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The Road is mainly about change but can be about crossroads, so arriving at the proverbial fork in the road with choices ahead. 

It is a bit open-ended and points to adventure and the path ahead without a clear destination. To indicate a destination, we need another card telling us if we arrive or are successful.

The Road tends to represent people who have not settled anywhere and wander around in life. In relationships, it tends to point to someone not committed. Remember, interpretations depend on nearby cards, but on its own, the Road tends to point to these ideas.

The Key is a lovely card about success, achievement, and unlocking doors and opportunities. In my dictionary, it is one of the spiritual cards of the Lenormand deck. It has to do with destiny, not as much as the Cross or Tower, but it brings guidance and helps us move through. It is very good with intelligence, problem-solving, and finding solutions or common ground.

The Road and Key together can mean we arrive somewhere. The Road is open-ended, but the Key brings the sense of arriving, success, and achieving the right result, similar to the other achievement cards like the Sun, Clover, or Anchor.

This pair can also mean we made the right choice, are on the right track, and should keep going the way we are because it will lead to results.

The Key with the Road, being open-ended and on the right of the line, can mean we are on the right track but not seeing results yet. It has the sense of pursuing what is right and going after what we want.

As a note, I unfold the story from left to right and sometimes the order of the cards matters. It is up to you how you choose to read them as long as you are consistent.



Unlike the Road or Ship, the Anchor is about arriving, landing, and anchoring down. It is similar to the House being in a location, the Bear standing its ground, and the Mountain being solid, but the Anchor is clearly about arriving.

In this triplet, the order matters a lot. In this layout, the Road on the left indicates we go down a path. The Key says it is the correct path, and the Anchor on the right means we will arrive at our destination.

This triplet is also a combination of goal achievement, success, and finding the right solution. The Key brings the idea of making the right choice or landing on the right solution to help us achieve our goals. The Road on the left means to keep looking for the solutions because the Anchor indicates we will find them.

This triplet is supportive for any life area. When it comes to work, it can mean we make a job change.

In relationships, the Road can indicate we are not on the same page, but the Key and Anchor show that if there are differences, we resolve them, and now agree and are on the same page.

When it comes to money and again in relationships, the Road is unsettled, and the Anchor indicates we need to find a direction, make a choice, and settle on it.

In the Anchor, Key, and Road, the Anchor on the left can mean we pick up and leave because the Road is on the right, after it. The Key is encouraging, and it might be time to change our ways and be more flexible and open. Also, it is great for all-around brightness, resourcefulness, ambition, and intelligence. 

Usually, with negative cards in the layout, the Anchor can be a bit rigid and restrictive. However, it does not have to be strictly negative, and it can bring the idea of being more open, more flexible, and not so rigid or stuck to the same ideas or situation represented by the Anchor.

In any order and context, this triplet is supportive and suggests achievement and that we can get over any sense of hesitation and find our ground. They can mean a change of perspective, looking at things differently and being more open-minded about certain things.



The Heart brings up emotions, feelings, and less tangible things, like our inner world. With the Key, it brings a deep sense of insight and inner awareness to this combination. 

The Key and Heart is often read in terms of love, relationships, and feelings, and it can be about unlocking someone's heart. The Road on the left can mean an opportunity to engage in this relationship. We could discover a person is interested in us, or it could be a relationship we pursue. 

The Road and Key indicate it is worth exploring this relationship because it probably turns out to be positive and supportive.

The Heart can be about happiness and fulfillment, and the Key emphasizes making choices that make us happy and fulfilled, and it brings a dash of intuition to this triplet.

The Key is a rational card having to do with intelligence and finding solutions but also has a character of mystery and spirituality. So with the Heart, we are aware of what we want, and the Road suggests it is important to make choices that support us so we pursue the things that make us happy, put us on the right path, and lead to results and success. This is a powerful triplet for deep inner purpose and happiness.

If we have the Heart, Road, and Key, it can mean a change of heart. When it comes to relationships, the Road tends to be associated with the end of a relationship, but it is impractical to be strict about this because it is a neutral card and depends on other cards in the line.

