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The Moon and Snake come across as a little bit tricky. The Moon is generally associated with lovely things in Lenormand and is not like the Tarot Moon. The Lenormand Moon is a gentle card of appreciation, honor, and recognition. It is also a feminine card that has a sense of attraction, and in love relationships, it can suggest chemistry and a wonderful energy unfolding between two people. It is also associated with offers. So the Moon is generally positive, gentle, and kind in Lenormand.

The Snake, on the other hand, is definitely one of the trickiest Lenormand cards and is often associated with envy, jealousy, and someone who is not well-meaning. In love relationships, it can suggest a third party or outright cheating and dishonesty. It is also someone who could be passive-aggressive, calm, goal-oriented, often materialistic, and self-interested, but it can also represent someone who is rather clever.

The Snake is generally negative and tends to be toxic and poisonous in these ways, but there are times when the Snake can be positive. For example in my personal dictionary, I like to see the Snake with the Fish because it tells me someone has really good business acumen, is good with money and finances, and is also clear about their goals which is an advantage.

These two cards together can be tricky because it is not obvious what they can mean together. It is up to you, but it makes sense to use the individual cards to think about how they work together.

The Moon and Snake can represent the idea of going about one's goals calmly because they are both calm and peaceful cards. There is a clear sense of slowness, of being calm and calculated, and not reactive.

The Moon and Snake can also represent challenges in the sense that there is a very tricky situation at hand. In love relationships, it can represent the idea of something going on behind the scenes, such as a third party or someone cheating. We are advised to be calm, observant, alert, and calculated.

This pair can operate a little bit like the Fox and Moon which can suggest turning down an offer, according to Titania. Likewise, either the Fox or the Snake with the Moon, can suggest the need to be careful about an offer and possibly walking away from it. They might suggest we negotiate the terms.

This can be similar to the Flowers and Snake, which can be about being a charmer or false flattery. The Moon and Snake can be similar where someone is just being fake about their “kind intentions”.


The Cross tends to be challenging and is associated with the idea of burdens and bearing one's cross, but it can also be associated with spirituality and the idea of things that are destined or meant to be.

However, the Snake and Cross next to each other suggest a challenge. It is not a challenge like the Whip, Mouse, Scythe, or Clouds, because the Snake and Cross are more psychological in nature. They have to do with feelings, with being observant, and the deeper lessons.

These cards can suggest having to bide one's time and probably having to make some difficult choices or sacrifices. However, the Snake in the middle indicates we need to weigh this out calmly in a calculated way.

At the same time, the Snake can ask us to focus on our self-interest. But with the Cross, we might need to make some sacrifices.

The idea of the Cross is that it burdens us with obligations. We “have to” deal with something, we might not have much choice, and we might not be able to do anything about it right now. However, the Snake tells us to play it smart, perhaps letting them have their way.

Moving the Cross to the center to form the Moon, Cross, and Snake, I do not think it changes things. The Moon and Cross can suggest an important offer but also the need to make choices. With the Snake on the right side, we might have to walk away from an offer or proposal. It is a tough choice.

Moving the Moon to the middle to form the Cross, Moon, and Snake, I do not think much changes. The idea of having to walk away from something is emphasized when the Snake is on the right side. The Cross and Moon can suggest an offer with a strong sense of purpose, but because of the Snake, I think it is a tough choice, and we probably need to sacrifice one for the other.

The Snake, Cross, and Moon triplet is similar to what we read earlier. The Snake suggests moving forward with caution, and it is possible things can be resolved because the Moon is on the right side.

If we were to read the cards as unfolding from left to right, it is possible that through the Snake and Cross, we have to go through a phase of trials and tests, but then the Moon sees us through. Certainly, with the Moon on the right and the Cross in the middle, we should at least hope that we can do well. The idea of having a positive attitude is highlighted through the Moon. But the Snake and Cross bring out the idea of being tested and having to prove ourselves in some way, but again the Moon advises the idea of being gentle and kind.


