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Tony Robbins once said the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. Isn’t this so true? And isn’t similar to the idea that you reap what you sow?

Yes! And so it is with the questions you ask your Lenormand deck.

It’s strange but true: The better your questions, the better your reading. In other words, it’s not just the cards.

Lenormand’s cards have an uncanny way of mirroring your questions. The more focused your question, the clearer your cards. And not only that, but your state of mind and your feelings can be very precisely mirrored by the cards you draw as well. Is this surprising? Not at all, because the questions you ask faithfully reflect how you feel about the issue at hand.

So the clearer your feelings and the more detached you are from the outcome of the cards, the clearer your cards will be because you’ll be more honest about how you interpret them.

But, it’s not only a healthy detachment that leads to a crisp reading.

It also matters that you’re proactive about the issue you’re asking about. After all, if you can’t do anything about the reading, what good is it to do one? And we’ve all heard that the Universe helps those who are willing to help themselves.

One of my Lenormand mantras is that if I can’t do anything about a reading, it’s not helpful.

That’s why I developed the detailed advice of each card. It’s based on the meaning of the cards and in my opinion is an essential part of it. You’ll find both the practical and spiritual advice of each card in Lenormand Reader’s Card Combinations Master

So what are some good questions to ask your Lenormand cards?



Believe it or not, I once received a note by a well-meaning gentleman who told me he recently had a reading that was positive for his business idea. His concern? The business hadn’t happened yet!

It took me a few minutes to get my head around this, but it seems some folks think things - and businesses - happen by themselves!

Obviously, it doesn’t work that way.

When you ask about your prospects in a venture, the assumption is that you’ll work on it if the cards are encouraging. You might even work on it if the cards are challenging! That’s because we often go with our strong inclination to do something even if goes against common sense or other people’s advice - and rightfully so we might add, because we have to live out our spirit and learn from both our successes and failures.

It’s smart to have an idea of what you want to do and ask around about how best you can achieve it. And Lenormand’s cards might have a few words of wisdom for you too!

In fact, one of the best questions to ask Lenormand is What is my best course of action?

That’s because Lenormand’s cards are essentially practical in their messages - much more than other decks and tools, including the Tarot. This is in part because of its commonplace symbolism that immediately appeals to our intuition, but it’s also because Mlle Lenormand is said to have focused on practicalities and infused her cards with them.

So next time you’re concerned about a situation, try asking what is your best course of action with it, instead of asking what will happen.



Many folks believe that the outcome of a card reading is carved into stone - as if it speaks of your unmalleable destiny.

But that is simply not true!

In fact, if you play with your Lenormand deck often enough, keep track of your readings in a journal, and watch how they play out in your life, you’ll find that they have a lot to do with your choices.

That’s why Lenormand’s deck is great for contemplating different scenarios and their possible outcomes.

I treat my Lenormand like a good friend. In the same way that I can have a conversation with a friend about my options and get their feedback, so I can have a conversation with my cards.

I don’t even have to take any of the suggestions that show up in my reading. I’m just thinking out loud and pondering alternatives - with the help of my Lenormand deck.

Lenormand’s cards are incredibly flexible. Once you’re truly at ease with that, you’ll make the best of their many uses.

So next time you’re pondering an issue, have a conversation with your cards, and ask them to tell you about the possible outcomes of this situation depending on your different actions.

You could draw several readings for the different scenarios, or combine them into one reading - like my 3- and 5-question readings. If you haven’t explored these yet or haven’t heard of them, you’ll find them covered in detail in Lenormand Reader’s Handbook Of Layouts. I also offer them as a private reading. The 3-question is especially popular - it’s on of my favorites too!



When you don’t have a specific issue in mind, or nothing much is happening in your life, then this question is great to help you open some doors.

The cards can be very broad for such a question, but with the help of my card correspondences, you’ll be able to make precise sense of the cards for many different contexts.

And here’s what’s fun, all your interpretations can hold true - except when they contradict each other. The same set of cards can give you great insight for the different areas of your life all at once.

If you allow it, your cards can give you helpful pointers for what you can explore next - that’s another reason why having card advice is important and why it needs to be heart-centered, constructive, and intelligent.

Suppose you ask this question and get the Child, Book, and Cross. How would you interpret them?

The Child is all about beginnings, so from the outset, it’s clear that you need to do something new or different. The Child is also about openness and creativity, so you might consider doing something you haven’t done before and that possibly makes you feel a little vulnerable -  to push your boundaries, perhaps.

The Book is obviously about knowledge or research, so you might want to study something new. With the Child, this can be as straightforward as starting a new book! You might also choose to learn something new, like a new skill or a new subject. And if you’re creative, you might want to start a new project.

The Cross is always interesting as it’s a spiritual card but it can also be associated with some pains or burdens. With the Child and Book pointing to a new area of knowledge, the Cross might suggest something spiritual.

The Book and Cross can also suggest that you have some buried thoughts or emotions that need to be released. With the Child, you could bring some things into the open and experience positive relief.

These are just some of the many possibilities that the cards can deliver. You could also interpret them in the contexts of health, wealth, work, and relationships. All these correspondences are covered in detail in the Card Combinations Master.



One really good question to ask your Lenormand deck is what you might be overlooking right now.

More than just revealing hidden matters, this question is actually a good exercise to jog your thinking and analytical skills.

It helps you think creatively about the different factors that you could affect your situation but that you might have not thought about before.

In other words, this question and its reading help you stretch your imagination.

Suppose you asked this question, and got the same cards as we did earlier, for question 3. How would you interpret them?

For starters, the Book confirms that there are hidden matters that you’re overlooking! The Child suggests that you might be overlooking the need to do something new or different, and the Cross by the Book can represent a pending decision.

So, you could be avoiding a decision or making up your mind about something. Interesting, isn’t it? Truth be told, we pretty often avoid difficult decisions for a while - and sometimes until we can no longer postpone them!



This is a proactive question that can gets you moving in an exciting direction.

Opportunities can be anything from new jobs to new relationships, to making the most of your present circumstances. The question can also be left open-ended or can be focused on a specific area of your life.

There could be existing opportunities in your life that you’re aware of and that you’re wondering about, or you could also ask this question when there isn’t anything apparent happening.

In the first instance, the question is a bit like question 2 in that it’s about possibilities and scenarios. In the second instance, the question is more like question 4 in that it’s revealing opportunities you’re not aware of just yet.

It’s fun to run this question often, like on a daily basis. You’d spin into something like How can I make the most of today? Now isn’t that a positive mindset!


P.S. Heart-centered guidance and intelligent advice are key for an empowering reading

If you want to take your readings to next level, incorporate practical and spiritual advice into your interpretations. Lenormand Reader’s Card Combinations Master offers detailed heart-centered advice and spiritual guidance as part of every card’s meaning.

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