So the Heart and Road can mean there is a change of heart or a change in a relationship, and with the Key, we have the assurance it is the right decision. If we had something more negative with them, it could mean the end of a relationship because it would give us a hint there is a falling out and time to make a change. The Key indicates that making this change is the right thing to do.

Even without a negative card, this interpretation is possible depending on the context or the question.

However, this order is similar to the first layout and indicates pursuing what makes us happy and this leads to success. It is also important to have an open heart and mind and look at things differently. 

The Key, Heart, and Road bring the idea of unlocking a heart or some potential, and exploring these feelings, passion, and compassion whether it involves another person or represents an inner dynamic.



The Fox is usually a bit challenging and can suggest a two-faced person who is self-interested and not transparent. But when I see the Fox with the Key, I tend to bring out the positive aspects of the Fox, such as being a smart talker, clever, knowing boundaries with certain people, and having sensitivity around different people or situations.

The Road has some of the Snake’s energy here, and it seems the indirect approach is what will lead to success. The Key at the outset can also mean we have what it takes to manage the tricky situation brought by the Fox.

The Road on the right can mean it is best to move away from the situation represented by the Fox, and the Key encourages us to do that. We need to be focused on our goals and release what is in our way.

But the Fox can work to our advantage mainly because of the Key, so it encourages us to put ourselves first, be self-interested, let go of non-supportive people, and do our own thing. The Fox and Road suggest we know it is time to do this, and the Key brings up the idea of solutions, perspectives, and looking for the right answers.

The Fox and Road can cause a bit of trickiness, and there can be some unknowns down the road.

If we had the Key on the right of the Road, it means we arrive at a solution. But when we have it at the outset, and the Road that is open-ended and on the right, it can mean we need to be ready for a phase when things are unknown or unclear. So a time of searching for solutions is ahead, though it can still be an enjoyable process.

The Key brings out the positive aspects of the Fox that asks us to be alert and aware, read between the lines, look past appearances, be clever, and think about things. 

Looking at the Key, Road, and Fox, the Fox on the right can mean we meet a tricky person who causes complications. It could feel like we went down the wrong road, or we thought we were heading in the right direction only to meet a challenge.

This is not my favorite interpretation though because the Key is more positive than the Fox is negative, and the Key can overcome challenges the Fox might bring. Although there can be a little speed bump or someone who tests us, we will do well and succeed.

In the Fox, Key, and Road, there is a suggestion to let go of a challenge because the Fox is behind us on the left, and we can move in the direction that works for us.

If we have Fox, Road, and Key, the Fox can suggest putting ourselves first and pursuing our own goals.

In a work context, this can mean a new job or success on our job. In this case, I think there can be some nuances depending on the order of the cards. If we had the Road in the middle or on the right, it might be the right time to make changes on our job or for a job change. 

Looking at the Key, Fox, and Road, the Fox is always a concerning card in relationships, but the Key either helps us to understand someone and get on the same page with them, or it can mean it is best to move away from them. 

It can also be about being prepared and knowing what types of people are around us. The Fox would tell us not to share everything up front, to be more observant, clever, and diplomatic. There is no need to be fully transparent when the Fox shows up, especially with the Key.

This would be a great line to get when money comes into it. The Fox is very clever and has business acumen, and this triplet is about making the right decisions. 

But the Fox is also a trap and something may be up, but the Key allows us to see through it and the Road disentangles us from it.

I do not think the Fox and even most other negative cards are always negative. They can have a positive side that comes out depending on nearby cards. I discuss this in-depth in the MLCC (and the Certification Program) and look at the strength of a card, if it is positive, negative, or neutral, and how that is affected by other cards.

Switching the cards around does not make any difference, even across different contexts.

Any order of this triplet remains positive because the Key brings out the clever aspect of the Fox. The Fox is working to our advantage more than presenting an obstacle. And even if it presents an obstacle, we can easily neutralize the Fox because the Key is a positively bright card of success and fixing things through our smarts.

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