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Hi everyone. Welcome back to the channel. Thank you as always for tuning back in. If you're new here, welcome! I'm Layla, and I'm one of the few people who focuses almost exclusively on the Lenormand practice. Be sure to check out the website and the many resources that I have for you. There is plenty on there for you to master this amazing deck.

So today we're continuing with our mute card series. We are at mute card number four, the Moon.

If you recall, there were a few cards that we considered mute based on a survey that I ran recently with the community. And the top 5 cards are the ones that I am covering in the series, and I might do a few more afterwards.

  • Lily: 71.4%
  • Tower: 60%
  • Tree: 45.7%
  • Moon: 42.9%
  • Mountain: 34.3%

So in today's video, we are focusing on the Moon. And truly, the Moon can be quite a layered card. It can mean a few different things. Even in some combinations, it is not clear what it adds or how it changes a combination to create some more specific meaning.

So let's focus a little bit on the Moon today and see how we can come up with a good meaning for the Moon that we can use in combinations as well.


As you know, I like to start with the Red Owl deck. This is one of the more traditional decks that we know or hope we know that come from the Lenormand practice. And on the Red Owl deck we have quotes that are associated with each of the cards. So the quote that is associated with the Moon, which is also card 32, is as follows:

“When the friendly Moon shines down at you from near upon your shores, he is announcing a nicer career, glory and honor are to be yours.”

>> Download the complete list of Red Owl Quotes

So from the get-go, it is clear that the Moon is a positive card in the Lenormand deck, which is pretty different from the Tarot. You can also explore Lenormand's card meanings and compare some symbols with the Tarot to explore differences and similarities. These cards are the Tower, the Sun, and the Star. And you might like to compare the Lenormand Coffin with the Tarot Death major arcana.

And the Moon is one of them. So in the Tarot deck, the Moon is in and of itself, generally a challenging card. It brings that sense of illusion and delusions. And the querent needs to work through these layers. But in Lenormand, the Moon is a soft and gentle card that brings honors and glory and also highlights a nicer career ahead.

In the quote, we also have a reference to the near aspect. So the near and far method is a little more playful, hands-on spread where we look at how far or how close a card is to the significant and depending on its position, it can mean different things.

So in this case, and according to this Red Owl quote, when the Moon is near the significator, it shines with honors and announces a nicer career. And this is why we have the idea of vocation and career that is associated with the Moon.

This is quite a common interpretation of the Moon, as we'll see, Caitlin Matthews looks at the Moon in this way. But it is also a card of glory and honor. This idea of recognition, appreciation, and honors that we receive from others or from a certain environment. So there is that sense of shining and feeling good that comes with the Moon. So in general, the Lenormand Moon is a gentle and kind card that brings appreciation and honors and that is associated with career and vocation.

I would add to that that I feel the Moon is not so much about day-to-day jobs, projects, and tasks and things like that. It seems to be more about the direction as a whole. You know, that sense of purpose. And I think the vocation element is really interesting because it brings in the more spiritual aspect of the Moon. And the more spiritual aspect of work, whereby we are called to pursue a certain career. So there is that intuition and that spiritual element that could come through as well.

And the Moon is also a spiritual card. I mean, it is the card of intuition, and you know, the dark side of the Moon that can come out in certain combinations, can also bring up the subconscious and the issues that could be in there. So that's for the Red Owl quote.


Let's go ahead and look at some interpretations of the Moon from two of my favorite authors, Caitlin Matthews and Rana George.

So I've got Caitlin Matthews' interpretation here from her handbook, and she suggests that the Moon is a card of work and vocation as well as recognition and honor that arise from that work. So that's a really good way of putting together these aspects of the Moon.

She says it also gives us the emotional satisfaction we get from work and creativity. I think the creative element is quite salient with the Moon because of its feminine interpretation.

But on this note, notice that in the quote it says "he is announcing a nicer career." So the quote associates the Moon with a ‘he’, masculine. That's quite interesting because in Islamic philosophy, the Moon is masculine and the sun is feminine.

