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In my dictionary, the Stork and House is a clear and crisp combination. The Stork is a card of moves, and the House is the card of the home. When these two cards show up together, they often point to a physical house move, and the Stork gives this indication more than any other change card, like the Road, the Rider, or the Scythe.

However, a house move is an infrequent event, I feel two cards are not enough to justify this interpretation. I prefer having a third card to clarify this interpretation. But, if the context or the question is about where we live and we get this pair somewhere in the reading, then it probably indicates a literal house move, or at least, changes or renovations in the home. This combination asks us to pick up and do things differently, change things in our environment, and refresh the atmosphere.

In the work context, the House can be associated with our immediate team at our job. Paired with the Stork, it can mean there is suddenly a lot of activity and work that needs to be done that can be exciting. But the Stork can also point to changes within our team, such as reshufflings or restructurings. 

Although, the restructuring is probably team specific and not related to the company at large because that would be best indicated by the Tower, which indicates the bigger company because it is a card of corporations, organizations, and official matters. However, it could apply depending on what is going on with our client or us.

So, the Stork and House combination is about changes in our family, home, or with our job.



The Woman in this triplet represents someone involved in or affected by these changes. The people cards do not add much value to the pair’s meaning and merely suggest someone else is involved in whatever is represented by the pair.

With the House next to the Woman, or any other person card like the Man or Dog, it points to someone close to home. She could be a family member, housemate, or partner, and in a work context, she can be a colleague, boss, or anyone involved in these changes. 

Looking at different orders of this line shows us that no matter where the Woman is located relative to the Stork and House, it does not bring a significant difference to the interpretation. 

Perhaps with the Woman at the beginning of the Woman, Stork, and House triplet, she could be the instigator of these changes, or she gives the green light.

And with the Woman in the middle of the Stork, Woman, and House, she either has an influence on the changes or the changes revolve around her.

The Stork shakes things up and brings them out, and in a relationship context where something is unclear or there are issues, this triplet can suggest it is a good idea to bring things out into the open and get clarity.



The Scythe is a card of severance, cutting off, and releasing, and it complements the changes the Stork brings to the triplet. 

There are Lenormand authors that say the Scythe can represent harvesting and reaping. This is possible if you resonate with the Scythe in this way, and you need to interpret a card in a way that makes sense to you.

I do not see the Scythe in this way because to me, harvesting and reaping come through the Flowers with its association with spring and abundance. So in this triplet, the Stork, a change card, brings the idea of change, and release comes through the Scythe.

The Stork and House are not enough to suggest a definite house move, but the added element of the Scythe increases its likelihood.

The Scythe is about releasing, changing radically, and uprooting and moving to a new location. The Scythe on the right side, which is associated with the future and outcome, advises us to let go of this place. And I think this triplet has the same indication regardless of the order of the cards.

The most dominant meaning is a physical move or physical change, like renovations to our home. However, it can indicate a deep structural change within family relationships.

In a spiritual sense, it can feel like our foundations are being uprooted and what we built so far needs to change. What we have done has served us, but moving forward, we need to change our perspective and approach.

The Scythe, in this context, can feel a bit aggressive as though it is ripping us away from a specific environment, mindset, or approach we have been using, and the key is having the willingness to change. The Stork is a card of initiative and advises us to let go, allow things to change, and go with the flow, and this will be to our advantage.

The House is like the Bear, Anchor, and Mountain, because it is heavy and well-rooted. It can be stuck and stubborn, however. But with change cards like the Stork and Scythe, they can suggest releasing ideas, thoughts, patterns, an environment, or a living situation. The triplet invites us to change how we have been doing things and to bring more flexibility and a sense of flow into our lives.



The Anchor is “the” card of staying put, sticking with it, and continuing to do what we are doing, and with the House, they support this further. This pair sharply contrasts the Stork, or any change card, with the idea of staying versus leaving.

The beauty of Lenormand is that we do not have to admit contradictions in our readings, like “staying or leaving” - although we do go through times we might hesitate about whether we stay or leave in a given situation, and so the cards can reflect this hesitation.

Instead, with Lenormand’s card combinations, we create the meanings from the combinations that make sense depending on our client, the context, and the question.

So my interpretation of these 'apparently' contradictory cards would be to make changes within the place we are at now, or with what we are doing now. For example, if someone is having issues in their living situation and wondering if they should move, and we pull this triplet, the advice is to stick with their current place and make changes there. Whereas, if we had the Scythe instead of the Anchor, it would say yes, go ahead and find a new place.

This is where the different nuances enable us to offer specific insight to our client. 

The same idea would apply to our work or business. If we are asking about leaving our job and the Stork, House, and Scythe triplet is pulled, it is time to uproot ourselves and find something different. Whereas, if we get the Anchor instead of the Scythe, then we need to make changes within our current environment. This can be things like getting involved in another projects, moving to a new department, or working with someone else on the team.

In Lenormand, instead of being “stuck” with a contradiction, we can enhance our vocabulary by bringing more interpretations into the meaning of the cards and triplets.

