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The Tower is one of those cards that does not resonate with many people. When we start with Lenormand, it is not clear what the Tower means, and as I often say, that is okay. The Tower is sometimes about mystery, but it is also associated with anything elevated, such as authority, the government, the law, legal affairs, administration, and things on that level. It also is associated with management, authority figures, and experts.

Another way to read the Tower is in terms of time. It is often associated with the past, and I view it as the long term either in the past or the future. It is a card that takes time to unfold, and I associate it with a year or so.

The Tower and Mountain is a special combination I interpret as the deep past, which I inherit from Titania's cards. In either order, the Mountain and Tower pair means the same in my dictionary

If the Tower as the deep past does not resonate with you, then you might like to read this combination, in either order, as suggesting an obstacle that might take some time to get over or around.

Another interpretation is the ‘top’ of the Mountain and the sense of elevation that comes with the Tower that indicates aspiring to or achieving a higher level.

The Mountain on either side of the Tower can be rigid and difficult, so it could indicate it may take a while before we can achieve our ambition or this level of expertise represented by the Tower.



The Man and Woman are very neutral cards that represent people and do not have their own characteristics but get them from the surrounding cards. 

The Mountain, Tower, and Woman can represent someone from our deep past who comes back into the picture now. The Woman next to the Tower can represent someone with authority, such as an expert or a consultant. The Mountain can suggest that she is abroad or in a different place, and because it is a card of blockage, it can mean she is out of reach.

The Mountain at the end of the line can mean there is a boundary between this woman and us. There might be an ‘ivory tower’ impression, suggesting she is too far up to reach.

If the Woman is in the middle, it just brings more focus to her because she is the central card, but the meaning of the triplet is similar.



The Mountain and Anchor are similar to the Mountain and Bear and indicate a foothold abroad. The Mountain and Anchor clearly indicate there is a location abroad where we have a connection with or an anchor to that location. 

The Tower and Mountain can mean this is a place from the past. But with the strength of the Anchor, it can point to where we originally came from or our roots, rather than a different physical location.

This triplet can suggest we reconnect with that place from the past, our roots, or where we grew up, or it can suggest a foothold abroad or a connection with someone abroad.

Again, the Tower can point to legal affairs, administration, law, government, and similar things. So there might be some administration, paperwork, or legal things we need to pursue possibly in a location abroad.

These three cards are not movement cards and are strongly rooted, immobile, and stationery. So there is a lot of rigidity coming through this line. It is important to determine if we need to wait until things can shift a little or if we need to be stubborn about a situation and take our position and not compromise on it. 

Any order of this triplet will have a similar interpretation.



The Heart is a card of softness, emotion, and openness in the face of these cold, rigid cards, the Mountain and Tower. With love and emotions, this may have to do with some distance between two people, time apart, and something on hold. The Mountain is often associated with coldness and so can mean a ‘cold shoulder’.

The Mountain and Tower can mean our love is tied abroad or in another location. It may be a place from the past, and a reconnection could come into play.

But because of the Mountain in the middle and next to the Tower, it can mean there is a sense of distance, coldness, some time apart, and wanting that person but not being able to reach out to them. The obstacle represented by the Mountain is like a boundary that blocks the Heart, so this can be a frustrating time emotionally.

The Mountain, Tower, and Heart could be better because the Heart is on the right, so perhaps we can move past the challenges we find with the Mountain, especially in love and relationships. But the Mountain and Tower are not particularly bright, so it is unclear if this love can flourish. The Tower can mean it takes some time to unfold and some patience is required for this love to unfold or clarify.

The Tower and Mountain can also refer to a love from the deep past that could be coming back now when we see these three cards.

The Mountain, Heart, and Tower triplet focuses on the love potential and emotions because of the Heart in the middle, but the Mountain brings a rigid energy that is not so joyous to see with the Heart. However, the Tower on the right can suggest it evolves over the long term and could have long-term potential.



The Star is one of the brightest cards of the whole Lenormand deck. It delivers on hopes and aspirations and helps us bring any wish into manifestation and achievements.

It is also a spiritual card that invites us to have faith, trust ourselves, and trust the mystery and guidance we have in our lives.

The Star is not like the Heart which can be influenced by nearby challenging cards. Instead, it has an overpowering positivity that overcomes negative cards and can soften the rigidity felt by the Mountain and Tower.

The Mountain and Tower suggest we can achieve the ‘top’ and, of course, the stars are high up in the sky, so there is a sense of elevation across all three cards. The Star has a sense of beautiful wish fulfillment and major achievement, especially with the Tower in the middle and the Star on the right.

The Tower, Star, and Mountain order still shows the Star can overcome the Mountain’s obstacle, but there will be more work or climbing to reach the top. The Tower brings the sense of mystery and guidance that is an undercurrent in our lives while the Star highlights having faith in the face of potential obstacles.

The Mountain can point to a place abroad, and the Tower suggests it is possibly a place from the past. With the Star, this could be a good omen for travel and exploring beyond our boundaries.

There is a slightly different nuance with the Star, Mountain, and Tower order. The Mountain and Tower can represent the deep past anchored on the right side of the line. Then the Star on the left is about healing, letting go of the past, overcoming it, and having faith in our path and the way things have been.

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