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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the channel. Thank you as always for tuning back in. If you are new here, welcome. I am Layla, the Lenormand Reader, and I am one of the few people who focuses almost exclusively on the amazing Lenormand practice.

In today's video, I want to do more exercises in the area of card correspondences. As you might know, the idea of applying a card meaning to different contexts is what I call card correspondences.

For example, the Fish, which is one of my favorite examples to use for this, is the main card of money. But how do we make sense of the Fish when it comes to relationships or when it comes to work? Or how about other areas like health?

The idea is that cards can be applied to different contexts, they can be interpreted in different ways to answer different questions.

Something that helps us do this is what I call life maps or life themes.

In our everyday life, we ask all sorts of different questions. We go through all sorts of different things. We have relationships. We have money. We have work. We have administration and other issues that we deal with on a daily basis.

These different areas guide the different questions we ask our cards, and this means that we have to be able to interpret the cards to answer these questions. And so these life maps present different themes that help us interpret the cards in different areas.

One of my favorite life maps is the Feng Shui bagua. The Feng Shui bagua is a map that is used on spaces. It comes from the ancient Chinese geomantic practice called Feng Shui. I am certified in Feng Shui, and it is one of my favorite topics in addition to Lenormand’s cards and some other topics that I am fascinated about.

So I went ahead and created a layout that I call the life overview layout that uses the Feng Shui bagua to read about the different areas of our life. And what is so practical about this layout is that we get to practice our card correspondences across these different areas. I also offer this layout as a private reading.

This layout has three cards per area of the bagua. And as you can see, the bagua has nine areas: Career, health, knowledge and wisdom, helpful people, family and community, creativity and children, money and prosperity, fame and recognition, and relationships.

The way the houses are organized in a bagua can depend on the school of Feng Shui you are using. The one here comes from the Black Hat Sect of Feng Shui, which is a western adaptation of the classical Compass Feng Shui bagua.

But it doesn't really matter for our purposes with Lenormand how we place these different houses of the bagua. What matters is that we make a choice about the bagua we want to use for our spread, and then interpret the cards that we draw on top of each of the houses for that house.

So in this video, we are going to lay out a life overview bagua spread and we are going to interpret the cards for the different themes or bagua houses. This way, you have an idea of how we can interpret not just one but three cards across different life areas or themes.

So let's go right ahead!

I am using my own deck today, the Silhouettes Deck. Lay out the cards, three cards per bagua house, and interpret whatever cards come up in each bagua. We are just going to imagine that we are reading for ourselves.



Okay, here we are with our beautiful life map, the bagua, with three cards per house. Now, one thing we want to note is that we do not weave the cards in lines like we would in a regular portrait. Instead, this is more like an astroclock where we read the three card groups individually.

Sometimes we find interesting connections between different areas, but this is different from weaving the cards in a line, like we do in a portrait or in a Tableau.

The different positions here correspond to different areas of the life map of the bagua. This is the career location, this is the health location, this is the future and fame and fortune area, this is money and prosperity, relationships, and this one is family and community, this one is children and creativity, this one is knowledge and wisdom, and the helpful people and support.

I deal out the cards from the top left to the bottom, then the next card, and then the third one. I deal one card per area until I have covered all of the houses, and then I go back and deal out the second card.

I mention this because I want to say that it doesn't matter in what order you deal them out. What matters is that your deck is shuffled and that there is no bias from a previous reading.

The way I have positioned the career, health, and all of the other areas, is in accordance with the Black Hat Sect bagua, but you might want to lay them out in a row or in a different order. This also doesn't matter.

What matters is that you know which cards belong to which life area and you stick with them.

So let's go right ahead and interpret the different positions here, the different areas with the three cards that figure in each one.



I am going to follow the Black Hat Sector order, which starts with career in the center bottom. We have this Key and House. Now, we are talking about career, not home and family. So what could this mean? What is one way we can interpret these cards in the context of career?

Well, the Key is a beautiful success card, and the Scythe is a card of separations. The Key and House can suggest access into a certain place.