With the addition of the Man to form the Snake, Moon, and Man, this is definitely someone with whom we need to be careful. Anytime we have the Snake and a person card, such as the Snake and Woman, the Snake and Man, or the Snake and Dog, which is a friend, we should be careful of false flattery and false intentions. But the Snake can also advise us to be discreet, and avoid trusting too quickly. It’s best that we keep our thoughts to ourselves.

The Moon next to the Man can suggest he is a kind person, but I think it is more positive when the Moon is on the right side and the Snake is earlier in the line. This way, we might initially have doubts about this person, but things can work out, and he turns out to be nice, gentle, and probably someone we can get along with.

Still, I do not think this is a relationship to dive right into because the Snake is very tricky and one of the most challenging cards when it comes to relationships because it points to someone selfish, false, and just outright self-interested.

Anywhere the Man figures in this triplet, it is pretty much the same, and I do not see the cards changing because of his position in the reading. These ideas would apply to any person card.


This triplet clearly represents an ending and the need to move away from the situation, which is likely a disappointment. The Moon softens the Snake, but with the Moon next to the Coffin, I often take it to mean the end of a cycle because of the Moon’s phases.

With the Coffin on the right side, it is time to let this go. Because of the Snake and the challenges that it brings, it is probably a situation that is more or less hopeless and can’t be saved. The Snake also suggests walking away but calmly. There is no need to make a fuss about it, just let it fall away.

With the Snake and Coffin, ending and shedding old skin can be suggested, and this can be a spiritual transformation. With the Moon, intuition and feelings, things happening on the inside, and the more psychic side of life can come through. So this triplet can suggest letting go in a deeper spiritual sense. 

Forgiveness might also be suggested depending on the context. Although, I like to see the Flowers for forgiveness or the Child to bring the idea of renewal and innocence.

Through the Snake, Moon, and Coffin, an ending is at hand, and we need to allow this transformation to happen, so we can release ourselves from negativity or expectations.

I think this triplet has the same meaning regardless of the order. If it is the Moon, Coffin, and Snake, we still see the end of a phase and moving on. 

Even if the Coffin is not in the middle, like in the Coffin, Moon, and Snake, it still points to the idea of letting go, moving on, and allowing things to come to a close. The same would be seen in the Coffin, Snake, and Moon.


In this triplet, the news or information suggested by the Letter is tricky, is a trap, or is likely misleading because of the Snake. We need to be very careful of what we are reading. Whether it is the Letter, Book, or another card that suggests a message like the Rider, we definitely need to be careful of the message because it is either false or has hidden elements to it. 

The Moon in this triplet does not make a difference, except it characterizes the Letter and advises us on how to handle this situation.

So the Moon and Letter can represent an offer but with the Snake be careful! We have to look at it in detail and possibly walk away from it. Especially if we have the order of the Moon, Letter, and Snake with the Snake on the right side, I think it is important to walk away from this, or at the very least, consider it and possibly negotiate it. 

Another way to read these cards when we have a card of news, knowledge, information, or a message, with the Snake is that we need to keep it to ourselves. In other words, it can be a secret. The Snake is a card of silence and advises us to keep quiet, and that is very clear with an information card like the Letter.

It would be the same with the Bird, although with the Bird, the order will matter because the Bird is vocal in contrast with the Snake that is silent.

However, when we have the Letter and Snake, I think these cards tell us to be quiet about this news. It is possible that we have access to some private or not yet-announced information. So with this triplet, it is clear the advice is to keep it to ourselves.

The order of the Letter, Snake, and Moon does not make much difference. The Moon on the right can possibly give us an advantage because it is a kinder card.


The same meaning will come through as with the Man because the Woman and Man are both completely neutral cards, as I explain in my significator video. You can go back to the section with the Man because it is the same except it would represent a woman, and the flexibility of who the Man and Woman might represent is covered in my significator video as well.


Again, the Dog will have the same meaning as the Man and Woman because it often represents a person, specifically a friend. The Dog brings the idea of a friend but with the Snake, it is a ‘frenemy’, not really a friend and probably working against us. 

The same idea comes through with the Dog and Fox, but the Snake is more toxic. It is sharper and meaner. So this combination clearly represents a frenemy, as it does with the Woman or Man.


