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The Key and House is an obvious combination, and any of us can read this. The Key is all about solutions, the idea of being able to unlock potential, and opening doors. It is a wonderful card for solutions and resolutions and  encourages us to be resourceful. The House is all about the home, family, foundations, our inner circle, and a sense of privacy.

When we see the Key and House, it brings out the idea of a home. The Key and House often refers to buying property. However, just two cards to suggest buying property is a little bit too specific for the pair, but it might apply.

Solutions or resolutions around anything related to the home and family, is very indicated here as well, but that with the Key and House, the physical aspect of a home is also highlighted. For example, things can go really well with finding a place, buying property, or establishing a home.  

The intangible aspects associated with these cards come through as well, like successfully laying the foundations, finding solutions, or building something successful and solid.

With this combination, the idea of the home comes through, and I do not think the order of the cards makes a difference.


The House and Road have to do with a house move. Usually, it is the Stork that is very powerful for indicating a house move, but the Road can also mean moving. 

When we have the Key and House with the Road on the right side of the House, it probably indicates that we have done something successful with regards to where we currently live and are moving on. It can be buying or selling property and this causes us to move, or it can be that we found the right place and have moved to it. 

However, because the Road is on the right side of the line, we leave the house behind us and move away, likely away from where we currently live.

Changing the order to Road, Key and House is a bit different, and I cannot help but think of the Anchor here. So when you have a travel card on the left and the Anchor on the right, it is like you traveled and then arrived or landed. 

There is a similar energy when the House is on the right side of the Road because it is as though we have been looking and searching, we made a change, and then we arrive because the House is a foundation and is established like the Anchor.

With the Key in the middle, we could be moving to or arriving at the right home. We find the right place. So this is a wonderful set of cards.

Of course, the cards can apply in any number of contexts, and the point of Lenormand is to be able to stretch them for different contexts.

For example, this is a good combination for work. The House would represent our team or the smaller circle that we are part of, and the Key is wonderful for leading projects, coordinating people, and bringing them all to the same table. 

The Road is a little bit all over the place. In many decks, it is represented as several roads, and often the name is Roads in the plural. So they can mean going in this direction and then in that direction, and it can feel like it is a little bit all over the place. But then the Key comes in and coordinates people together, focusing them on the same goals.

Looking at the Key, Road, and House layout, I do not think the order makes a difference.

But with House, Key, and Road, there could be a slight difference. It depends on the question and the context, but this line could be telling us that it is a good idea to move. The Key in the center suggests we get the green light, so it might be time to pick up and leave, make a move, or sell and move on because we have the Road on the right.

In a more metaphorical way, the Key and Road, in contrast with the solid House, suggests being open to possibilities, getting out of our shell, and not being so stuck in our ways. Flexibility is highlighted.


When we have people cards in such combinations, they do not add much except in telling us they are part of the situation. It can be the Woman who brings solutions to our home situation or the Woman whom we are buying from or selling to. If this was related to a real estate question, she might be the real estate agent or buyer.

She could also represent the querant. The Woman and Man can always represent the person we are reading for, or ourselves if we are reading for ourselves.

However, the Woman in this layout suggests that she brings solutions and is someone who is smart. In the context of home buying and selling, she could be the real estate agent or buyer. Or she can mean someone you share space with like a roommate or housemate. In the context of work, she could be a colleague. Regardless, she is supportive and helpful.

I do not think there is any difference if we had the Woman in the middle like Key, Woman, and House. She would just be the focus of the situation.

Sometimes the House can represent a group of people or an inner circle that is more private than the Garden.. The Garden is the community and society at large, but the House is about intimacy and privacy. So when it comes to people, the House tends to suggest people in our closer circles.

With the Woman here, she can be someone close to home, like a family member or family friend. And as said, the Key suggests she is supportive.

People cards, especially the significators, do not influence card meanings because they are very neutral cards. Instead, they get their characteristics from nearby cards.


The Dog is another people card, it represents friends and friendships. The same ideas we got with the Woman can apply here as well.

The Dog represents anyone in our peer group, such as siblings, friends, colleagues, and peers in general. In other words, anyone at our ‘level’ and in our circle. With the House, it is a family friend or family member, and the Key suggests someone supportive who brings solutions. 

On the job, it would most probably represent a colleague, and in this case, we are getting along with the people on the job, everyone is on the same page, we are working towards the same goals, and there is a collaborative energy at work.

Unlike the Woman, which is neutral, the Dog is about friendship and connection in any context, unless it is accompanied by a tricky card like the Snake or Fox. The Dog can take on negative influences.


The Lily is one of those cards you might not immediately connect with. I see it as representing our life path in general, our career, and the idea of what is ahead in the longer term. It is also associated with health and the idea of aging and maturing. So with the Key, this is a positive combination in all of these areas.

When it comes to life and lifestyle, things are looking healthy and orderly. We are doing the right things, and have everything in place. There is order and consistency through the House, Key, and Lily. 

The Lily is great for health, and if there are any health issues, there are solutions here thanks to the Key in the middle. Although a little forced, I tend to see the House in health-related matters as representing the structure of the body, like the skeleton. There could be some posture or bone issues going on, but with the Key, there are solutions. A healthy lifestyle in a broader sense is suggested.

When it comes to career, this is a wonderful combination. It tells us we are building the right foundation for the long term, on the right track with our career, and doing the right things. We could also be on our way to a promotion, because the Lily is associated with growth, maturity, wisdom.

If we switch the cards around to Lily, House, and Key, I do not think it makes too much of a difference. They can focus on the home since the House is in the middle.

Because of the Lily at the outset, it possibly suggests that we want to look for a place where we can stay for the longer term, but honestly, I do not think the order matters. It brings out more around the idea of establishing ourselves for the future, literally or figuratively.

With the Lily in the middle, forming House, Lily, and Key, I do not see much difference either, though a home-based business could be in focus. The Key is encouraging in this sense and suggests we might give such a venture a try.

The Lily is a slower card, so it might be a while before we achieve our goals. The Lily encourages patience, but with positive cards, suggests we are on the right track.

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