There are some cultures where they reverse the archetypal masculine and feminine that is commonly associated with the Moon. But for the most part, I think as readers, we tend to see the Moon as feminine and the sun as masculine. But this doesn't mean you can't do your own thing as well.

She says, “with the creativity to bring things to manifestation”. The Moon is also about dreams we have while we are asleep and the intuition that we feel about something. So again, really tapping into that intuitive aspect that we see with the Moon. She says the Moon covers the tides of creativity while the Stars card gives us the creative intelligence to formulate that creativity.

So this is a very lovely way to interpret the card. And we can look at some keywords that Caitlin Matthews associates with the Moon. She suggests reputation, job, talent, vocation, creativity, emotional satisfaction, career, intuition, and celebrity. So you see, even with Caitlin Matthews, and as we'll see with Rana George as well as with other authors, there are several things that can be associated with the Moon.

And that is totally fine. I think different combinations can help you decide which aspect of the Moon to focus on, as well as the context as a whole. I can guide you or help you answer the question you're trying to answer.

Other keywords include famous, working, Moonlighting, nightly, dreamy, and renowned. So again, several layers come into play here. With timing, just looking at Caitlin Matthews' timing, evening within the month and obviously at night as well.

So a couple of her combinations here. Moon and Clover, lucky, intuition, gambling, addict, a brief honor. Moon and Tower, public celebrity, all-night party, and common recognition.

I think this is quite an obvious one as well. So the Moon, as you can see, can be a pretty straightforward card, at least according to Caitlin Matthews.

Moving on to Rana George's interpretation, she suggests that in a few different parts of this introductory paragraph, the Moon is associated with passionate deities, attributed to the feminine, for the most part, as we said. Love and affection in Eastern cultures. She says the Moon card relates to dreams, imagination. That's a really good keyword.

Creativity, inspiration and innovation resulting in honors, fame, recognition, popularity, and in some instances celebrity status. So very close to what we saw with Caitlin Matthews, so you can see that actually, for a card that tends to be confusing to many of us when we start out, at the end of the day, it can be quite a straightforward card. She says, subsequently, the Moon card connects with the emotions, the passions, the art of seduction and romance.

And I have to say that is a really good addition to the aspects of the Moon that we can read into it. The Moon being that feminine card, and associated with that element of intuition, it has a magnetism. And that is a thing about the Moon, right? The Moon has magnetic power on the water, on the earth, on the tides. So it does have that magnetism.

And that magnetism along with the beauty and creativity that is often associated with the Moon can be extended to suggest magnetism in terms of love and romance and attraction. I like to think of it as a chemistry between two people. She also says it can speak of intimacy, affection, and desires. Certainly in a relationship context, I would see it this way, whereas in a work context, it can take on different nuances, right?

So a few key words that Rana George suggests can be associated with the Moon. In terms of the future or I would say in prediction in general, she suggests an optimistic outcome, so again, the Moon is generally positive when it comes to the outcome. Getting wood, affections, induction, persuasion, also recognition and accolades. I think the Moon is really good with something like getting certified or achieving something, graduations, and things like that.

It works really well with that. She says it has to do with praise and admiration, getting credited for something. Absolutely. In terms of a character, Rana George suggests someone who is artistic, dreamy, original, and innovative. So very, very clear ways to expand on the meaning of the Moon and apply it in different contexts.

When it comes to work, this is professional success, praise and recognition, inspiration, that's a really good word, I think, to associate with the Moon. Very beautiful key terms imagination, inspiration. These are great ways to associate with the Moon. And actually, if you think about it, there aren't many other cards that you can associate these key terms with. I think the Star is a good candidate for these ideas. The Key as well. Possibly the Sun in some areas.

In terms of love, it's a poetic romance, a dreamy day, possibly a blind date. That's really interesting. And it does suggest romance as well. In terms of health, it points to all things feminine, the female cycle, etc., the hormones, emotional states. I think this is quite a straightforward association with the Moon.