In a general sense, it is very clear that this triplet is telling us that there is an opportunity, like a job opportunity or a promotion opportunity. The specific nature of the opportunity will depend on the specific context of the person you are reading for. However, because of the Scythe, I feel that there is potential for a significant change, such as a job change or a move to a new department. This is because the House card can also represent a new place of employment.

It is also possible that you are gaining access to a new group of people. Perhaps you will become part of a team or an interesting project. All of these possibilities are valid, but the key is to interpret the cards in the context of work.


The next house that we read in the Feng Shui bagua, if we are following the Black Hat Sect order, is relationships. This is because it is actually associated with the number 2, which is a great number for relationships.

What do we have here? We have the Book, Flowers, and Star. Obviously, this is a very beautiful message. They are wish-fulfillment cards. The Book is a card of mystery, but with the Flowers and Star, it sounds like there is going to be a really positive revelation.

What can this mean in the context of relationships? Well, if you are single, someone may announce that they are interested in you, and there are developments in this regard. Or, there may be a beautiful evolution and deepening of an existing relationship.

Any way we look at these cards, they bring good news and wish-fulfillment. So check in with your client or the person you are reading for. If they are, there may be some beautiful developments. If they are single, they could meet someone. And in all cases, there is a wonderful surprise in their relationship.

It is worth noting that the relationship area in the Black Hat Sect bagua doesn't have to be about just one person. It can represent one-on-one relationships in other areas of life. The idea is that it is not so much about groups and communities, as there is another house for that. But it is more about one-on-one relationships.

So clearly, when it comes to personal relationships in this person's life, there is wonderful news, wonderful surprises, and wish-fulfillment.


Okay, moving on to the next area. It is the children and creativity area, and it is associated with number 3.

So when it comes to children and creativity, you obviously have to check in with the person you are reading for to see if they have children. If they do not, then you would focus more on creativity. Of course, both areas can be relevant to the person you are reading for.

Now, here we have the Anchor, the Mountain, and Clover.

I am not really seeing that this is saying anything about children's or people's behavior. Instead, we have the idea of a foothold in a different location, and we have the Clover, which is another very bright card. So obviously, there are a lot of good things happening here.

How could we read the cards in the context of creativity? Well, it is possible that there is an opportunity to express creativity.

The Clover is a card of wish-fulfillment and also openness. The Mountain and Anchor can suggest a place where we have an opportunity to express our creativity. We could be going public with some work, for example.

The Mountain can also represent online activity or online environments, and with the Anchor, it can be a suggestion to connect with some people, whether online or offline. And the Clover brings opportunities, as we said.

So this is one way we can make sense of these cards in the context of creativity.

It would be different if we were reading these cards for travel. If we were reading the cards for travel, then they might actually suggest physical travel. So again, the context is very important when it comes to interpreting the cards.

Now, suppose our readee has children and we were to interpret these cards for the context of children, we could suggest that their kids are traveling somewhere, or maybe there is an opportunity for them to visit some places or do things online.

The idea is really to tweak the cards so that they make sense for this area.


The next area that we focus on in the Black Hat Sect bagua is the family and community house. It is located in the center left, and it focuses on the broader environment.

Unlike one-on-one relationships, the community house has to do with your social network, which includes your family and your broader environment.

So what is going on here? We have very active cards. We have the Rider, the Stork, and the Road are all travel cards, so obviously all three together suggest a lot of activity.

In the context of community and your social life in a broader sense, this clearly has to do with going places, visiting people, socializing, networking, reaching out, and going to see people or receiving people. These cards very much encourage the social aspect and encourage you to go out and be with people.

There can also be a suggestion to explore different people and places because the Road is open-ended, and the Stork and Rider have a lot of initiative. So, these are cards that encourage you to connect with others in your community and your family, get active, get busy, and do things together.

It would have been a completely different situation if we had, for example, the Coffin, or negative cards, or cards of solitude like the Tower and Tree. If we had such cards in this location, we would have suggested instead that it is best to take time out, to stay a little bit away from busy scenes, and maybe to minimize the social environment for a while.

So, that is how we would interpret these cards in this context.


The next area that we read in a Black Hat Sect bagua are the central cards, and these correspond to health. This includes physical health as well as well-being in general. So, this is the context for which we will interpret these cards.

