practice & ethics Apr 20, 2019

I’ve got an awesome question for you!

Whether you’re laying out your own cards, looking at your most recent private reading, or watching a video forecast on YouTube, your inner dialogue and response to the cards can spark some pretty amazing insights.  

I’d think - or I’d certainly hope - that you’re looking to get some inspiration from your reading: Inspiration to think differently and more positively about yourself and your circumstances. Inspiration to take action, or to get a sense of confidence that you have what it takes to make things happen.

So I invite you to ponder this question:

What is the ONE THING that would make a difference for you right now?

Is it a decision you make? A piece of information you need? An action you take - no matter how small or simple?

You’re looking for that one thing that hits the nail on the head.

What is that ONE THING that will make a tangible difference for you right now? This one thing might even feel like a little (or a big) miracle.

Here’s some help from your Lenormand cards...



Short readings have a way of telling it like it is. Because there are only a few cards to interpret, there isn’t much room to ‘flex’ the reading into a broad range of possibilities.

Instead, it narrows your options.

But that’s actually the good news when you’re looking for the ONE THING: No distractions, no multitude of scenarios, just focus.

A three-card reading is ideal for this purpose because it’s both short and has an odd number of cards. The middle card anchors the line and gives you focus, and the two other cards help with a bit more detail.

In this post, I suggested three ways to read three cards, refer back to it for more ideas. The One Thing reading would fall under the Simple Answer Or Story category.

You could do a longer line if you like, say a line of five or seven, or even a portrait layout, because they all have a central card that helps you zoom in on that ONE THING. I cover these layouts in details in the Handbook Of Layouts.



I always make it a point to structure my forecasts as helpful advice because, as you know, my motto is…

If you can’t do anything about it, then what’s the point?

To start, focus on a specific area of your life and examine your cards to interpret them in light of your concern - or review its interpretation if you got a private reading. If you find that ONE THING in there, great! Get your journal right away and jot down notes about how you’re going manifest it.

If you don’t get your insights immediately, chew over it a little and look over other areas of the forecast. You could find suggestions in them that apply to your present concern.

When reading your own cards, interpret the cards for different areas of your life - the ONE THING could pop out in the process. You could check out my card explanations, or go pro and use the Card Combinations Master.

Creativity is all because it unlocks potential and possibility.



While private readings often focus on a specific issue, they seldom isolate it from the rest of your life. Often, you’ll find indications or suggestions that touch on an area that is outside of the reading’s query.

So revisit your reading by going over its report, and ponder the cards for yourself as they could inspire your own interpretation or intuition as well.

Consider how far you’ve come since the reading and if you’ve resolved your feelings about the issue at hand.

Are there next steps you can take? Are they related to your current issue? How is it all fitting together right now? What is the ONE THING that matters most right now?

You might like to get another reading or just follow up with me about your latest one. You know I always welcome a continued dialogue, and I love to hear from you.



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