lenormand readers Jun 21, 2020

Don’t you wish you had a side hustle during this pandemic?

There is no doubt that this pandemic shook our grounds and pulled many carpets from under our feet.

If you’re one of the lucky few who was untouched by all this, then good for you. 

But in all likelihood, the pandemic has restricted you and created doubt and uncertainty for your future.

Many of us have unfortunately been furloughed, taken a pay cut, or lost our job altogether.

Those who have brick and mortar businesses are in deep waters and some are even watching their life’s work floundering before their eyes.

Spending more time at home, feeling helpless, unable to create future goals, and sagging into a spiral of negativity, only increase the risk of depression and more problems down the line.

We’ve barely re-opened a few businesses, and we’re all nervously waiting on the second wave of the pandemic.

The end doesn’t seem to be in sight, and our top politicians and economists don’t even know what the “new normal” might look like.

There has never been a time when having a side hustle felt more critical than now.

Let me tell you why you must start creating it right away and why becoming a Lenormand Reader needs to be one of your top choices.



It didn’t take the pandemic for many of us to realize that our 9 to 5 life (7 to 7 more realistically) is taking a toll on our system and depleting our health and vitality.

Commutes are long, jobs are competitive, and the overall quality of our existence has dwindled as cities get more crowded, become less safe, and far more expensive to live in than was the case just a few years ago.

Jobs hang by a shoestring, profit margins are ever tighter, and pension funds are being cut in just about every country in the world.

Being dependent on a job or a brick and mortar business is no longer an option. 

In fact, it’s a huge risk.

Many of us do not have fall back plans except possibly relying on the government for temporary income if that even helps, and becoming embroiled in all sorts of red tape, bureaucracy, and potential liabilities down the line.

For those of us who have a family or dependents, life can become really stressful and it’s unfortunately not uncommon to hear of people who give up completely or even take their lives. 

The fact of the matter is that we do not control our job. Our job controls us.



You’re not alone in wondering what exactly you’re becoming as you knock out hours at that job, day in day out.

What are you becoming, really?

Other than important issues around health, safety, and quality of life, deeper questions like “Am I fulfilled?” and “What am I doing with my life?” are also important.

You don’t want to live too many years not doing something you love, not expressing your creativity, and not creating joy outside of the job.

Our time in life is the most precious thing we have. It’s important to get our head around the passing of time and to be humbled by the fact that we won’t live forever.

Cultivating a sense of urgency toward our life can turn it around.  

I won’t ever tell you to quit your job, but I will tell you that you need to spend more hours in a week connecting with the things that make you happy.

Even if you don’t know what makes you happy just yet, giving yourself room to experiment expands your awareness and affirms your self-appreciation.

Doing something for yourself is better than doing nothing at all.



Side-hustles really took off with the internet. It proved to be a real blessing for all kinds of businesses.

Marketing potential on the internet is, simply put, a different ball game. The outreach and extent of opportunity are on a whole new level.

This means that more money can be made.

Even if you have a brick and mortar business, moving parts of it to the internet will open many doors for your business and will prove to be a great fall back for when things get tough like they did during the pandemic.

You might think that your brick and mortar business can’t work on the internet (like if you have a hair salon), but you can always find something about it that can work online (like selling a brand of shampoo you carry).

I had been giving in-person readings for the longest time until I started my YouTube channel.

Within the first few months that I was making videos, I had a whole new group of customers from all over the world, and many questions about how to read Lenormand.

This kicked-off my teaching effort, and I now offer the only end-to-end Lenormand Certification Program available online - or anywhere, I think.

My business is a whole different ball game because of the internet and I’ve taken it to heights that I couldn’t have imagined before.

But I want to impress on you the urgency of getting started.

It’s obvious that controlling the internet in deeper ways is on the table. Privacy issues can limit online spaces and create access barriers to users.

It’s also possible that Lenormand becomes a lot more popular in the near future and the niche becomes more crowded.

And this isn’t to say anything about the uncertainties surrounding the second wave of the pandemic and the many changes and restrictions that might be imposed on us and our lifestyles all over again - and sooner than we’d like.

I urge you to act fast and to get started.

Start taking control of your life today as you work at something that is meaningful to you and in a way that is flexible, portable, and gainful.



Did you know that it’s actually measured?

Yes, the fortune telling industry, more formally called “Psychic Services”, is a 2.2 billion dollar industry in the United States alone.

Psychic services grew by a whopping 52% between 2005 and 2019 and is expected to continue in this upward trend.

I don’t think any of us would have imagined that off the top of our head, but these are actual industry figures.

Psychic services are a huge business that covers everything from fortune telling to spiritual counseling.