And spiritually, I think most of the Moon is generally spiritual, but to be more specific, she suggests to follow your intuition, your inner voice, strengthen your intuition, your imagination, and things like that. So I think these are all really sensible and sensical and they make perfect sense with the Moon.

So as you can see, it's really not that challenging. The Moon in a nutshell based on what we covered so far is a card of appreciation, honors, and praise, recognition. It is also a card of work and vocation, and it is associated with intuition as well as creativity, imagination, and inspiration. And when it comes to relationships, there is that element of attraction and chemistry that we can associate with the Moon. So it's really not so challenging.

I feel once you do a bit of research about the Moon or look into what other people say about the Moon, it will make sense to you. And from there, you can sort of tweak that keyword list or sort of scope it out a little bit in a way that makes a little bit more sense to you.

For my part, I totally agree with the things that we read. I very much focus on the Moon in this way. I don't see it as often as it is about work and vocation. I tend to see the Lily a little bit more associated with that and when it comes to jobs, I think the Fox is better with that day-to-day discipline.

But it doesn't mean that I dismiss it. So there are times when it makes sense to see the Moon in this way, especially with other work cards, like that really comes out. And all the other aspects of the Moon, I also very much agree with. So I am aligned with Caitlin Matthews, with Rana George, and with what we see on the Red Owl Quotes.


With that said, let's go ahead and look at the Moon in combination with all the other cards.

Today I have the Titania deck. I was using my own deck and the other videos, but I felt like looking at this very beautiful deck. So, let's go ahead and look at the combinations, card by card, the pairwise combinations.

Moon + Woman can suggest something happening with this woman in terms of an invitation, love, attraction, or appreciation. It could go in either direction. So, it could be to the person who's reading to that woman, or from that woman to the reading. So, that will be the same as well with the Man.

Moon + Stork, we could be looking at an invitation because the Stork is an action card, and the action aspect of the Moon I think would be something like getting an invitation or proposal. It can also mean honors or nice things that are said, and certainly positive movement in general.

Moon + Mountain can suggest that, except that it could come from a different place. With an emotional undertone, there can be a bit of a blockage here. With a spiritual undertone as well, maybe we need to dig in a little bit deeper to see what is below the surface. And I'm thinking spiritually.

Mouse + Moon can bring up something like doubts and inner doubts. So, that intuitive element or the dark side of the Moon can possibly come through a little bit with the Mouse. I feel it comes through more strongly with the Clouds.

But with the Mouse, we could be having doubts or perhaps we're not really feeling it. It could also bring into question maybe the things that we thought we were interested in. And if it's specifically about work or an invitation, then we might want to double check everything because the offer might not be exactly what we were thinking, or perhaps there can be some issues with it.

The Moon + Heart is clearly about attraction, love, and emotions. I think here the emotional element comes through very clearly and strongly.

The Moon + Fish can be an offer, a job offer, it can also mean prosperity and a sense of abundance. So, the spiritual correspondence to what it means to be wealthy in life, it has an inner dimension, and that is the willingness to receive, and that sense of abundance.

The Rider + Moon, I think, would definitely mean an invitation or a proposal. It can also suggest honors or getting feedback. Positive feedback, I would say.

The Clover + Moon is an all-around lucky combination as far as I'm concerned, not so much in the way Caitlin Matthews reads this combination. I feel this has to do with yes, feeling lucky. But also feeling aligned and also trusting yourself. Like if not everything is clear or you don't have all the answers right now, you might want to go within and trust your path.

Now, the Fox + Moon is an interesting combination. I understand if some people want to read it as a job offer. I might treat it like this sometimes, although I prefer the Letter, Writer, or Lily. For me, the Fox and Moon is a combination I inherited from the Titania’s deck guidebook.

And that would be an offer you would turn down because it is a trap or it is not aligned with you. There is something fishy about it. So you want to be careful. At the very least, and any time you get the Fox, you want to double check everything.

