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I tend to see the Lenormand cards as flowing like a story from left to right. The right tends to be associated with the outcome, and the earlier cards are about the beginning. So the Mouse and Clover order would be more positive than the Clover and Mouse order. But keep in mind that left to right is not a hard and fast rule. Go with how you feel the cards are speaking to you.

The Mouse is about glitches, speed bumps, things going wrong here and there, and it can be an annoying card. Many people do not like it and get negative energy from it, but in general it is not such a big deal. The Mouse is more about the smaller issues like little annoying things that get in our way.

A mouse is the type of animal that eats and gnaws away at things like food, furniture, and wood. If we leave the Mouse unchecked, then the problem grows bigger. So when we get the Mouse, it is always a good idea to pay attention to details, look closely at what is going wrong, and fix it. If we delay, the issues we could have prevented can grow to much bigger. 

The Mouse is also associated with losses, things being taken away, and wasting or losing money.

The Clover though is one of the luckiest and brightest cards of the Lenormand deck. Seeing it with the Mouse clearly suggests the issues represented by the Mouse will be resolved. 

When it comes to losses, it can indicate that recovery of these losses is possible. This would be especially true with the Flowers because it is associated with spring and the idea of things coming back. The Clover can give the same idea because it is so lucky.

When it comes to issues and glitches and the little speed bumps in life, the Clover is protective and tells us we will quickly resolve them, or that they are a complete non-issue. In this order, the Clover can suggest protection from losses and problems. 

Although this is not a relationship combination, when it comes to relationships, the Mouse can highlight issues of trust and doubts. However, the Clover suggests we can likely resolve our doubts, mistrust, hesitancy, or other issues we have with this person and completely recover from them. The Clover is lovely any way we look at the combination.

Exercising our interpretive imagination, what happens if we switch the order to the Clover and Mouse? Does the Mouse on the right side take away from the Clover’s luck? Possibly, yes. Even with the all-around lucky Clover, or even the Star, having the Mouse on the right is at least going to tell us to pay attention.

Also, we can read this combination as not to take our luck for granted and always appreciate what we have. The Mouse on the right would suggest that we should not waste what we have even if we have plenty. 

The Mouse can point to some envy, although usually the Lenormand Snake or Fox is best for this. The Mouse suggests untrustworthy people. The Clover can mean that we see through them and so we can protect ourselves from them.

So the combination in this order suggests watching out for people who do not have our best interests at heart or want to take advantage of our good or abundance. We should conserve ourselves and our good when seeing the Mouse in this combination. 


The Mouse on the right indicates we still need to be a little careful with the person represented by the Man, but not as much as we initially thought. Because the Clover is the card closest to the Man, this person may come in handy by supporting us in the face of challenges and will likely help us overcome them. But the Mouse on the right indicates we still need to be attentive and not throw all caution to the wind.

Looking at the Clover, Man, and Mouse, the Clover at the outset could help us foresee a few issues with this person, especially with the Mouse on the right and closest to the Man. 

Again, it appears that any issues associated with this Man, like lack of trust, do not get to us because the Clover largely overcomes them and protects us. We see what this person is about, we do not fall for his traps, so we might allow it to play out while having the awareness of what’s going on.

The Mouse, Man, and Clover is a clearer triplet that suggests issues with a man are resolved, especially because the Clover is on the right. The Mouse and Man can mean there was an issue earlier, but then the Clover shows things are resolved.

I think the order of this triplet does not change the meaning because the Clover is pretty powerful with its positive influence on the other cards. Again, the Mouse and Clover pair shows we can rectify whatever issues are brought by the Mouse.

If we look at the Man, Clover, and Mouse triplet, then the issues come later due to the Mouse at the end of the line, and I think that thanks to the Clover, we are ready to cope with them, or they do not affect us very much.


The House is obviously about home, family, and our inner circle. It can also point to places where we are part of closer groups, for example, at work it’s about our closer team as opposed to the whole company.

With the Mouse and House, there will be some issues in the home. This can be straight-up physical like things breaking down or needing repair. So it could be a good time to renovate or fix these things, and the Clover brings encouragement that these things can be resolved.

The Mouse and House can also point to theft, and it is important to be vigilant and secure our home and spaces. But again, the Clover is very positive and can point to the recovery of anything stolen from the home.

The people aspect of the House can include our family and the closer team at our job. With the Mouse present, there are issues of trust, arguments, tension, maybe some backbiting, and overall negative energy in this environment. However, the Clover helps us overcome that and encourages us to take care of the issue. The same applies at our job where there may be issues with people or the job itself, and again, the Clover helps us overcome them.

The House, Mouse, and Clover triplet will give the same indications because of the Clover on the right.

With the Clover, House, and Mouse triplet, I think we are protected in the face of challenges at home, with family, and in the house itself. The Clover at the outset provides a preventative influence on the cards, and even though issues are at hand, we are prepared for them. The Mouse on the right alerts us to them, but having the Clover at the outset advises us to be prepared for possible challenges down the line.

Another interpretation of this triplet could come from the House that has a sense of enclosure and, by association, has to do with privacy and boundaries. It is different from the Garden and Road that are open cards.