The Stork, Anchor, and House is similar and indicates sticking to what we have been doing but making some changes or adjusting our current path by making some tweaks here and there.

The order of the Anchor, Stork, and House, brings the same ideas, and the Stork in the middle advises being more active and flexible when looking at things.

The Anchor, House, and Stork could indicate picking up and leaving. The Anchor and House are strong together, but because they are at the beginning of the line and the Stork is at the end of the line suggesting an outcome, then it may be time to leave. 

If we had the Scythe to the right of the Stork, it would add to the strength of that meaning. Even if we had the Scythe instead of the Stork, it would still support the idea of change.



The Child and Stork is one of those specific combinations that can mean a pregnancy. This pair indicates children, especially a new child. It is archetypal and associated with the story of the stork delivering the baby. And with the House, this adds to the interpretation of a new family member. 

In the area of children, any order of this triplet can mean a newborn, an addition to the family, or starting a family.

When considering a house move, the Stork, House, and Child speak to moving to a new home. 

But if we have the Stork, Child, and House, the House on the right points to staying in the current home, and the Child points to a new beginning within the home, something new happening in the home that could shake things up due to the Stork. On the job, this triplet can point to a new colleague or team.

This is a straightforward triplet with the strongest interpretation indicating a new home, new environment, new team, new workplace, or possibly a new addition to the family.



The Garden does not add much to this pair because the Garden is the card of place, location, and community and is similar to the House in the sense that both represent a location. However, the Garden is more public, while the House is more intimate.

The Garden is open and suggests being with others. It is very good for networking, getting out, and going to events, concerts, and places and things like that. Whereas the House has boundaries, is closed and intimate, and tends to be associated with smaller spaces, like a shop, a business, a store, or a small group.

When the two come together, they suggest getting together at someone's home, and can literally suggest a house with a garden. It can mean getting together with this small group or getting out of the house. But the idea of being with others holds thanks to the Garden.

The Stork and Garden suggest the idea of activity and events, and the House being a smaller space can point to having a party or gathering at home.

The House, Stork, and Garden triplet shows the contrast between the House, which is about the indoors, and the Garden, which is about the outdoors. The Stork in the middle indicates we need to change our mindset or headspace, get out of the house, go somewhere out in the open, and be with people. 

The House suggests we have been staying with the same group of intimate friends and family, and the Stork and Garden suggest we need to change things up physically, explore different places, and meet new people. It also has a psychological and spiritual indication suggesting we might want to broaden our horizons, go beyond the current boundaries of our mind or habits, do things differently, and be open to something new. The Stork can indicate exciting things happening socially.

The Garden, House, and Stork triplet brings a similar meaning, specifically indicating hosting some event at either our place or someone else’s, and the idea of inviting people and getting together.

With the Stork on the right of the House, we might want to make a change or a move, but that idea is not as strong because the Garden impacts this triplet by bringing the social and community contexts into the picture and changing the meaning of House and Stork. This interpretation is possible depending on the specific question or context.

The Garden, Stork, and House can point to exciting events on the home front. On the job, it can mean team meetings, working in groups, being a good team player, and exploring what and how other people are doing things.



The Tower is the card of corporations, official organizations, administration, government, and the law. The House and Tower can represent management and the leadership team, and the Stork brings the idea they could be looking at changes, and perhaps the employees are bracing themselves for this.

The Tower is also associated with the past, and the Stork focuses our attention on a past chapter, location, or situation. But more cards are needed to indicate what to focus on from our past.

The Tower, a card of time, has a long-term element, and the Stork brings the idea of changing something that has been unfolding over time. It can suggest making changes to a long-term situation. 

This interpretation is stronger with the House, Tower, and Stork, or even with the Tower, House, and Stork, because the Stork on the right suggests the long-term situation is now due for a change. 

The Tower here could represent a commitment that needs to change. It is also associated with seniors who have more expertise and experience and could point to a change with an older family member.

In a physical sense, the Tower can point to a condo-type building because the Tower is a tall structure. For example, if we had the Stork, Tower, and House, the Stork suggests making a change, and we are living in the Tower, as in a condo-type building, and are moving to the House. Or it could be the Stork, House, and Tower, and we are moving from the House to the Tower. 

This interpretation would be more visually apparent if we had the Stork in the middle of this triplet. So if our client is looking at different options of where to live next and asking which would be the best option, the order of these cards could be helpful. 

In general, the Stork, especially on the right, points to letting go of the past and moving on from ideas, situations, habits, or something we have been holding on to for the long term. The Stork says it is time for a new chapter and a change.

At the same time, because the Tower is a card of expertise, leadership, and official matters, it can point to growth and perhaps a promotion. In this sense, and with the Stork being an active and movement card, the House and Tower with it can mean it is time to step up to the next level, up our game, become a specialized expert in our field, and teach others by imparting our wisdom and advice.

Any order of his triplet can suggest the idea of stepping up and becoming an expert.

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