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The Lenormand Moon is by default a gentle and positive card. It also has to do with proposals, attraction, and things unfolding gradually and consistently because of its association with the cycles of the moon. It can be associated with psychism and emotions, but it is not like the Tarot moon which is associated with illusions and delusions. However, if we had negative cards around the Moon, specifically the Clouds, it could take on that meaning.

The Tree is about well-being, peacefulness, and wisdom. Together, the Moon and Tree indicate point to things unfolding in the right order, mainly because of the Moon's association with cycles, waxing and waning, and because of the Tree’s steadiness.

Also, this pair is about groundedness, centeredness, and balance, because the Tree is deeply rooted and associated with stability. The pair brings a positive balance, being connected with our feelings, knowing what we want and what is important to us, and being grounded. 

Many Lenormand authors associate the Tree with health, sometimes even bad health. I think the Coffin and Lily are the better cards to indicate health, but I am always open to that meaning in a reading when I get an intuitive sense for it. I feel the Tree is generally positive, so when it comes to bad health, stress, or tiredness, the Coffin is better at suggesting those issues.

So if we take the Tree to mean good health, then the positive Moon brings gradual improvements to a health issue, and in all cases,this pair calls for calmness, steadiness, and gentleness with ourselves.

Lastly, the Moon’s association with the moon's cycles when paired with the Tree, which is a blooming element, can point to growth and positive evolution.



The Star is an all-around wish-fulfillment card, and this triplet brings happiness, wishes, and suggests that things are unfolding in the way that is best for us. There is a deep sense of inner and outer alignment with things working out rather beautifully.

The Tree and Moon have that slower and more gradual energy, so it is likely things do not materialize immediately. This triplet is more of a message that things are happening in the right way and that success and wish-fulfillment are at hand, but patience is advised.

If we have the Moon, Tree, and Star, the Moon at the beginning and the Tree in the middle emphasize growth with a focus on being centered, rooted, grounded, all while discovering our essence and depth.

In relationships, there is the potential for attraction, although I associate the Tree with a sense of peaceful solitude.

In the Tree, Star, and Moon combination, the Star and Moon adjacent to each other bring recognition, honors, and appreciation for who we are or what we have achieved. While the Tree suggests we should be humble and wise in the face of this kind of success.

In the context of health, there is a clear indication of healing coming through the Star. It is a miracle card and almost always suggests healing and overall recovery, and emphasizes the need to be slow and gentle with oneself.

Any way you look at these cards, the general interpretation is very positive, gentle, brings well-being, and wish-fulfillment. It is also a spiritual triplet with a strong sense of alignment coming from the celestial cards, the Moon and Star, with the Tree bringing in depth and wisdom.



The Moon points to a proposal while the Rider points to news or a messenger, and together, especially when they are adjacent, they bring the idea of a message or invitation. The Tree earlier in the line suggests waiting patiently for the invitation to come and not being pushy and going after it. This could be a type of honor, proposal, or some good news in the broader sense.

In the Rider, Moon, and Tree triplet, the Tree on the right side of the line advises us not to respond to the news or invitation too quickly. We need to take time and form a different perspective to know what to make of the news or invitation.

The Moon, Rider, and Tree order has the same interpretation because the Moon and Rider are still adjacent.

However, with the Moon, Tree, and Rider, the Moon and Tree together continue to have slow-paced energy, but then the Rider picks things up because it is a faster-paced card than the other two.

When we see the Rider on the right side, which can be associated with the outcome or future part of the story, it suggests that after a time of waiting, things speed up.

In a broad sense, this triplet means thinking about the options, decisions, or the invitation suggested by the Moon, and then the Rider indicates taking action or responding.

So if the Tree is on the right, it suggests waiting, but if the Rider is on the right, we need to act after looking at the news or invitation.

In the Tree, Rider, and Moon order, the Tree at the outset means we might need to think about it first, but the Rider in the center suggests that we take the initiative to invite someone.

The essence of the triplet is the same with the Tree, Moon, and Rider order, but the Moon in the center indicates it is not as speedy as when the Rider is the middle card.



My signifier videos (the first and second) discuss how some Lenormand cards are better than others for indicating a theme. The Fish is one of those cards and it points to money, finances, and prosperity. The Fish is clearcut in its meaning and establishes the theme for the layout.

So this triplet is about money, especially with the Fish being the theme card in the middle, anchoring the topic of the reading. The Fish and Moon suggest a job or a financial offer. And the Tree and Fish can point to an enhanced financial or prosperity element, such as a raise, a bonus for our efforts, or a general increase in income.

