practice & ethics Jul 13, 2019

Whether you’re a Lenormand Reader or you like getting a reading every so often, you’ve probably come across the types who feel the future can be predicted flawlessly - as though it were already written in stone.

But the fact of the matter is that the future is malleable and we know that from our day to day living, the decisions we make, and the options we have.

Yes, there are some aspects of our lives that feel like they’ve been destined and we can’t do much about them: The parents we were born to, the city we grew up in, certain personality traits, and a few other elements of our lives.

But when it comes to consulting the cards, we often ask about things we can influence: We might ask if we should pursue a certain career, stick with a difficult relationship, or take other kinds of actions.

I think it’s smart to use Lenormand’s cards to supplement our thought process and seek alignment. But I don’t think it’s smart to limit our options.

Using Lenormand in empowering ways is not limited to our intent - though that’s a pretty good start - but there are ways to interpret the cards that help us stay centered and aware.

I want to share these tips with you.



What your cards say is not the only source of knowledge. In the same way that you would ask several people's opinion about something, you can consider your cards as one of those ‘people’, and you can use its ideas as one input into your overall thought process.

You also have your reason, your feelings, your intuition, your knowledge, and your life experience. All of them are invaluable resources to make sound decisions in your life.

Many feel that the cards are some kind of divine source of knowledge that must be put on a pedestal. But in truth, the divine source of knowledge is within you and Lenormand's cards help you mirror that and bring it out. I for one believe that pretty much everything in life reflects our inner journey.



Nothing in life is totally ideal or all doom and gloom - that’s just not reality.

As a good friend, your cards can help you identify the light and shade of any situation.

Look for the light and shade, and ask yourself how best you can take advantage of the strengths and how you can manage the challenges. Your cards will go a long way when you have a more grounded expectation from them.

I also feel this is one of the best ways to make sense of the cards, especially when positive and negative cards that show up together are not easily combined into a coherent meaning - though that also depends on your card combinations lexicon!



You can ‘program’ your cards to tell you anything you want. Why would you ever want them to tell you fearful or limiting stories?

One of my favorite ways of interpreting Lenormand’s cards is focused on the advice they give - or what I like to call the advice correspondence which I cover in detail in the Card Combinations Master.

By 'correspondence' I mean a card’s meaning for a specific context, as in relationships, career, money, etc.

Advice is an important one because it opens up our options and gives us practical ideas to work on.

As you build your Lenormand lexicon, you jog your creativity and expand your cards’ meaning so they can give you insight in any context. What would you say is the advice of the Fox? The Sun? The Cross? What cards do you feel are tricky when it comes to giving advice? Why?

Practice assigning meaning to your cards and examine how they help you answer your questions with so much more insight.



Your cards could be telling you many different things. At first - or at times - this can be overwhelming, but if you take each possible interpretation in turn, you’ll have a rich and layered reading with much to ponder.

When it comes to different possibilities and options, things can become confusing. Believe me, I hear you!

But this also gives you the opportunity to identify the best interpretation for your context or question, which refines your reading skills. Or you can make use of the various interpretations to ponder your situation more deeply.

Sometimes we focus on an issue and the cards appear to bring up an unrelated one. Of course, there are times when the cards are off, but often enough the cards are pointing us to a deeper issue or letting us know how these two issues are related.

All good for the reader and/or readee!



We all know that we sometimes like doing a reading a few times over. It happens to all of us. But we also know that this isn’t a good practice! 

Stick with just one reading to answer your question, even if you feel it’s not saying much, is very sobering.

Trust yourself and your readings and give them some time to “come through”. Take note of them in your journal and go back to them a bit later. You’re likely to find some interesting insights.

And if after a while you still have no idea what the reading was telling you, then do another reading. It’s then likely that the cards were off.

With practice, your Lenormand lexicon grows and your approach matures, so you become less likely to have these ‘muted’ readings. But first do your best to make the most of the cards before you draw again. You don’t want to create a habit of doubt within yourself and your cards.



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