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The Ring is the main Lenormand card for relationships because it is a clear symbol of marriage and commitment to a person, traditionally a wife or husband. 

The Ring in Lenormand is not only associated with a relationship with a person, but can also represent commitments, involvements, promises, and the idea of repetition and cycles because of its circular shape.

As with many Lenormand cards, the Ring is an everyday object that we easily make associations with. It is easily interpreted without having to use much of our imagination or a dictionary. The Ring combined with almost any card in Lenormand brings out the idea of a relationship, commitment, or involvement.


The Snake and Fox are two of the trickiest cards in the Lenormand deck. They suggest deception, something going on behind the scenes, someone being false to our face, not entirely honest or even outright dishonest, possible traps, and of course, the negativity that comes with this.

All Lenormand cards can have a positive aspect though, and the Snake’s qualities are being aware, alert, calm, and focused on the goal. Silence and secrecy are also strongly associated with the Snake.

The Fox has the positive aspects of being disciplined, good with routine, and committed to family. Many Lenormand authors see it as a neutral card representing the theme of work, especially nine-to-five jobs, as opposed to entrepreneurship, which is best associated with the Fish.

Both the Snake and Fox are about being discreet and diplomatic, being clever, knowing how to play it, not saying too much, and being good at flattery and charming the birds off the trees.

In relationships, they are both tricky and usually represent a bad sign. They point to someone half-hearted, deceptive, self-interested, and who is likely using us. The relationship is shallow, materialistic, and not authentic in any way.

Depending on additional cards or the context of the question, the Fox can represent someone like an agent, accountant, bookkeeper, bank teller, receptionist, or someone who helps us with day-to-day, nine-to-five routine work.

In the context of work, the Fox and Ring suggest living up to our commitments, committing to the job, completing things, and being disciplined. The Fox is disciplined and the Ring is about repetition, so the aspect of keeping on keeping on, or working steadily, comes out well.

The Snake is more toxic, sharper, and has a mean, spiteful energy. It is typically associated with cheating and love triangles. When a third party is interfering in our relationship or someone is jealous and wants to bite us, it is usually the Snake.

Either Fox or Snake can mean something going on behind our backs because of their association with cheating and dishonesty. But when the Snake shows up, usually there is a third party involved and can mean outright cheating, things going on behind the scenes, a lot of secrecy, and a toxic relationship.

The Snake and Ring can also suggest moving away from someone because the Snake is associated with letting go and moving on, like a snake shedding its skin. It is similar to the Road where it just goes away calmly. The Snake is not a symbol of endings, like the Coffin in Lenormand, but it still has that association of moving on, and usually in the wake of a disappointment.

When we see the Snake and Ring, it can point to just staying away from someone or an outright warning against a relationship. It can also suggest we keep things to ourselves, do not share, and watch out for in that relationship. These are the positive advice aspects that come through the Snake.


The Woman and Man are relationship cards and represent someone in real life. The Dog can represent a person, pet, or friend, but the Man and Woman never represent things, situations, or events. So when either one shows up in a reading, it usually indicates a relationship with the person represented by one of these cards.

As discussed in my significator video, when doing a Grand Tableau, the Man or Woman represents the person we are reading the tableau for, and the other person card usually represents their significant other. 

When these two cards appear together, it is a powerful indication of a strong love connection or the potential for one. It does not matter who is who or the gender thing. We have one Woman and one Man to represent either, and we can decide who they represent beforehand. 

The pair is flexible though, and can represent any relationship, such as our relationship with our boss, close friend, sibling, parents, or even the relationship between our parents.

If we have the Woman, Ring, and Man, the idea of a strong bond and relationship, including the possibility of marriage, comes through. If we ask about love and get these three cards, it is clear what they are telling us, and we do not need to look it up anywhere.

I do not think the order matters, although when the Ring is in the middle, it is a much more aesthetically pleasing triplet. 

But we do not even need the Ring to bring out the idea of a relationship because the Man and Woman together represent a strong bond. If we have either one in a reading, for example in a portrait, it focuses the reading on this person and our relationship with him or her.


The Dog is the card of friendship and represents friends, siblings, colleagues, or anyone in our peer group. In a business context, it might represent customers or partners. This is someone we are more or less equal to as opposed to parents or managers that come through other cards in Lenormand like the Bear, Lily, or Tower.

The Dog and Ring is a specific combination I adopted from Titania's dictionary that points to the idea of a romance growing out of a friendship.

