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The Rider is a card of movement and is associated with a messenger bringing news or feedback. This is a generally positive card, and it is good to see because it gets things moving and taking off. The Rider’s messenger is usually a helpful person who comes to support us, maybe bringing the news or just coming to help us.

It is also about travel to some extent, although not of the long-haul type associated with the Ship, Mountain, or Road. The Rider is about shorter trips, going places, and doing things, and tends to be a busy, active card that takes initiative.

The Flowers is one of the loveliest cards in the Lenormand deck. It is about optimism, enthusiasm, openness, and happiness and is often associated with fun, festivity, and celebration. Also, its association with spring suggests the idea of return.

The Rider and Flowers are very bright together and bring success in a broad sense. More specifically, they indicate someone or something returning, enabling us to move forward, giving us the green light.

It can point to happy news, a visitor, someone we were wanting to see, or a helpful person who gives us support.

In this combination, the order of the cards does not matter.



The Bear, as discussed in my YouTube Videos, is about anything big. In terms of people, it is associated with people of influence, authority, and possibly wealth. In terms of events, it can point to something important we need to attend to. 

When there are challenging cards nearby, the Bear can refer to competition or someone intimidating. But with the Flowers and Rider, the Bear's negative potential does not come through at all because it is a neutral card.

The Rider and Bear indicate something important such as important news, a big step forward, or an important goal we need to pursue, as the Rider’s supports the idea of pursuing goals and ambitions. When we see the Bear, which is an ambitious card in terms of its strength, power, and influence, it can mean we need to pursue a bigger project, put ourselves out there, or step up to the next level.

The Flowers brings optimistic energy to the triplet and reveals it is an exciting time of growth, success, ambition, and stepping up.

In terms of people, this can be an invitation to reach out to someone of influence for help or suggestions. This could be someone we know, and the Rider indicates there could be a visit or other opportunity to interact and speak with them.

The Rider, Flowers, and Bear, suggests someone may return. The Bear can be imposing and intimidating, but with the Flowers near it, the demeanor of the Bear softens and becomes more sympathetic and friendlier.

The Bear in the middle of the line highlights the idea of growth and importance and could mean we achieve that next level, as suggested earlier. I do not think the order of the cards makes much difference though but there could be a few nuances to consider.



This triplet brings the idea of a revelation and the order of the cards is going to matter.

The Rider represents a messenger or helpful influence who brings news or feedback that is finally shared, as indicated by the Book. With the Flowers on the right, it is positive and possibly brings a wish.

If we have the Rider, Flowers, and Book, it can mean that information is not completely revealed. The Flowers is associated with spring and brings a sense of revelation, openness, and news that is shared. But the last card in the line can mean the outcome, and in this case, the Book indicates the news is still in progress. 

So the Rider and Flowers bring good energy and good news that things are progressing, and it is just a matter of time before all of it is revealed.

The Flowers, Rider, and Book is similar with the message not being entirely revealed. The Rider and Book closer together emphasize the idea of news. The Flowers at the beginning can mean we are looking forward to it, but the Book on the right indicates it is not entirely revealed and still in the works.

The Flowers is a very positive, optimistic card, so this delay or unrevealed news may not be much of an issue. We need to trust that it will be revealed in time. Normally, we would expect there to be negative associations when things are pending, but the Flowers is too bright, powerful, and positive not to affect the whole line positively and overcome any negativity of nearby cards.

The Flowers is a creative card and, like the Moon and Child, has feminine energy and creativity. With the Book, we possibly need to pursue some kind of expression or work, such as writing, researching, studying, upskilling, or discovering a new branch of knowledge. Any of these are possible especially when the Book is seen with creative cards like the Flowers or possibly work cards.

The Rider strongly encourages us to pursue our ambitions, express ourselves, and indulge and engage our senses in our interests, such as our favorite literature to read, food to eat, places to visit, and things to watch.



Of course, with the Flowers present, all combinations are quite positive. The Garden and Rider together suggest a meeting as opposed to news, because the Rider is associated with a visitor or someone offering support. The combination can also suggest a public announcement.

With the Flowers, it indicates going out and having fun, perhaps going to a party or celebration. The Rider encourages us to go for it, be part of it, and have a good time. The Flowers can also suggest the idea of going back to re-engage with a place or group of people.

This triplet, in any order, suggests it is a good idea to invite people over, take the initiative to go out with friends, and have fun and good times.



The Coffin, like the Book, is going to create a delay. The order of the cards is very relevant in this triplet’s interpretation. Specifically with the Coffin, what is at the end of the line matters a lot.

When we have the Coffin at the end, we are encouraged to hold on and be patient. With the Flowers in the middle and closest to the Coffin, it suggests having a good attitude while waiting.

Things being delayed or postponed can mean a lucky turn of events, and we can bide our time and take advantage of it.

The Coffin at the end also could mean a happy ending and finally bringing something to a close. The Rider’s association with going after and achieving our goals combined with the Coffin and the Flowers, a happy card, can mean we have finally achieved something, can close that chapter, and move on.

The Coffin, Rider, and Flowers suggest that news comes after some delay, as the Coffin and Rider clearly suggests a delay. This said, the Flowers at the end of the line suggests news finally arrives. So it seems that after a period of waiting, the news arrives and it is good news. Relief and happiness are at hand.

The Rider, Coffin, and Flowers suggest things come back into play because the Flowers is at the end of the line and is associated with returning. It also suggests that the wait is finally over and we can move forward.

These are lovely messages with the Coffin, and the order matters a lot with this triplet.



The Tree adds to the growth and abundance we see through the Flowers, and like the Bear, it brings the idea of growth, growing up and out, and blooming.

The Tree is a card of staying put and building on what we have already created, whereas the Rider is forward movement. So together they suggest continuing on the path we are on because this will lead to the positive results we see through the Flowers.

The Rider, Tree, and Flowers suggest slowing down and taking things in a more gradual, step-by-step way because the Tree tempers the speed of the Rider when they are near each other. However, there is still the clear idea of growth and forward movement with the Flowers at the end, leading to results and the fruit of our labor.



When the Flowers and Snake appear together, at least in my dictionary, this suggests someone who is false to our face or uses false flattery.

The Rider can mean a charmer, and the Flowers suggests they try to attract and entice us, and they could be a player.

The Rider and Flowers suggest we need to be careful about what this messenger brings because they could be sugarcoating things or making them appear nicer than they are. And the Snake can bring the idea of them wanting something from you.

With the Flowers, Rider, and Snake, the Snake at the end can mean we might be turning away from something.

In the Flowers, Snake, and Rider, the Rider at the end also indicates we are moving away. The Snake and Flowers being adjacent to each other bring the idea of false flattery and false compliments. So we need to be careful about what we are being told, what we are hearing, and about this person’s intentions.

It is also possible this is speaking about us and indicates we need to be diplomatic and say kind, sweet things to get what we want or manage a situation with someone. But with the Snake in the middle, the idea of silence and keeping our intentions to ourselves is highlighted.

If we have the Snake, Flowers, and Rider, the Flowers in the middle, depending on the context, suggests we give this person or situation another chance. 

The Flowers and Rider are positive together, and the Flowers and Snake are tricky together, but in this order, we can move past the challenges associated with the Snake, and move in a new direction giving this situation another chance.

The idea of giving another chance comes from the Flowers because it is a card of renewal and possibly, forgiveness. However, the Snake is very tricky, and if we are going to give the situation another chance, it is important to be cautious and do things differently moving forward.

These are my suggestions with the Flowers and Rider, which is a lovely combination, bringing good news and happiness, and kicking things forward with lots of enthusiasm and momentum.

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