there are some tricky characters within the environment that is represented by the Garden. It is usually about people who are not particularly honest, and trust is an issue. They could also be a bit annoying. Gossip is possible, and there could be these little things that annoy and get to us from a group of people. 

With the Anchor at the outset, it does suggest that we need to set some boundaries because it seems that some people do not know their limits and can be a bit draining. The Anchor is good with borders and limits, and it has that rigid side too. I think it is important that we are a bit more defensive about ourselves and a bit protective about who we are in this environment because there are some people in it that could be annoying.

With the Anchor at the outset and the Mouse at the end of the line, the cards can discourage lending, giving out, and sharing too much.

If we switch these around to Mouse, Garden, and Anchor, I do not think that it makes much of a difference. The Mouse still qualifies the Garden as representing an environment that is not particularly trustworthy and has somewhat annoying characters. With the Anchor on the right side of the Garden, the idea of maintaining healthy boundaries and putting limits up to these kinds of characters holds. 

If we change the order to Mouse, Anchor, and Garden, again I think this is about putting limits to some folks. Even though it is not the Coffin, the Anchor puts a stop in the face of the Mouse. And because the Anchor separates the Garden from the Mouse, it can represent the idea of not granting access to these types of people.

I would say it is a people thing because the Garden is a social card, and the people represented by the Mouse should be prevented from having access to our space. So it is clear that we need to be selective about who makes it into our Garden and who is part of our group. 

If we have the Anchor, Mouse, and Garden, I think the same idea holds. It is about standing our ground in the face of these characters.


This is a combination of place and space. Lenormand’s Garden and House can represent a house with a garden, it can be a peaceful environment, it can be something like a cozy retreat, or going somewhere private where you can spend time in nature. This can be represented by the Garden and House in any order.

With the Anchor, it is the same indication of staying where we are living, staying with who we are with right now, and sticking with family. It can also mean doing things at home or creating deeper foundations at home. 

Thinking about the COVID situation, it has changed a lot of the ways that people work, so this can be about re-establishing your space. For example, how you are living out of your space and creating different foundations. This would be clear in the context of COVID, but of course, it can apply in any number of situations. 

It is still looking like a secure and peaceful kind of combination where we feel at home and anchored where we are. It is also advice to stay where we are at. 

If we switch this around to Garden, Anchor, and House, I think the same idea applies. This can mean entertaining at home. Where the Garden is about people and community, and then the Anchor and House perhaps suggest it is good to entertain at home.

I think similar ideas come through even with the Anchor on the right side in the layout of the Garden, House, and Anchor. Again, I think this is a triplet where the order of the cards does not make much of a difference.


The Ring is a key card of relationships, and when we see the Anchor and Ring, it is often about security and trust in a relationship. It is very much about a strong bond, commitments, promises, and probably vows. Also, the Garden and Ring are sometimes associated with a wedding because the Garden is about community and events, and with the Ring, it represents the idea of an engagement or a wedding.

Also, with the Anchor, you could be really committing or making some kind of event around your commitment such as an engagement, committing vows, and things like that. 

It is powerful for relationships in an intimate sense but it is also good for them in a broader sense. For example, in your community, you have strong bonds, and with the Anchor in the middle, there is an emphasis on sticking with your relationships and supporting them in any number of ways. Again, we are getting a sense of being part of the group, and that is even more emphasized because of the Ring. 

If we had the Ring in the middle to form the Garden, Ring, and Anchor, I think the same indications come through. I do not think having the Ring is closer to the Garden makes a difference.

The Ring emphasizes this idea of strong bonds within the community, and it brings out the social aspect more than the place aspect of the Garden. It is a powerful triplet for relationships, for community, and that sense of cohesion between people. The continued advice that comes mainly through the Anchor, is to stick with this community.


The Lenormand Letter and Anchor tell of news coming through. It is interesting in the context of the Garden because I think that with the Garden, unlike with the House, there is a sense of public communication. So more like an announcement, a memo, or a communication sent out to a broader base of people as opposed to just between two people. This is brought out clearly by the Letter and Garden.

With the Anchor, it seems that news is received, or we have to wait until it arrives. It can also point to a confirmation. Sometimes the Anchor and Letter point to attachments, which is a bit more specific.

With the Garden, I think it is really about waiting on this communication, and maybe supporting others or being part of the team until this it comes through.