This is different than if we have the Heart and Dog, and also in Titania's dictionary, this pair points to the idea of being just friends, not lovers. I think the distinction between the Heart and Dog and the Ring and Dog is helpful.

Some Lenormand authors see the Dog and Heart as a love relationship, almost like a lifetime partnership. I do not see it this way, and for me, the idea of lifetime partnerships comes through better with the Lily or Tower with the Ring, Heart, or a person card. I usually need the Ring and another long-term card like the Lily or Tower to see this come through.

You might have a different take on how to interpret these combinations. Feel free to interpret them in the ways that resonate with you. Your personal relationship with the cards is important.

I like the distinction between “just friends” from the Dog and Heart, where there is a happy friendship coming through, as opposed to the deeper connection from the Ring and Dog, where the idea of commitment is brought by the Ring.

The Ring and Heart also suggest a strong bond because the Ring focuses on deeper connections. The Heart is a loving card and is not only about relationships but also kindness, gentleness, happiness, and emotions. So by itself, it is not necessarily a card of bonds and connections. But with the Ring, a connection is clearly highlighted.


This triplet can be a loving relationship or a loving friendship. The emotions and personal side come through thanks to the Heart, but this can be about colleagues, friends, or other people in our life. Still, with both the Man and Woman present, the idea of a love bond is more likely.


This triplet suggests a friendship because the Dog is in the middle and can trump love or romance. I see it this way because the Man and Woman are neutral cards and do not have characteristics or personalities of their own. So the qualities of the Man and Woman are taken entirely from nearby cards. 

For example, the card between the Woman and Man tells us the quality and type of relationship. The Dog in the middle suggests it is a friendship. The Ring suggests it is a love relationship and involves commitment. The Heart suggests it is a kind, loving relationship, which may or may not be a love relationship.


The House is the card of home, family, intimacy, and privacy. When we see the House with the strong relationship represented by the Man and Woman, these two people likely live together and may be starting a family. The primary interpretation of this triplet is family and intimate relationships.

They can be related to us like parents or siblings. The idea of the House in the middle brings out home and family, whether it is us and our kids, or our parents’ family and the house where we grew up.

The House can represent work. On my YouTube channel, I often interpret the House as representing the team or our closer circle at the job, as opposed to the Tower, which is associated with the whole organization. In this sense, the House can represent colleagues or a specific person on our team. Although for this interpretation, more context or additional cards are needed  to bring this out.


In the triplet of the Woman and Man plus either the Fox or Snake, the same indications from the Snake and Ring or the Fox and Ring apply. The Man and Woman are interchangeable with the Ring in this triplet.

In the Woman, Snake, and Man triplet, the Woman and Man represent the relationship, and the Snake points to an unhealthy relationship. Either or both is not invested in it, and it will probably fail at some point.

But the Snake can also refer to an illicit affair between these two people, suggesting a love triangle, deception, and dishonesty.

If we have the Woman, Fox, and Man, it is similar except the cheating element is not as prominent as with the Snake. The Fox is more like someone who is half-hearted, a bit shallow, materialistic, and a user.

Even though the Fox is good with family, it is focused on its own goals and tends to be associated with self-interested people who just want to get their things done. So the relationship tends to be shallow and deceptive, but not as toxic as with the Snake.


The Ring and House shows commitment to home and family and points to family relations, an intimate relationship, living with someone, moving in with someone, or the idea of getting married.

It can also represent our rent or mortgage and the idea of commitments to the home. 

Especially with the right context, a question in this area, or with a practical card like the Fish, the combination can point to rent, mortgages, and similar commitments.

If we have the Fox, Ring, and House, the idea of rent and recurring costs can come through because the Fox is associated with practical matters. It can represent people like agents, so it might represent our commitments, a landlord, and the idea we have responsibilities towards this home.

The Heart and House is not a relationship combination and is more general in suggesting a happy family, happy home, and a comfortable home environment, rather than a specific relationship.

If we add a relationship card to form the Ring, Heart, and House, what we had with the Ring and House comes through and the Heart brings added feelings of happiness. 

If we have the Dog, Heart, and House, the idea of family friends is highlighted, and having good times with a more intimate circle of family and friends is suggested. The Dog in the context of family often represents siblings, cousins, and other members within our peer group.

This triplet can also point to colleagues on the job, and a happy and collaborative atmosphere.

The Snake and House bring in a bad actor and an element of toxicity within a group of people. For example, a group might have a person who is a spy, someone toxic, envious, and not genuinely part of the group. The pair can point to things going on behind the scenes, and that we need to watch out for this person who might be trying to interfere with the group and mess things up.

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