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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the channel. Thank you as always for tuning back in. I wanted to add this introduction to let you know that I had split the videos. Initially, I thought I would have the Tower included with the Lily video that I posted a couple of weeks ago. But the videos are turning out to be long, so it's best that I split them and that I focus on one single Lenormand card per video. So enjoy this tutorial.

As you recall, a community survey by Lenormand Reader revealed the top five 'mutest' cards of the deck:

  • Lily: 71.4%
  • Tower: 60%
  • Tree: 45.7%
  • Moon: 42.9%
  • Mountain: 34.3%


Okay, let's move on to the Tower. I'm going to go through the same approach here. Let's start with the Red Owl quote.

>> Download the complete list of Red Owl Quotes

On the Red Owl card of the Tower, which is number 19, it says:

“The tower is assigned in happy age. You are growing. As long as near the clouds, no storm is showing.”

It's obviously written as a poem, which I always like. And the idea of the Tower suggesting old age is actually a traditional suggestion associated with the Tower. This is the meaning that Titania associates with the Tower, and this is also the meaning that I initially picked up because Titania's deck was the first deck I worked with and I worked with it for a very long time. So it affected me and my approach to Lenormand until I started to do more research and reading into Lenormand and eventually built the Lenormand Reader.

But as you can see, in the Red Owl quote, the main meaning that is captured here is that it has to do with old age and that sense of growing old, happily, and securely. It's just that if there are Clouds nearby, or I would say other negative cards or challenging cards, it could compromise that a little bit. But in essence, the Tower is about ripe old age and the sense of living long. So that is a very beautiful meaning of the card.

Now, looking at the meaning in the Guidebook, it says:

“Card number 19, the High Tower. So that's another name that is used with the Tower. It says the card suggests that the questioner will have to live a ripe old age. However, if this card is surrounded by cards of bad omen, it suggests sickness may occur or under certain circumstances eventually complete disability or death.”

Now, I think this is pretty dramatic and tragic and totally unnecessary, but it's really interesting how there is a focus on living long and health. Which is not the typical meaning we associate with the Tower today.

Instead, many authors associate the Tower with things that are official administration, legal matters, the law, government, administration, and such suggestions are the main interpretation of the Tower today. So let's go ahead and look at a couple of authors like we did with the Lily, starting with Rana George.


So Rana George suggests that she sees the Tower as societal institutions and what falls under this umbrella: Big official entities, governments, corporations, conglomerations, anything with authority and a wide sphere of influence, judicial systems, the military, and also there is that sense of the top, right? The idea of elevation. So looking from the top, reaching over a big area, guarding and protection. Obviously, the light tower, the watchtower, and the lighthouse, all of these are associated with the Tower.

She also suggests the ego, ambition, confinement, imprisonment, and isolation. So it can be both challenging, either challenging or positive. It can also be guidance, protection, schools, law, higher education, hospitals. So any number of situations or places that have that level of authority.

She also suggests that it signifies bureaucracy, hierarchy, obviously again, that sense of elevation. And the Tower is also your ambitions and your aspirations as well as your high standards and all-around status. All of these are very beautiful ways to interpret the Tower and I think they make sense, like readily make sense.

So you can see from just a few basic ideas, starting with that sense of authority and elevation, how many other suggestions you can get out of it. We've done this exercise through mind mapping in one of the workshops. If you're in the community, you would have access to the workshop. But the workshop is not for sale, like the Astroclock Masterclass. Not all of them will be. But it is in the Community Resources.

So I think that it's easy to overcome the initial blockage that we have with the Tower. The initial idea that it is mute and that we can't really make sense of it. But with just a little bit of extrapolation from a few essential keywords, a few essential meanings, we can get a lot.

Let's move on to Caitlin Matthews and what Caitlin Matthews suggests the Tower is about. She suggests the Tower is anything that is official, ambitious, institutional, lofty, or tall. It is defined by the traditional, the bureaucratic, the administrative, the executive, or the ruling. It is the guardian of the rule of law, the state, government, civilization, or town. So all of the above. The ambition or motives of an institution, but I would say also of an individual, as Rana George suggested, also apply.