Looking at the Tree, Moon, and Fish, there could be prosperity in the wake of an offer or a proposal indicated by the Moon in the middle. 

Any order of this straightforward triplet brings a general interpretation of growth and prosperity, with the Tree advising us to be financially steady and conservative, not wasting or overspending, and being wise about how we spend money so it can accumulate and grow.



When the Clouds and Moon come together, it can be like the Tarot Moon suggesting delusion, illusion, cloudiness, unclear emotions, and an unclear inner self.

Because the Moon is to the right of the Clouds, it can shine a light on the confusion highlighted by the Clouds, and the Tree brings support to maintain our centeredness and stability. But because the Clouds is to the right of the Tree, the opposite may happen and our groundedness is shaken, so it is important to see through the confusion and issues and shine a light on what is unclear.

Depending on how you resonate with the cards, this could be interpreted more negatively. It is possible that we are confused, and have our centeredness and groundedness shaken. Or we could feel annoyed, perturbed, and slightly off course. The Moon and Clouds can bring delusional or illusional types of energies that could shake our groundedness and foundation reflected by the Tree. 

The context of the question can help us identify how best to read the cards. Whether they are seen as more positive or negative depends on what is going on with you or the person you are reading for.

The Tree, Moon, and Clouds order highlights confusion because the Clouds is on the right of the line. This “cloudiness” on the right indicates issues are continuing to be worked through down the line.

The Tree and Moon next to each other advise us to remain calm in the face of an issue, confusion, or a nebulous situation coming up. It is important to be gentle and calm, and there is no need to stress or panic because the Tree and Moon have that slow energy, helping us remain centered during these challenges.

Because most Lenormand readers read from left to right, when we have negative cards on the left and positive cards on the right, the story becomes clear as it unfolds and has a positive conclusion.

So with the order of the Clouds, Tree, and Moon or the Clouds, Moon, and Tree, we can overcome the Clouds’ challenges because it appears earlier in the line. The Tree and Moon advise us to take it easy because the issues are working out, bringing an opportunity to examine and shine a light on them.

These cards can indicate a growth and maturing phase we are going through, where we gain insight or develop a deeper appreciation for the issue. The spiritual cards of the Moon and Tree help us gain deeper insights from the situation.



The Mountain is neutral and can point to a blockage, obstacle, travel, or a foothold abroad, and the cards around the Mountain will dictate which meaning it takes on. In this triplet, it could be time to get away since the Mountain is associated with isolation in a colder sense than the Tree, but together with the kind Moon, they highlight the idea of being on our own for a peaceful time. 

Physical distance is highlighted by the Mountain, such as a literal trip, but it can be a metaphorical distance of putting up some boundaries between us and some circumstance, people, or places, to take care of ourselves and spend more time on our own to gain insight and perspective as suggested by the Moon and Tree.

The Moon, Tree, and Mountain can have the same interpretation, but they could mean we are contemplating a new location or abroad. The Moon can be about our lifestyle, and the Tree suggests thinking about a possible change involving a place abroad. The Tree and Mountain indicate we may be contemplating having a foothold somewhere abroad while the Moon and Tree suggest it is underway.

In the Moon, Mountain, and Tree triplet, the Mountain in the center emphasizes a place away from where we are now. The Moon on the left can indicate an invitation to go abroad and grow roots there. Again, the Mountain can be a metaphorical distance of creating boundaries so that we have more privacy, peace, and objectivity for ourselves and our life.

The Mountain, Tree, and Moon triplet brings a similar interpretation. The Mountain on the left suggests we may have already moved to a new place or created the boundaries, and the Tree and Moon indicate it all evolves well.

Some nuances are possible through the different orders of this triplet, but the general idea is physically growing roots in a different location or metaphorically creating distance between us and the world around us so we can connect with ourselves.

Sometimes the Mountain is negative, although I do not usually read it this way unless there are more challenging cards around. It is cold, rigid, solid, and unmoving, and can be associated with obstacles. But this is not a confrontation because there is no Whip or Scythe, and it is not about going around the obstacle like with the Snake, Road, or Fox. With the Tree and Moon, the Mountain's obstacle changes, morphs, evolves, or melts away.

The gentle Moon on the right indicates we can gradually overcome these obstacles. Fears dissolving or boundaries softening come through as well with the Tree and Moon.

In summary, the Tree and Moon pair brings lots of soft energies that are good for healing, evolving, going within, perspectives, connectedness, intuition, and wisdom. In any context, the spiritual aspects of the Tree and Moon come through, and they bring that soft and wise energy. 

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