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The Sun makes this a positive combination because the Stork is a neutral card and is relieving by bringing changes and movement. It is often about freedom and release, and depending on the combination, is associated with big changes like house moves and migration.

The Stork and Sun mean a positive change. Any card we draw to form a triplet will remain positive because the Sun is one of the most positive cards in the Lenormand deck and can usually trump even the most negative card, the Whip.



The Stork and Scythe pair is about release, breaking the shackles, separation, and freedom. The Sun indicates this is a positive change, bringing liberation and a deep sense of freedom. The possibility of achievement and finally being able to move past something is highlighted through this triplet. 

Any order of the cards is going to bring a similar indication. The Scythe can bring a sense of suddenness and things happening in an unexpected way while the Sun on the right reassures us that this is in our best interest.

The key here is the Scythe and Stork telling us a major change and release is happening, and the Sun bringing the energy of positivity, achievement, and success.



The Key, an all-around positive card, makes this a beautiful triplet. What differentiates the Key from other positive cards in Lenormand is it focuses on insight, intelligence, unlocking and accessing something, or unlocking potential.

The Key can be associated with spirituality, destiny, and the mysterious guidance that underlies our life. The Sun enhances the Key’s beauty and is about success, access, getting through, and a strong sense of knowledge and clarity. The Key and Sun can also indicate something like enlightenment, deep insights, and deep awareness, with the Stork bringing the liberation element that suggests being free, empowerment from that freedom, and relying on ourselves to make good things happen.



Any of the person cards, the Man, the Woman, the Dog representing a friend, or any card we interpret as a person, will have the same effect. The Man and Woman are neutral and derive all their features and characteristics from surrounding cards.

The Sun and Man is a supportive combination for this relationship. It gives us a reassuring message about this man’s intentions, his feelings about us, his trustworthiness, and his support of our success. The main message of this triplet is that the Sun and Stork continue to mean the idea of freedom and breaking through, and the Man can be the person who enables that, encourages us, and is happy for us.

If there is a relationship context, this triplet bodes well for the relationship, and the Stork indicates progress and forward movement. So if we have hopes for a friendship, an intimate relationship, or any other relationship, the Sun and Stork suggest that things move forward positively and most likely in the way we are hoping.

Any order of this triplet indicates freedom and breakthrough and the supportive relationships that come with that.



The Flowers, which is associated with spring, is a card of healing and renewal and carries a specific indication of return.

The Sun and Flowers are positive cards highlighting optimism, positive thinking, and wish fulfillment.

This Flowers and Stork pair brings the idea of something returning, coming back, healing, renewing, and returning things to their previous positive state. In this triplet, it is about retrieving what we lost or returning to a state of happiness and well-being. This triplet is also excellent for health, well-being, and healing.

Regardless of the order, the Stork always brings this idea of liberation, suggesting anything stuck can now move forward. The specific nuance of this triplet is the idea of return, renewal, getting back to a positive state, and can also indicate success and creativity.



The Bear is generally a neutral card, although some Lenormand authors see it as challenging. When it is challenging, it tends to represent someone dominant, competitive, and overbearing, but it needs negative cards in the layout to bring this out. The Bear is also associated with parents and people in leadership positions, but it generally calls for strength, stepping up, and facing up to something.

The Stork highlights the notion of taking the initiative and going for it, and the Sun indicates only good can come out of this. It is about stepping up, facing up, having faith in our ability, being strong and not doubting ourselves, embracing our capability, and going for it. If we are intimidated by anything, this triplet encourages us to embrace our power and face up to it. 

In a work context, the Sun, Bear, and Stork can indicate a promotion or more income. The Bear and Stork, especially when they are adjacent to each other, can suggest growth or stepping up to a new level of responsibility or authority. 

With the Sun on the right, in the Bear, Stork, and Sun, we know it points to a beautiful outcome or possibly something we are hoping for materializes. 

With this triplet, any order of the cards will bring similar interpretations.



The Stork is a card of moves, and when paired with the Ship, for example, it is about migration to other countries. With the House, it is typically about moving homes, although I would prefer to see more cards to suggest that because house moves are not common enough to be indicated by just two cards. 

However, if the context or question calls for it and we get these cards, it would directly point to a move that is happy thanks to the Sun. They are advising it is a good time to move and can suggest happiness within in relationships at home.