Notice that we have relationship cards in this house. Obviously, this is not about one-on-one relationships like we would read them for the relationships house. This house is focusing on health, so we need to read these cards for the context of health.

We have the beautiful Sun, which is wonderful for health. So obviously, there are no issues or worries here. It is a wonderful message for all-around healing, happiness, and success.

The Ring and Dog are about an important relationship. It looks pretty committed. I feel this can go in a few ways in the context of health. For one, it is possible that our readee is able to find someone whom they can rely on for their health. This person is someone who is supportive, smart, and helpful, thanks to the Sun.

This could mean finding the right doctor, finding the right partner who somehow joins you in your health journey. It could also be any other connection that supports you in your health and well-being. So that may well be what we are seeing here through these cards.

In another sense, it is possible that you want to do some healthy activities with friends or people. You could also be sharing your well-being with others, or maybe you contribute to others’ well-being.

So again, the idea is really to focus the cards for the context of the bagua house they are in. In this case, the cards bring health and support.


The next area in the Black Hat Sect bagua is this one in the bottom right. This area is focused on helpful people and support. This idea is specific to the Feng Shui practice. Feng Shui appears to distinguish between different types of people in our life. And to be fair, people are a huge part of our life. So it does make sense to divide the different kinds of people.

Helpful people refers to people who offer a service and whom we go to for help, like our real estate agent, our tax accountant, or other people that bring us this kind of support. In the Feng Shui context, this house is also associated with guidance, divine guidance, luck, and support from the unseen can be suggested.

This is part of the ancient Chinese worldview and how they associate different energies with different phenomena in the world. You can make of it what resonates with you and also associate this house with the divine or other sources of support in your life.

So, what do we have here? We have the Heart, Mouse, and Garden. These are very interesting cards. The Mouse is the first challenging card we come across in this reading. It is not very challenging, but it does come next to the Heart, so this can be a bit of a disappointment.

We also have the Garden, which points to a meeting or people. It is also a social card. And what I feel comes through these three cards in the context of the helpful people house is that help might not come through.

The Mouse brings challenges. It can also suggest that we can't really rely on someone because they are untrustworthy or unreliable in other ways. And with the Garden, it might be in a certain context or environment where this problematic person comes up, like our bank, our accountant, the clinic, or wherever, really.

There are many possibilities, so it is a good idea to check in with your readee to see which place might be the most relevant to them. But the idea is that something falls through, some people are not really helpful.

The cards can also be a cautionary note against being too trusting of certain people for help. And with the Heart, I feel there is disappointment here. So it is possible that someone or some environment that we were relying on for something might not be supportive. So this would be a bit of a challenging message in this reading.


The next area in a Black Hat Sect bagua is knowledge and wisdom, and this would be this house in the bottom left.

The knowledge and wisdom house refers to our sources of information, education, and a more spiritual aspect that we associate with these things. This includes inner knowledge and wisdom, meditation, and going within. All of these elements are part of the wisdom and knowledge house.

These are some really interesting cards to see in this area. We have the Fox, the Tower, and the Snake. These are two of the trickiest cards of the deck, suggesting deception. The Tower, on the other hand, is a card of wisdom and guidance.

When I see these three cards together, I feel there can be some deep lessons that need to be learned. I feel that the veil of deception will be removed.

I am reminded of the Tarot Tower, where there is a sense of disillusionment. We do not see this aggressive action of the Tarot Tower here, but we do see the idea of having to see through deception or things that are unclear.

The Tower being a card of elevation, it seems to invite us to look beyond the surface. Because the Snake and Fox are about deception, it is important to break through the deceptions and see through them. This can apply to other people, and even to ourselves, where we are not really being honest with ourselves.

These are strong cards for a house like the house of wisdom and knowledge, where we need to be honest and get past anything that is superficial, deceptive, or unclear. This is a powerful triplet.

Notice that if we had these cards in another context, such as a relationship context, they would suggest something completely different. They would suggest disappointment in a relationship, possibly cheating, and things like that.

I am not dismissing the idea that we need to be wise about such possibilities when these three cards figure in this area. However, the primary focus would be on getting past deception, seeing with wisdom and honesty, because this is what this area is mainly about.

