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In my Card Combinations Master, the primary interpretation of the Mountain is obstacles and most Lenormand readers see it this way. It is hard, cold, rigid, and creates a sense of distance, and in a relationship, it is like giving someone the cold shoulder. But because of its association with natural borders, it can also bring up the idea of traveling and going to a place abroad. 

The Book is the card of secrets and has to do with mysteries and things not yet revealed. When we get the Book in the center of a portrait layout, it normally suggests we cannot answer the question just yet.

The interpretation of the Book can sometimes depend on its illustration on your deck and how you resonate with it. My deck has a closed book, but other decks have an open one. Usually, when it is closed, it suggests information not yet revealed, and when it is open, information is revealed. 

The Book on the right side of the Mountain can mean this is a place we don’t yet know, and it can mean going somewhere new.

The Mountain can also mean we are stuck at an obstacle, as it stands tall, hard, and cold. And the closed Book brings the idea that something is closed off and there is no information, answer, or solution. Together, it is a pretty strong message that things are closed off at the moment. 

If we get something like this in our readings, the advice is to let things stand for now and not to force answers or push past obstacles because they are so strong and closed off that we probably won’t succeed. It is a bit like hitting our head against a brick wall.

So it is best to wait until it thaws a little, is more flexible, and has more leeway because as it stands, it is closed off and standoffish in energy. 


The Scythe and Mountain have contrasting energies. The Scythe is all about breaking and cutting through and has a sharp energy of release. But when I see the Mountain and Book on the right side of the Scythe, it indicates we cannot break through.

A positive card, like the Sun or Clover, in place of the Book suggests we could break through this obstacle into the release or relief represented by the Scythe. But when it is the Book, trying to break through is not likely to help, and we should let things stand for now because there are no answers.

The Mountain, Book, and Scythe suggest it is possible to break through. The Scythe is about forcing the Book to open and breaking through its mystery. And so this triplet suggests we can break through the Mountain’s obstacles and the Book’s mystery to reveal what is on hold. This is the main interpretation of the cards, but they can also mean breaking away from the situation.

If we have the Mountain, Scythe, and Book, I think it is still supportive because the Scythe is much stronger than the Book, but not stronger than the Mountain with its hardness and strength. Also, having the Scythe in the middle adds to the idea of cutting through. So the Scythe before the Book but after the Mountain helps to break through this obstacle.

If we have the Scythe, Mountain, and Book, it is not as successful because the Mountain, being hard and strong, counters the energy of the Scythe. 

This is an example of looking at the nuances of Lenormand’s cards, and through their order. It helps to appreciate how positive or negative a card is, and of its relative strength in this sense, because it helps us interpret combinations more precisely.


The Clouds adds to the challenge of the Mountain and Book. It can mean we are stressing out about a situation and want to get out but cannot. In this order, I do not think the Clouds add much value or layers to the Mountain and Book, but it can add a sense of intellect and psychology. 

The Clouds is a card of the mind and its thoughts, beliefs, and patterns. So it can point to the Mountain and Book being more psychological. It can bring a sense of stuckness, unwillingness to see things or open up, and being rigid and stubborn.

The order of the Mountain, Book, and Clouds suggests we try to look for answers but do not get them. It is possible the answers we find are not the ones we want, or they muddy the situation even more. There can be information overload that we do not know how to process or not enough information which causes gaps in our understanding.

The Clouds brings cloudiness, confusion, doubt, and hesitation. It casts doubt on the information we have. And the Mountain, Clouds, and Book triplet is not much different.


The Cross is a challenging card and can be difficult to interpret. My conclusion is that in Lenormand, it involves deep lessons, matters of destiny, and important decisions. It can be painful or burdensome through the idea of bearing one’s cross. It also brings the idea of “having to”, such as having to do something or put up with something.

I look at the Mountain and Cross combination a little differently. I read it as I do the Mountain and Child, indicating a beginning whose importance we do not see. It suggests the idea of going on an important journey or starting a new chapter that is going to have a lot of implications in our life.

The Book on the right side of the Cross adds to the mystery of the Cross. They can point to the idea of spirituality and religiosity, and with the Mountain suggesting a journey, it could mean we are in for a new chapter in some part of our life, but it could also mean something deeper is going on.

So even though the Mountain and Cross are typically challenging, this triplet can bring up interesting ideas such as pursuing a spiritual journey, a vision quest, wanting to go within and bring out insights, or seeking an understanding of who we are, what our life is about, or about life in general. 

Switching the order to Book, Mountain, and Cross, the triplet still has the idea of seeking understanding. The Mountain in the middle could add a layer of wanting to break through obstacles and achieve insight. This is a nice set of cards for inner work because it is not always about our day-to-day job, money, home, family, and relationships, but also our spiritual journey.

There are cards in Lenormand that bring out our spiritual journey and insights. As a Lenormand Reader, it helps to have life experience, exposure to life, and knowledge of the world so we can interpret the cards in light of these ideas. It also helps to have a bit of a spiritual side, which I think most of us do.

Looking at the Cross, Book, and Mountain, the Cross and Book are about spirituality and religiosity, but having the Mountain on the right side of the Book can mean our belief system is creating blockages.

This can cause a challenge for many of us who are entrenched in our beliefs and might not be so willing to change. I think the Mountain helps us dig in and ask ourselves, “Are our spiritual or other beliefs limiting us in some way? Are they setting up obstacles for us? Is that conscious or subconscious?”

When we pose these questions to our client or ourselves, the cards ask us to go within and do this important work. It is not only about what we are doing in the world, our goals, and all those beautiful things, it also has to do with the inner journey.

When we see wonderful cards like these, they can help us dig into our limiting beliefs and see if we are blocking ourselves and sabotaging our journey and progress.

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