Caitlin Matthews suggests near cards about a relationship, the Tower can indicate a hardening of attitude or separation. I agree. But I think there is also the possibility of seeing it as longevity, or perhaps Caitlin Matthews suggests that the Lily with relationships would point to longevity. She suggests it can reveal loneliness, especially when it appears to be to the right of someone.

So these are some of the specific interpretations that some people make. And interestingly enough, Caitlin Matthews suggests that this is not the same as the isolation of the Mountain, which can be chosen or imposed. And the Tower can be a little bit rigid, formal, and traditional. I agree there is something a bit cold that comes with the Tower. It's not the warmest of cards.

Some additional keywords here are: Institution, office, firm, business buildings, institutional buildings, policy, conventions, tradition, law. All interesting keywords that we can extrapolate out of these essences that we associate with the Tower. As people, it would be lawyers, someone official, legislatures, etc. So again, a very clear sense of what the Tower is about.

But notice that this is different from what we see in the Red Owl quote. For my part, I see the Tower as both. Both what Caitlin Matthews and Rana George were saying about this sense of official matters, administration, government, etc.

But I also subscribe very much to the Red Owl suggestion of a sense of protection. And it's not too far off from the other suggestions because there's that element of a watchtower. You know, that element of protection and guidance. Through that, like an elevated vantage point, I do think it brings that sense of protection and also it is slow, it is tall, so it's long. So I think that element of time and protection and living long can also be associated with the Tower. So I read it differently depending on context and also depending on combinations.

I think that it's possible to overcome initial blockages with the Tower. It is not as mute as we might initially think.

Let's go ahead and run through some combinations like I did with the Lily and see what it looks like.


So the Lily + Tower, I think this is long life, long-term, possibly the lifetime.

With Tower + Key, I think there is lots of success and breakthrough here. This can be a sense of promotion of getting up there to that level.

Certainly Tower + Star, a strong sense of ambition here and achieving long-range goals and also big goals. So very big cards these two.

And Tower + Tree, there's also a sense of growth and evolution. Another element of promotion, not necessarily on the job, but you know what I mean? That sense of stepping up and elevation.

The Tower + Road is also the long-term path or the path ahead.

Tower + Clouds can bring some complications, whether administrative or otherwise, and also it can bring in an element of isolation or stubbornness, which is that rigid aspect of the Tower. I think this idea is better with the Anchor, but it can work also with the Tower.

Now, the Bear + Tower is what I read as someone like a boss, a CEO, a president, a governor, because the Bear is a boss card. So obviously with the Tower, there is that office, you know, the higher office.

The Tower + Child can be a new path and chapter.

Tower + Ship can be a break away from tradition, a break away from the standard process.

And I forgot to mention earlier that I also see the Tower sometimes as the past, because of its association with time, it can be time into the future or time into the past. And so with a card like the Child, it can be like a break from the past and turning the page. Certainly with the Child in a triplet like this, it would very much suggest that.

And Tower + Road, which just came through, can also point to letting go of the past and moving on. So you might like to also incorporate this idea into the Tower.

Now Tower + Woman, this can be someone official, it could be someone in this office, it can also be someone older, more expert, more specialized, some kind of consultant. The idea of the Woman and Man is that it gets its qualities from the Tower and any other nearby card.

Tower + Rider there can be some progress here. There can also be some things happening with these official matters. It could also be a messenger. It can be someone like an agent on behalf of the office. The Rider brings that element of news.

Tower + Dog, again, like with the Lily and Dog, there is that junior-senior contrast. So this can be someone who is looking to grow, to get promoted, it can also be a relationship between the senior and junior element.

Tower + Letter, we would definitely be looking at legal documents, administration, and the paperwork that goes with that.

Tower + Ship, there can be a new path ahead. It can also be progress. It can also be golden achievement, by the way. And it can also be moving on from the past.

Tower + Mouse, there can be some issues here. I think maybe issues of trust, you know, that distance, that rigidity, and coldness that comes with the Tower, there can also be complications in terms of these administrative elements.

Tower + Heart here, I feel I would need, I would want more cards. If I had a challenging card like the Mouse, then maybe there can be that element of coldness that comes through.

