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Luck and its common companion, destiny, are some of the trickiest topics since the earliest days of humanity. Whether we're destined for a certain path, and whether that path is “lucky” or not, have bewildered philosophers in the face of our apparent free will for centuries.

We could never marry destiny with free will, or have a comfortable combination of the two.

Somehow it’s too facile for philosophers and theologians to accept a middle ground of sorts, where part of our path is destined and the rest is “what we make of it”.

But why not?

After all, what activities we choose to engage in on any day for example, are genuinely free choices. We choose where to shop, how to exercise, and what to do with our free time.

But the fact that we’ve been born into a certain environment is really out of our hands, isn’t it?

Many soul seekers believe that we create it ALL. While others believe the opposite - that it’s all destined.

Some folks even believe that the saved have already been chosen! Sounds like all this would be a waste of time if that were true!

So what’s my take on all this?

For one, it’s pretty clear that there hasn’t been any factual agreement over the question for the last 10,000 years or so, and second I know that my thoughts and choices truly affect my destiny.

How do I know? Straight up, first hand experience.

I need neither science nor religion to know that my thoughts affect my experience. From personal experience, we can tell that free will is real and that our thoughts have everything to do with it.

But then, you ask, why would I try forecast my future if I am free to create it anyway I want?

Great question! Forecasting is not just about predicting events, but it’s also about creating them. Here’s how...



Through the Teachings of Abraham (a more authentic source for Law of Attraction knowledge), Esther Hicks tells us that our dreams give us an indication about where we’re heading - and if we don’t like it, then we should change our vortex of attraction.

Translation: If we get a bad sign, we’re heading in the wrong direction. So, we need to veer into a different direction.

Obviously, it’s not always so simple, but the idea is pretty straightforward.

A reading can be pretty much the same thing: A snapshot of our present moment and an indication of where we’re heading.

But most importantly, it’s a looking glass into our soul that tells us what we’re doing, thinking, and feeling, that’s attracting our present and upcoming experience.

So, it’s just like a compass.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is awesome. It’s awesome that I have a friend who can tell me, “Layla, this is where you’re heading and that’s why you’re heading there. Is that what you want?”

So for me, a reading is a conversation that helps me get real about how I’m attracting my present and future experience.



If you’ve been watching my channel for some time, you probably know that I don’t shy out about communicating challenging messages.

Ups and downs are real, and there is no point in pretending otherwise or sugar-coating what we all know to be true.

I admit that I get a little frustrated with well-meaning astrologers who tell us that Mercury retrograde is about slowing down and revisiting certain things before moving forward again when it goes direct. So much goes wrong when Mercury is retrograde! Can we please just call it that, so we can actually deal with it?

You get my point...

Similarly, Lenormand’s cards often bring up issues - and we all have them. We should be grateful they’re coming up now.

Wouldn’t it be sad to wake up a few years down the line only to realize that we’ve wasted all this time because we ignored the messages and could have dealt with the issues when they first came up?

So when you run your cards and see a challenging message, or your forecast has challenging cards for the month, don’t waste time! Get real and deal with it now. You’ll be happy that you did - I promise.



For some totally odd reason, we’re far more primed to accept negative messages over positive ones.

Why so much, I don’t know. But I do know that a positive affirmation practice goes a long way to turn this around.

A bright reading is an excellent launchpad for exercising our positive thinking.

We can learn to accept that we are creating something good for ourselves, that we do have lots of wonderful resources at our disposal, and that we are smart and moving forward in the right direction for us.

When we ask if something will happen (not my favorite type of question) and you get a lovely set of cards, what do you then do?

Story time. Believe it or not, someone once told me about a reading they got with someone else. They were happy with the reading as it affirmed that their hoped-for project will materialize (again, not my favorite kind of answer), but anyway… This person’s complaint to me was that the project still didn’t materialize, so the question was whether something was wrong with that reading.

I know. Crickets.

It’s true though, some folks think that things will somehow happen by themselves or far more easily than possible. But it doesn’t work that way, does it?

We live in life, and we need to put in the work. So when you get some wonderful messages in your card, use them to grow your enthusiasm and work on your project to see it materialize.

Use your reading to collect plenty of tips and advice for how best to approach your next steps - and make it happen!



How-to questions produce some of the best readings. They help you get from here to there.

For my practice, advice is key - if it’s not everything. You’ve heard me say a million times: If we can’t do anything about a reading, what good is it, really?

That’s why the Master covers every card’s advice in detail and for different contexts.

When you ask “How do I…” you may not get a complete answer, but you’ll get really good pointers.

So contemplate your cards and take some notes. Jot down some real action items you can take away and make them part of your to-do list. Writing gets thoughts out of your mind and is a significant first step in making your life happen.



The Lenormand deck is a very down-to-earth, un-mystical deck, that’s why it's so wonderful - and powerful! There’s no secret society, no mysterious symbols, no hidden messages that we need to decode.

It’s a very straightforward deck. So much so that its messages can be “in your face.” And truth be told, this can be uncomfortable for some. You have to be open to the messages.

But this is precisely why the Lenormand deck can catapult you to your next level of growth - because it tells it as it is.

In the Master, I’ve covered the spiritual indications of each card so you can delve deeper. You'll also find plenty of tips in your private reading, video forecast, and other blog posts on Lenormand Reader.

Realize than you’re more than a human-doing - though the doing is a lot of fun! You’re also a human-being and a human-becoming. So touch base with yourself often, and embrace this awesome journey!




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