It is also interesting that the Tower can sometimes be associated with education because it is also about expertise and people who have reached the top in terms of their knowledge and experience.

With the Fox and Snake, this is an interesting message. I feel they could be telling us that not everyone who comes across as having expertise is really an expert. We have to see through possible deceptions and be willing to see beyond that as well.

I feel these are really powerful cards in the house of wisdom and knowledge.


The next area that we read is money and prosperity, the house located at the top left corner.

So this is the house that is focused on practical things. It would be represented by the Fish in Lenormand’s cards.

We have the Whip in here, which is a challenging card. The Tree and Bear would have been a positive combination, but because of the Whip, there are challenges in this area.

These cards can rock the boat of our security, bring up expenses, or suggest we are financially overstretched.

It is also interesting to note that the Bear is often associated with wealth and prosperity. Many Lenormand authors read it as money and income. So when it shows up in this house, it could refer to that as well.

The Tree and Bear, as I said, would have been positive, suggesting growth and security. However, the Whip can really shake this up. This means we could face some financial challenges. We might need to deal with this situation in an aggressive way, and we might need to avoid overspending and reign things in a little bit.

So these are challenging cards when it comes to finances, but if we had them in a different house, we would have interpreted them differently.

For example, if we have them in the health area, this would obviously be concerning. We would need to take care of ourselves, avoid overstretching ourselves, be aware of possible injuries, and so on. The cards might also suggest a health scare.

So the cards in a different house would take on a different meaning. This is very much the point of what it means to interpret cards for different contexts, or what I call correspondences. The life overview bagua layout is very helpful to practice reading the cards for different contexts or houses.


Now, the last house that we read in the bagua is number 9, which located in the top center. This is the house of fame and future.

In classical Feng Shui practice, the house of fame and recognition is associated with recognition and our goals or end goals. This is because it is located opposite the house of career, which is seen as the starting point of our journey.

The energy then travels through the houses, and the fame and future house is where this energy culminates.

This is important because the Feng Shui bagua is a map for spaces. It is overlaid on top of spaces and a space is arranged to support the energy of the houses so that people who live in the space attract these beneficial energies.

In this reading, we see challenging cards in the fame and future house: The Man, Coffin, and Clouds. These cards suggest an ending in a relationship, and it is possible that the reader will need to let go of a relationship in order to move forward.

The reader may not be in a relationship with the person represented by the MAn card, but there is a connection between this house and the helpful people house, where we also saw some challenges. This suggests that the ending of the relationship may be related to the helpful people in the reader's life.

It is a good idea to take note of any relationship between the houses. They are unique to every reading and are interesting to look into, but they do not have to be connected.

It is also interesting to note that the relationships house and the family and community house have some good cards. This suggests that the reader has strong relationships in these areas, which will be helpful as they move through this transition.

Overall, this bagua layout suggests that the readee is facing an ending in a relationship. This may not be an easy ending, but it is important for the readee to move forward. They have strong relationships in other areas of their life, and these relationships will be a source of support during this time. 

So this is how we would do a bagua life overview reading. Again, I wanted to bring this up is because it is an excellent exercise in correspondences, which really helps you interpret the cards for different areas of life.

It is also a great layout to practice going beyond one-card readings, but it is still not difficult to do because there are just three cards per area. It is also a lovely life map.

So think about what different cards mean in different contexts. And if you do a few of these bagua layouts, you can really practice interpreting the cards across different areas. Then, you can go beyond the bagua and try other life maps, like the zodiac life map, which we covered in the astroclock workshop.

You can expand on these life maps and apply them to all sorts of different things now that you have practiced this correspondence exercise with the cards in this layout.

Let me know your thoughts about this. I really look forward to your feedback as always. Let me know if you are going to try your hand at doing a life mapping exercise like this one to interpret the cards for different contexts. I certainly look forward to your feedback on this.

Also, have a look at all of the resources that I have linked in the box for you. And if you've enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with other aspiring Lenormand Readers so we can grow this amazing community.

Until next time, as always, thank you for watching and take very good care of yourself.

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