Sometimes the House can refer to our team at work or our home-based business, and with the Stork and Sun, we can look forward to some positive changes and exciting events going on and a lot of success, appreciation, and happiness in the relationships in our team or home-based business.

The order of this triplet does not matter because the Sun brings positivity to the changes indicated by the Stork and House.



The Dog represents a friend, a sibling, a colleague, or anyone in our peer group. With the Sun and Stork, it indicates there are happy events with friends or colleagues, like celebrations, partying, going out, and hanging out with them, and the triplet reassures us about these relationships. Because the Stork is such an active and movement-related card, this could also suggest just having fun with friends and is another more specific nuance we can bring to the cards.

Depending on the question or context, the Dog, Stork, and Sun could mean a separation. The Stork could indicate releasing ourselves from a certain friendship or changing our social circle, and the Sun can encourage us and indicate it would benefit us.

Again, the order does not bring much difference to the interpretation of this triplet.



The Book is about knowledge, information, and education. It is also about mysteries, but in that context, we would normally want to see the Book earlier in the line and the release cards later. But because the Sun shines so brightly, it will illuminate the Book’s mystery regardless of where it figures in the line. 

Depending on the context, the Stork is about bringing out into the open what was hidden, bringing clarity to what was not understood, and shining through with knowledge, experience, and insight.

This triplet brings the idea of sharing because of the Sun’s brightness and its ability to affect a large area, similar to how our sun shines on almost everything on earth. In that sense, the Sun is associated with magnanimity and big achievements. 

So with a combination like the Stork and Book, anything not understood, hidden, or on hold possibly comes out and is shared and positively received thanks to the Sun.

This triplet encourages us to open up, search and find, share our knowledge, seek answers, and enlighten ourselves through knowledge and information. The Stork in this context suggests not waiting until we are told how something should or should not work but going ahead and seeking knowledge and taking the initiative to share what we know. With the Sun, it is going to be very well received, and it can be a relief and helpful in any contact where other people are involved.

There is also an element of creativity that can come through for people who write, read, research, and similar things by finding avenues for their expression.

This triplet’s order does not affect its interpretation.



The Bird is not necessarily a negative card, but it tends to be a chattery character causing noise and sometimes gossip in certain combinations. The Bird with the Stork and Sun is about good news and a positive announcement. The Stork brings the idea of something coming out through its active energy, the Bird is vocal, and the brightness of the Sun encourages that and suggests it is good news.



The Mouse is a ‘lighter’ in its challenges as it brings small obstacles or issues. The Mouse usually comes as a warning because if we leave it unchecked, it can grow into a big issue. The Sun and the Mouse suggest recovering what was lost.



The Cross can be a spiritual card, and in this triplet, I would certainly read it as a possible healing, especially of a deeper spiritual kind like healing regrets, learning the lessons, and seeing the insights. The Cross would be a bit like the Key in this triplet.



The Fox and Snake have similar energies, but the Snake tends to be meaner and more toxic. The Sun in this line can thus help us neutralize someone's negative intentions. So if someone tries to hurt us or compromise our position, they cannot because we neutralize them or because we are in such an optimistic state of mind, we do not resonate with this kind of negativity. 

In another sense, the positive aspects of the Snake and Fox can come through with the Sun. These aspects are diplomacy, tact, observation, and the ability to focus on our goals. The Stork in this triplet suggests it is a good time to use those aspects of the Fox or Snake. 



The Whip is a very strong negative card and could be labeled as the most challenging card of the Lenormand deck. However, the Sun greatly tones this negativity down and can bring healing.

In this triplet, the order of the cards can be relevant because the Whip is almost equal to the Sun in terms of strength and impact. So if the Whip is at the end of the line, there is still the possibility for conflict. If the Sun is at the end of the line, it brings the idea of healing and resolving the issues.



The Stork and Coffin almost always suggest something that was on hold for a while is now back in action. 

If we had the Coffin at the end, it might suggest actively closing or ending something. If we had the Stork at the end and the Coffin in the middle, it can suggest something was on hold and is now back in action. Either way, things are not sitting still because the Stork and Coffin bring the action of ending something or something picking up. In any order, the Sun delivers its positivity as it does across all other combinations across the whole Lenormand deck simply because it is the Sun.

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