The Star + Moon is probably successful and popular, if not outright fame. I think the Star is like a top card, like the Sun. It's like reaching the pinnacle of something. So when we see it with the Moon and the Moon being about appreciation and honors, so this can be an award or like reaching the top and being successful and popular.

The Dog + Moon can be a good friendship in a very simple way. It can be a deepening relationship. Things are getting closer and it's a soft energy here with this person.

The Lily + Moon is what I would take to point to something career related. So I feel because the Lily and Moon both have that career element when they come together, it sort of pops up, right? It seems to be the most likely way to interpret the cards.

So I would take this to mean a proposal in relation to work. It can also mean a career unfolding and a career that is probably well aligned with the person's goals. Unless, of course, there are challenging cards, then it could change the picture a little bit.

The Book + Moon is an invitation, a proposal. I think that's pretty straightforward.

The Man + Moon, a bit like what we saw with the Woman, the Moon qualifies the Man as someone kind and gentle. It can also mean a developing relationship with this person, possibly attraction like we suggested.

The Moon + Anchor I think is positive. I think that the Anchor can draw down the Moon a little bit from that dreamy state. The Anchor is a pretty hard and down-to-earth card. I think that's pretty obvious. Whereas the Moon is a little bit dreamy.

So the Anchor and Moon can suggest that you bring down your imagination into something manifest. It can also ask you to keep both feet on the ground. You know, and things like that. So really helpful ideas.

The Cross + Moon can suggest deeper elements at work. You know, I read the Cross as being a card of destiny. And for the most part, it does. And so it suggests that this can be about what is deeply important to you, what is really meaningful to you.

When it comes to work, it can mean the vocation or your life purpose and things like that. You know that the Cross can also be a little bit challenging, right? So in this sense, I feel you know the deeper you go, the more the Tarot Moon elements can come through. Not so much in illusions or delusions but really looking inside and below the surface.

The Bird + Moon can cause a bit of anxiety in general. I feel that it can also bring out a little bit of The dark side of the Moon. It can also point to nighttime because the bird in this deck is an owl and the owl tends to be a nocturnal bird.

And of course, if you have other birds in your illustration, you might think of other things, which is perfectly fine. But in general, the Bird can also suggest communication, and so with the Moon, there can be a positive conversation.

There can be some compliments and nice things that are said, but I would like additional cards to confirm that, because I know that the Bird can go a little bit on the anxious side of things, and the Moon is not immune to challenging messages from nearby cards.

Now, the Coffin + Moon, I take to mean the end of a phase, so obviously the Moon being an element that wanes and waxes. When I see it with the Coffin, this is the new moon, the closure of the cycle, and it is a soft landing, if you like. It is a soft closure, and it is also one that is natural, you know, because the Moon is a natural element.

The Scythe + Moon are quite opposite in energies. The Moon is a gentle card, the Scythe is a very sharp card. I often take the Moon to soften the edges a little bit, but it's not, it doesn't overturn it. So the change or the sudden element that comes through with the Scythe is a little bit softened with the Moon.

If something is thrown your way with the Scythe, the Moon would advise you to maintain a gracious attitude and truly the Scythe on its own is not very expressive with the Moon. I think I would want more cards. But even then, there are changes, I think. It's just that the Moon softens this a little bit.

The Key + Moon is beautiful for insights and intelligence and brightness. So like we were reading with Rana George's interpretation of the Moon, it brings this idea of inspiration, imagination, creativity. So these higher level thought processes.

And the Key is actually associated with intelligence, except the Key is more on the rational side of the mind, whereas the Moon is more on the intuitive and creative. When these two come together, it could be a really beautiful combination for all-around insight and deep awareness and intelligence and creativity across the board.

So really all of the strengths of the mind coming together to find solutions. It could also be, depending on the context, an offer that we want and opportunity that we want and invitation. There is that opening of the door that comes with the Key. So clearly, beautiful energy is unlocking here.