It’s also one of the oldest businesses in the world!

Divining the future is one of the oldest human desires, and it’s here to stay.

Folks can tell me all they like about science and reason - I’m all for it - but there is simply no substitute for the desire to know the future and seek wisdom in the now.

We are spirited beings seeking spiritual insight in pursuit of this mysterious journey called life. We will always have the desire to know all that we can by just about any means possible.



While employees are getting laid off by the thousands from offices and factories because of automation and artificial intelligence, psychic professionals are thriving amidst the crisis.

As much as it’s fun to go online or use an app to do a reading, it’s simply not the same thing as doing it yourself or getting it from a professional reader.

It’s a fact of life that psychics and diviners are not the type of jobs we want to automate.

We intuitively know that online divination tools are simply not the same. And guess what, that intuition is right!

The whole point of doing a reading are the spiritual and intuitive factors.

As much as artificial intelligence advances, the human spirit remains an untouchable and mysterious phenomenon of the universe

No matter what anyone tries to tell you, the mind-body connection has never been explained and so it cannot be emulated or coded.

There is plenty of evidence for that connection, yes, but this isn’t the same as explaining how it is achieved.

The reason it has not, and cannot, be explained (ask me, I studied philosophy), is because the mind is not a tangible phenomenon that can be subjected to scientific inquiry.

It eludes science because Mind is made of a different kind of stuff.

Too bad for scientists. Great for us!



Forget about how often people pick up a newspaper only to turn to the horoscope page, how would you have liked to have a friend like Lenormand to guide you in a time of crisis like this pandemic?

Imagine if you had a kind and honest friend to guide you all throughout. I can bet you would have done a few things differently.

Lenormand’s wisdom lies in its in-your-face, totally-not-esoteric language. It’s a real-life deck that offers down to earth guidance through its every day imagery.

That’s the Lenormand magic. It’s real!

And the thing about divination is that we all seek it pretty much all the time. When good things are happening, we want to know how soon they will materialize. When we’re going through tough times, we want to know how they’ll turn around.

There is never a time when divination isn’t useful.

We are spiritual beings in pursuit of wisdom, and we know there’s more to life than unemployment statistics.

Wouldn’t you have loved to share your gift with the world and support friends, family, and clients through a crisis like this pandemic?

As we await the second wave, I urge you to start creating a future of joy and independence using the most unique and practical deck available today - the Lenormand deck.



Anywhere you go on the world wide web for a reading you’ll bump into Tarot.

I’m happy that Tarot has driven so much interest in divination, but I’m also a little tired of the repetition.

Lenormand Readers are a tiny niche.

And so much the better!

This means there is plenty of room for you to share your Lenormand gifts with the world and position yourself uniquely in the field of “psychic services.”

Lenormand has a unique appeal even to those who are unfamiliar with it (I can tell you that from the comments I get on my channel).

It’s amazing how quickly readees and readers alike pick up the super-practical guidance that Lenormand offers.

This means that you can prove your value to your customers very quickly.

And if you’re a Tarot reader, it means that you can add a tool to your practice that will deliver that much more value to your offering.

I’m always amazed at how spiritual practitioners get creative with using different tools to help their clients.

One Reiki practitioner I know told me she uses Lenormand to “position” her sessions with her clients. The practical guidance Lenormand offers means they can see results that much faster by framing the issues in a practical context.



I've been studying and practicing Lenormand for over two decades now, and for a long time, I offered only in-person private readings.

A few years ago, I started my YouTube channel. I don’t remember what exactly nudged me in this direction, but you know how the universe works in mysterious ways.

Lo and behold, a few years later, I have an end-to-end online business with a complete Certification Program for mastering Lenormand.

When I realized the potential for Lenormand Reader back then, my attitude toward the job completely changed. 

Time became my absolute top priority. Apart from living up to my work commitments and responsibilities, I completely stopped caring about what went on at work.

Instead of worrying about the next promotion or bonus, I started to worry more about the things I needed to do for Lenormand Reader

I needed my job to be a peaceful place so I could go home without issues and focus on building Lenormand Reader.

I realized that what I do for myself is a million times more important than what the job does for me.

And when the pandemic hit, I was ready. 

Lenormand Reader was already set up, up and running, and I felt little interruption to my life.

If anything, things got quieter, and I could focus more on giving what I give, expressing creativity, and strategizing for the future.

I wish for you the same.

I wish for you to have control over your life, to do something you love, and to have a side-passion that gives you flexibility and independence.

I urge you not to wait for the second pandemic wave to hit or for any other event to disrupt your life and put your well being at risk.

Start building your new life today.



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