In the context of work, for example, when people are concerned about layoffs, downsizing, or changes, there could be some news that comes through to everyone on the job. With the Anchor, it either confirms what was already thought, or points to the idea that things are going to stay the way they are. 

The Anchor is unchanging. It is about sticking with the way things are, sticking with the status quo, and staying in place. So the news can mean that things are unchanged. 

If the order is Garden, Letter, and Anchor, I do not see a difference. However, I could see a nuance if the Letter was at the outset followed by the Garden and Anchor in either order. Here, the cards can suggest reaching out, networking, getting in touch, communicating with others, or expressing interest.

The triplet might also suggest being persistent in the pursuit of our goals, reaching out to the community, and following up with others to close the loop.

The Anchor can be stubborn and rigid sometimes, but I typically need negative cards nearby to bring this out.


This is similar in some ways to what we read with the House because the Lenormand Tower is about the long term and being firmly rooted. It is a card that unfolds over time, and it can also refer to the idea of a place. Locations such as buildings, corporations, and business buildings are best associated with the Tower. 

Since the Tower is also a card of time and the long term, when seen with the Garden and Anchor, it indicates this is a place we are going to be at for a long time, possibly a year or more because I tend to associate the Tower with one year. Sticking with this place for a while is clearly indicated by this triplet. 

The Tower can sometimes represent people in authority, of influence, management, specialists, experts, and similar types. Seeing it in this combination can mean that we need to connect with such people, and perhaps prioritize them over others. 

With the order of Garden, Anchor, and Tower, I do not see much difference. The idea of time is represented more strongly with the Tower on the right side, specifically the idea of staying at a place for a longer time. But the other ideas can also come through, such as connecting with experts, or perhaps being supported by someone at the top or in management. 

Even with the Tower in the center, it would be similar. Again, the Tower is not like the House in the sense of being intimate and representing home and family, but it is similar in the sense that it is anchored and rooted. It is also about longevity, time, and gaining expertise over time.


The Moon is one of those cards that has quite a few interpretations, but when it comes to the idea of place, it can be appreciation, recognition, and honors coming through. 

With the Anchor, it looks like we have a solid record or something that we are appreciated for. Also, other people in the community appreciate us, and we receive honors and recognition from them. 

The Moon can also represent proposals and invitations, and certainly, with a card of place like the Garden, this interpretation would be relevant. Also, with the Anchor, it seems that we might accept this invitation and go for it. It is also possible that the invitation is something of an honor, so we are invited to maybe celebrate our successes and things like that.

The Anchor, Moon, and Garden order does not make a big difference. 

Whereas Moon, Anchor, and Garden can mean we are the ones to extend the offer or invitation But I think that is possible regardless of the order of the cards. 

The Lenormand Moon is soft and gentle, whereas the Anchor is hard and rigid. So together, there is a contrast which can suggest we loosen up a little. If we have been defensive or putting up boundaries, maybe it is a good idea to relax a little bit, explore some relationships, and be a bit more easy going.

The Moon is a really beautiful card for being compassionate and understanding of others, and with the Anchor, it can also mean being supportive.


The Lenormand Bear is a bit like the Tower because it represents authority and influence. With the Garden, the Bear can be quite loud and imposing, whereby we feel its presence and possibly even its dominance. It is everything big, strong, and sometimes intimidating. It can represent competition. The Tower on the other hand, is calm, discreet, and even reserved.

The Garden and Bear can mean competing in the marketplace, although I would want more cards to confirm this. And with the Anchor, we are establishing ourselves in the community. We could become market leaders or the go-to person for whatever area we are focused on. 

The Garden and Bear can also represent, like we saw with the Tower, the idea of people of influence that we need to network with because they could support us. I would also take this as advice to network with people of influence or authority. 

With the order of the Bear, Anchor, and Garden, again I am not so sure that it makes such a big difference. I think there could be the idea of stepping up to a new level, stepping up to the responsibilities, and possibly standing our ground and confronting certain characters.

Also, the idea of not flinching in the face of competition or intimidation and keeping our place within the community comes through clearly, especially with the Anchor in the center.

Something similar can be interpreted with the Bear in the middle. Each of the Anchor, Bear, and Mountain have these energies of really standing strong and putting up strong barriers. They are very strong with setting boundaries and standing for who we are.

These are my suggestions for triplets with the Lenormand Garden and Anchor, and as we saw several times, it does not seem like the order of the cards makes a huge difference with this combination.

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