But if we had the Ring or maybe another card, then I think that the idea of longevity and commitment and this sense of protection in a relationship can come through as well.

Now, Tower + Fox here can be a tricky element, but the Fox is also good to represent people like agents and employees of certain you know, the type of people who do work for you like tellers, agents, real estate agents, and so on. So with the Tower, it could be someone who works in one of these offices and you're working with this person for your affairs.

But again, the Fox can be a bit tricky. It can mean the need to be silent and cautious. And it's possible that you're privy to something in terms of what's inside the Tower or that elite group. These are possible as well.

But actually, the Fox is also about jobs and the Tower being associated with corporations and institutions, it can't point to a job.

The House + Tower can be a place from the past or it could be the house at the top. So that can depend as well.

Tower + Cross, the pair can be about important decisions. I also think assessments, evaluations, and decisions, that are coming from the top [authority] are suggested.

Now, the Mountain + Tower is a special combination and I inherit this combination from Titania's cards. She reads this combination as the deep past. I resonate with this. I think both are cold, far-off cards. So I think this works well. But it can also be some kind of obstacle where you don't have access to what's happening at the top because the Mountain is sometimes a blockage or obstacle card. And it can also mean a place abroad or online possibly because I read the Mountain as also referring to the online world.

Tower + Fish is really good to suggest that the Tower is a bank or some important financial institution. It can also be long-term investments.

Definitely, Tower + Book, it would point to education and probably higher education, the idea of being knowledgeable and expert.

Tower + Garden can be a meeting at the top here. It can also be a place from the past.

Tower + Sun is really positive, so any way you look at the Tower, depending on the context or the question, the Sun is going to bring in some very positive results.

Tower + Snake is tricky. I would say this is definitely an element of secrecy and being privy to a more elite group. But there can also be some toxicity around here and maybe things going on behind the scenes. In terms of official matters, we could possibly suggest something not very honest happening.

Tower + Moon, I feel it's a bit like with the Lily, there is a sense of unfolding and the phases of life, transformations, possibly in a deeper sense. And maybe an invitation and honors or maybe successful applications when we look at the Tower as something formal.

Tower + Coffin and Tower, I think, is definitely the end of a phase, or a time apart, the idea of isolation also comes well here.

Tower + Anchor definitely suggests sticking with what we're doing and creating foundations for the long term.

Tower + Whip, a bit like with the Scythe, there can be a break off from the past and some issues happening with the people at the top. In terms of admin/official matters, things can go not so well. Things can probably go to our disadvantage.

Tower + Man, it's like with the Woman.

Tower + Clover, very positive, just like with any other card like the Sun.

Same with Tower + Flowers. Here, because the Flowers is a card of renewal, I feel that the idea of going back to something from the past can be highlighted. And it's not really captured by other cards. So it's a good idea to dedicate it to this combination.

Tower + Bird, there can be a bit of an anxious situation here, a bit of nervousness, but also conversations you might need to raise it to the top. You know how you escalate matters sometimes to the management? That can happen here.

Tower + Stork, there can be changes and restructurings. And I think this comes through really well in terms of how they restructure companies, layoffs, changes, you know. This can happen with these cards.

But also more generally, the idea of change and changing things a little bit because like we said, the Towers are a little bit rigid, but the Stork is a lot more fluid. And so it's a good idea here to change our ways a little bit to think a little bit outside the box.

So again, as you can see, it's pretty straightforward. The Tower does not have to be a mute card, neither does the Lily. Again, spending a bit of time, maybe reading a little bit like we did, looking at maybe the more traditional interpretations just like a starting point into how authors have taken the meanings and evolved them.

Look at your favorite authors, jot down some keywords and do a mind map, and then do combinations. You will have had plenty of exposure to the card, and I'm pretty sure after that point it won't be mute anymore.

So I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. Next, we are going to cover the three other mute cards that were part of the top five, and these are the Tree, Moon, and Mountain.

In the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and readings or layouts with these cards in them that you weren't sure how to interpret. We can always look at them.

Thank you so much for tuning in, and I look forward to doing part two with you. Until then, take very good care of yourself.

NOTE. There are additional resources about the Tower and other cards.

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