The Clover gives an interesting turn of energies for the cards as it helps overturn the Snake. In this sense, the Snake can maintain its challenging aspects, but because of the Clover, we can overcome it. The Clover is one of the most positive cards of the deck, and it has to do with luck and protection.

For example, the Clover and Mouse suggest we can overcome losses and even recover them. The Clover also helps minimize the challenges of an aggressive card like the Whip.

With the Snake and Clover, we can have two possibilities. We might need to adopt the characteristics of the Snake and focus on our own best interest. In other words, the Clover brings out the advantages of the Snake.

Another way to read the pair, is that we can overcome the toxicity and challenges brought by the Snake. This is different from assuming the characters of the Snake and is about being able to overcome a challenging person or situation.

Looking at the Snake, Moon, and Clover, the Moon is closer to the Clover and so their positive aspects are brought out more strongly through their synergies. The Snake here brings a sense of calm.

In this triplet, I think we can successfully negotiate an offer. It is also possible that people envy us because the Moon is about recognition and appreciation, it is in the middle of the triplet, and the Clover is one of the brightest cards. So the idea of doing well, being successful, and shining through are well expressed by this pair. However, the Snake can suggest envy, and it is very probable that in this triplet people envy us for our good, our success, and the fact that we are recognized. I would also say the advice of the cards is not to a show-off or fan the flames of envy.

The idea of the gentle Moon in the middle would be to tone it down a little bit because there are envious people around us. It is also a good idea to be grateful for our good. I think gratitude brings a certain degree of humility, and this can come through these cards as well.

If the order is Moon, Clover, and Snake, the cards bring out luck. The Clover helps us overturn the negativity and challenges of the Snake, but also helps us assume its clever characteristics.


The Mouse is another one of those challenging cards, although it is not as challenging as the Whip, but still a bit annoying. If we leave the Mouse unchecked though, losses can amount to a  lot because the Mouse is an energy that keeps eating away at things. So when the Mouse shows up, it is important to nip something in the bud, so it does not grow out of control.

With the Snake and Mouse, we are definitely looking at someone who is toxic, an outright liar, with trust issues at play. The Moon sort of softens this, but we have two negative cards against one positive card. With the Snake in the middle and the Mouse on the right, I think this problematic situation probably cannot be resolved. It is toxic and we should not be involved in it. With the Moon, I suggest to walk away gently and avoid making a big fuss.

Moving the Moon to the middle to form the Snake, Moon, and Mouse, the gentle aspects of the Moon come through, but I still do not think the situation can be helped or overturned completely because the Moon is not as protective as the Clover, and the Mouse adds to the negativity of the Snake. This can be someone who is offensive or says mean things, and I think the idea with the Moon is not to respond in kind.

Generally, the Moon is the opposite of anything that would be confrontational, and I think with the energy of these cards, whatever the challenge is depicted by the third card, the Moon and Snake clearly advise against being confrontational or aggressive, at least not too much. The overall idea is to be calm and calculated and move away from what is clearly a toxic situation.


The Sun and Moon can represent love because they are the archetypal feminine and masculine. So these two cards would be great for a relationship except we have the Snake in here.

The Sun can overcome the Snake like the Clover, but because the Sun and Moon mainly suggest a relationship, the Snake can have its negative way. In other words, the Sun and Moon together are similar to the Man and Woman.

The Snake can be strongly sexually, so there can be sexual attraction at play, but I would like more cards and more context for a specific interpretation like this, especially since the Snake is  more commonly toxic.

If the Sun is in the middle, it can suggest that we go about the relationship calmly and carefully, and things might move forward positively. The same idea comes through with the Moon in the middle.

This triplet can be interesting with the chemistry, attraction, and sensuality that can come through the cards, but the Snake remains tricky, so the order of the cards can matter.

If the order is Sun, Moon, and Snake, we might need to move away from the relationship. I do not think it is decisive though because the Sun and Moon are pretty powerful in suggesting a relationship. Playing hard to get, being careful moving forward, or not being in a hurry to make things happen in the relationship is the advice coming through this triplet.

If the cards are not about relationships, the triplet can be more positive because the clever side of the Snake can come through. As we saw with the Clover, we could be doing well and receiving honors for it, but also attracting envy because of the Snake.
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