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Admittedly, this Lenormand combination can be a little mute, not really telling us what it’s about. Let's break down the pair into its individual cards.

The Scythe is the card of cutting through. It is a sharp card that brings release and change. It also represents suddenness.

The Lily is one of those broad cards that can be a little confusing or flat. But we can endow the cards with meaning, and I take the Lily to refer to our life as a whole, our life path, and our career. Anything that has to do with life milestones, big chapters in life, and our direction, I associate it with the Lily. It is also a card of wisdom and maturity. Sometimes, the Lily is associated with health, and I have come across several authors who view the Lily as a card of sexuality. 

With this in mind, the Scythe and Lily clearly point to a life change. It can be a big change in our direction or life path, and it can also suggest that we need to make deeper changes in our life.

The Scythe is sometimes associated with danger, but I do not think this aspect comes through in this combination. I would prefer something like the Whip or perhaps the Rider to show up with the Scythe instead of the Lily.

In specific contexts, the combination can have a more specific meaning. For example, if we are asking about work, then the Lily is supportive because it is associated with career. With the Scythe, it can mean a job change or even a career change.

In love or relationships, the Lily is associated with long-term relationships, usually marriage and commitment. But with the Scythe, a change is possible, although I prefer more cards to confirm something like a divorce.


The Scythe and House point to a change of residence or location, likely a place we have been in for a long time since the Lily is associated with the long term, where we grew up, or where we grew roots.

But the cards might also suggest that the group, environment, or atmosphere we grew in for a while, needs to change. Renovating, changing our environment, our lifestyle, or our head space can also come through these cards.

They can also advise us to make such changes. We might need to quit long-standing habits or change our approach. It’s time for change. Perhaps what we have built has served its purpose, and it's time to do things differently.

I do not think the order matters in this triplet. In any order, the cards suggest this kind of change.


The Woman and Lily can refer to a professional relationship. But the Scythe points to a separation. As the Lily can also be about health and the Scythe can represent danger, a health threat is possible. Someone passing on is furthermore possible, but I do not think this is a likely interpretation.

Instead, I feel these cards refer to a change in the relationship, likely a fallout or breakup. And I don't think the order of the cards affects this interpretation. The Scythe is sharp regardless of where it is in this triplet.

When the Lily is adjacent to the Woman, it can mean she is someone in our professional environment, like a colleague. But when they're apart, the idea of the long-term or a long-standing situation comes through better.



The Key is an all-around success card. It brings solutions and resolutions. It is the card of intelligence and insight, and it enables us to unlock opportunities. A breakthrough or realization is ahead.

The Lily might suggest you had been working and toiling and thinking about a certain solution for a situation, but with the Scythe and Key, you break through. You get that insight and you figure it out. The triplet can also suggest that we need to do things differently if we want to achieve success.

If the order is Scythe and Lily, a similar interpretation applies, but I would add that solutions need to align with our life path, so long-term impact and considerations come into focus.

I don’t think the order of the cards makes a big difference in this triplet either.


The Ring and Scythe is the combination of divorce, and it does not get clearer with Lenormand. It is one of those combinations that speaks loudly and clearly for itself. And the order again doesn’t seem to matter much.

The Lily and Ring can point to a life partner, a career, our involvements, or commitments in life. The context of the reading or the question guides us with how exactly we would interpret the cards. Regardless, with the Scythe and Ring, a radical change is ahead. It is more radical than the combination with the House.


The Fox is the card of the trickster. It can be associated with traps and fraudsters. But it is also clever, and is often associated with jobs and routine. It is consistent, disciplined, and focused on goals. The Fox is also committed to family.

With the Lily, the theme of work is highlighted, and with the Scythe, a job or even a career change is possible. But if your question is about something else, then you can interpret the cards differently, as you can make sense of Lenormand’s cards for any context.

The order of the cards does not seem to matter much, but if it is Lily, Scythe, and Fox, then we might need to get that Fox out of our life. Half-hearted or dishonest people need to go, as well as unhelpful situations.

Sometimes, the Fox represents some kind of consultant, like an accountant, a real estate agent, or anyone who specializes in something and can help us with it. In this case, the triplet might suggest we need to change that person and go to someone else.

The Fox can also represent a customer or an employee, and with the Lily being associated with career, the Scythe and Fox can point to layoffs or losing customers.

The Fox can be negative, so with a sharp card like the Scythe, traps or disappointments are possible. It's important to watch out for traps and be aware of those who are playing to win.


The Bear can also be one of those cards that doesn’t speak to us as clearly as other cards. It represents the boss, someone strong, imposing, and influential, and it is often associated with wealth and status.

In this combination, breaking into the next level of growth or career can be ahead. It is time to step up.

The Bear is also associated with competition, so in this triplet, it can mean being up to the job or the competition. Typically, I look for the Whip, or tricky cards like the Snake, Mouse, or Fox, to suggest this, but competition can be healthy. With the Whip, the idea of a fight or confrontation might be more appropriate.

The Bear is also a card of courage and strength, which is different from the slow and calm energy of the Lily. Together, the pair can suggest it is time to come out and show our true colors with courage. 

In a more specific environment like the workplace, the Bear can refer to a manager or a boss, so promotions and growth are also possible. But with the Scythe, there can be layoffs, just like we saw with the Fox.

The Bear and Lily can furthermore refer to parents. The Bear is associated with the mother, and the House is associated with the father in classical Lenormand. The Lily is also associated with elderly, mature, or more experienced people. Health issues, or a sudden event affecting our parents can therefore be suggested.

Another way to interpret the Bear and Lily is the law and legal matters. I inherit this meaning from Titania Hardie's take on Lenormand. With the Scythe, there can be disappointment or a shock. Urgent legal matters need attention.


As with other triplets, the idea of changing our life direction comes through here as well. With the House, it highlighted a home or a base, but with the Ship, it can point to a new country, city, or town. With this triplet, we could be making a big move in these ways.

Alternatively, and not so literally, our sense of direction is at play. The Ship is about discovering people and places, venturing out, being adventurous, and broadening our horizons. We need to be open to different ways of living and doing things.

If we had the Rider instead of the Ship, the focus can be on day-to-day goals. But with the Ship, it’s about the bigger picture. Where are we heading in life? And as the Scythe can be pretty radical, then changes ahead can be really exciting!

These Lenormand cards might look plain and simple, but it is possible to read them with a lot more depth than we initially thought. I like to use Lenormand for all levels, from simple day-to-day issues, to the big picture in life. Lenormand is flexible, and you can make sense of its cards for any context.

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