The Letter + Moon is clearly an invitation. It's a bit like with the Book. This is very straightforward. It can also point to certifications and honors and things like that, right? Awards.

The Bear + Moon is probably about success and empowerment and popularity. That's because the Bear is a card of power and influence.

Same with Moon + Garden. So, a bit like what we saw with the Star, the Bear, and the Garden with the Moon, or either one with the Moon, suggest a sense of popularity, influence, having reached outreach.

The Ship + Moon, I think, is a new direction unfolding. I think this can also be read in the context of vocation and your sense of purpose. And of course, it can be read as travel. And so here there can be a trip that is ahead or an invitation to travel.

The House + Moon can be about being invited to someone's house. It can also point to parties and gatherings. I would say on the softer side and not so much on the loud side. And the House being a card I've placed can also suggest that we're popular within that place or we're appreciated there.

The Child + Moon, the opposite of the Coffin and Moon. This is the new phase of the Moon, so this is, I guess, this would be the new moon and the other one can be the full moon. You decide how you want to read them, but I like the Child and the Moon to suggest a new phase.

So yes, that is debatable. Which one would be, which one would be the full moon, which one would be the new moon? Why don't you tell me in the comments? I would love to know your thoughts about this.

You decide how you want to read them, but I like the child and the moon to suggest a new phase. So, it is debatable which one would be the full moon and which one would be the new moon. I would love to know your thoughts about this. I will take it away and think about it.

The Sun + Moon is a powerful combination across any set of archetypes. It is a combination of the masculine and feminine, and it represents success, recognition, and appreciation. It is a card of achievement and fulfillment.

The Road + Moon is a path ahead that is unfolding. It can also point to your vocation in the sense of that direction that you are taking.

The Tree + Moon is definitely about growth and development. It is a beautiful and peaceful combination that represents wisdom. It is a good idea to take time out with a tree for a different perspective. The Moon can also represent going within.

The Clouds + Moon is what I take to suggest the darker side of the Moon. It is a combination of thoughts, often darker thoughts, clouded thoughts, confusion, stress, and tension. The Moon can bring out this side. It is important to look through any false beliefs or paradigms and start to unwind what could be an illusion.

The Ring + Moon is great for relationships and collaborations. It is also a combination of invitation and engagement. It is a straightforward combination.

The Whip + Moon is a challenging card. It could mean disappointment. You might need to shake something up or out. The Whip is more aggressive in this sense. There is disappointment ahead, but the Moon can soften the blow. It is not about avoiding a confrontation or dealing with an issue head-on, but the Moon can add a softer attitude.

The Flowers + Moon is beautiful for chemistry, flirting, love, and attraction. Flowers are generally associated with these happy emotions, and the Moon adds to this element. It is a lovely card for these emotions. It is also a combination of creativity, like the Child and Moon. These cards all have a feminine aspect. It is a card of success in any context.

The Tower + Moon can mean the long term and the long-term view. It can also suggest appreciation from people at the top. The Tower is typically associated with elevation and people in authority. With the Moon, it can mean that we receive appreciation from such a person.

This is similar to the combination with the Bear. It can also point to something like becoming more expert, deepening our expertise, and pushing our vocation to the next level.

The Snake + Moon is a tricky combination. The darker side of the Moon can come through. This would clearly be someone deceptive and emotionally manipulative. So beware with this combination. If you receive an invitation and you get the Snake, it is a bit like with the Fox. You want to be wary of anything that seems too good to be true.

So these are my thoughts on how to read the Moon in these different combinations. I feel they are pretty straightforward.

I look forward to your feedback and do let me know about the Child and Moon versus Coffin and Moon. If we were going to assign one to the full moon and one to the new moon, which would it be? I am really curious.

So we do have one more card to cover in the series and that is going to be the Mountain. I look forward to it in the next video. Until then, thank you so much for watching, and take very good care of yourself.

NOTE. There are additional resources about the Moon and other cards.

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