With the House in the middle and the Mouse on the right, it is important to set healthy boundaries with certain types of people. We should not be too trusting or overly generous, not let them into our home or “our space”, and be more vigilant. But the Clover assures us that we should set up those healthy boundaries because there are people who are trying to take advantage of us or our generosity.

If the order of the cars Clover, Mouse, and House, or Mouse, Clover, and House, I do not think there is a lot of difference and the same ideas apply.

To recap, when the Clover is ahead of the Mouse, it has that preventative kind of energy, likely preventing things from happening by setting healthy boundaries or taking precautionary measures. When the Clover is after the Mouse, it has that recovery kind of energy, such as recovering losses. These also apply to the triplet with the House, which gives us context for where these issues are happening.


The Stork is about change, moving on, and house moves. With the Mouse in the middle, the combination could be telling us to let go of losses and not to hang on too much to what we lost or wasted. We should just move on, let it go, turn the page, move in a different direction, and we will be fine.

The Mouse coming after the Clover shows that we do not necessarily recover the losses, but the Stork brings relief. We can let go of what we lost, and even if we do not recover it, we can move on from it.

The Mouse, Clover, and Stork triplet has the Mouse and Clover bringing the idea of recovery, and the Stork on the other side of the Clover can mean getting back at someone. Perhaps we are right about something, and someone doubts us or is causing us to doubt, but the Clover and Stork turn things around to our advantage.

The Mouse and Clover are about recovering from a loss, and the Stork brings an added sense of relief. Regarding the people element, the Stork and Clover bring the idea of things switching to our advantage, like a tour de force as we say in French, and a sense of relief. While the Clover in the middle brings empowerment.

Looking at the Mouse, Stork, and Clover, the Mouse and Stork next to each other are about straight-up loss in my dictionary. The Clover on the right can point to recovery, and on the right it can mean that it is okay to forget about these losses even if we do not recover them.

The Stork, Clover, and Mouse triplet could mean we should take some kind of action toward the issue represented by the Mouse. This is because the Lenormand Stork, an active card, it takes initiative. It is like the Rider in this sense and it asks us to change, pick up, and move on, and get things done. When I see it at the outset, it has a kickoff kind of energy.

The Clover and Mouse is about facing up to the challenge indicated by the Mouse. The Clover could mean we have been hesitant to face them or we have been doubting our ability to confront them, but with the Stork and Clover, we are encouraged to just confront the issue.

Changing the order to the Clover, Stork, and Mouse gives a similar interpretation. Again, the combination of the Stork and Mouse is about a straight-up loss, and the Clover at the outset is the preventative element. It is similar to the Clover and Mouse pair and the idea that we are protected from losses. The Stork refers to an event, so it qualifies the Mouse and crystallizes the idea of a loss.


The Tower is a curious card and its meaning is not clear to many people. It might be one of those cards you have to sit and think about what it means when first starting out with Lenormand.

Many Lenormand Readers interpret the Mouse as time happening very fast, such as in hours or days. This idea does not resonate with me because the Mouse is associated with obstacles, and I think it slows things down even though mice are pretty fast and sharp.

In my dictionary, the Tower is about time, authority, the law, and administration, and although these are not related, when it figures in a line, any of these aspects can come through.

With the Mouse and Tower, I see the idea of slowness, things taking a lot of time, dragging out, causing us to lose patience.

The Mouse and Tower on the right side indicate this is going to happen, and the Clover at the outset tells us there is a good reason for this to happen. We need to bear it out and be patient because things are being figured out or there is a higher reason why they need to take their time.

Suppose the Mouse is on the right and comes after the Tower, and if you see the Mouse as fast rather than slow, then I think it could cut short the timing of the Tower and make it happen earlier than expected. But in this case, maybe we are not ready for it. 

The Mouse being associated with obstacles and issues can mean things happen faster and we need to deal with them. Again, because of the lovely Clover, we will be able to deal with it and we need to tap into our expertise, wisdom, and calmness.

It is like we are dealing with a problem child because of the Mouse, and the Tower in the middle gives us that sense of calm and wisdom. We have the bird's eye view and see the big picture in the face of these little issues coming from the Mouse.

Continuing on this line of thinking, the Tower is about the bigger picture and the Mouse is about the details, and the Clover can mean we need to balance these two and take out the details from the big picture.

Another interpretation of the Tower is in terms of law, administration, and similar matters. In this sense, there can be delays or issues with our paperwork, a judgment may not be what we wanted, and perhaps we have to compromise because of the Mouse. Still, the Clover suggests it is okay, at least in the bigger picture if not immediately.

The Tower with its height and elevation is usually associated with experts, consultants, and authorities. We must make sure to tap into the right authority and have the right expertise on our side to deal with these issues.  

Looking at the Mouse, Clover, and Tower, I do not think there is much difference. The Clover in the middle suggests it is a good idea to be patient with things that need to take their time and apparently, there is a good reason for that.

Also, remember we have the Mouse and Clover that help with recovering losses and overcoming issues, and so the Clover and Tower can mean we are in for a long patch of good luck. So we are in a position to resolve issues and set ourselves in a good space for the long term.

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