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When I started my YouTube channel a few years ago, my Lenormand-scope videos were very well received - and they continue to be. But it became very clear to me that many viewers also want to learn how to read these amazing cards.

As I learn more about you and others in Lenormand Reader’s community, I realize that we have much in common.

We’ve all landed on Lenormand because we know that this deck has amazing features that we want to tap into.

Lenormand is special in every way.

But many of us struggle for the same reasons. We start reading those card combinations in short lines of three, five, or seven, and often stop here. That initial awe with the cards is met with learning obstacles as we try to push our skills to the next level.

So in this post, I want to unravel what’s behind our quest and struggles when we set out to learn Lenormand.



I’ve heard so many people say this and read so many comments on my YouTube channel telling me that even though they read Tarot, they visit my readings for a “dose of reality.”

It’s true, isn’t it? Lenormand’s cards are just in your face. They tell it as it is. 

The reason Lenormand’s cards are “in your face” is because its symbols are from everyday life. There is nothing esoteric or mystical about them.

Some might think that this feature of the deck makes it simplistic, or too simple for the goals of a divination practice.

But in truth, it is precisely because the simple imagery of the cards that we’re able to connect with them instantly.

This is unlike the Tarot, whose symbols and system of arcana must first be acquired and assimilated before we can interpret the cards freely and in a way that feels natural.

With Lenormand, we don’t need to first learn a language, we already know it from the associations - practical and spiritual - that we have with its everyday symbols.  

This means that we can quickly get past card meanings and start doing more interesting things with the cards!



Lenormand’s card combinations stand out to most of us as its most attractive and intriguing feature.

Unlike with any other method, reading the cards together and stringing them into sentences is not really optional, it’s the way the cards should be read.

It’s a totally efficient way of creating infinite meanings from just 36 cards.  

Card combinations not only unleash our interpretive imagination, but they also drives the most interesting and unique way of laying out Lenormand cards: Tableau-style.

Laying out the cards in a Tableau configuration, like a nine-card portrait or an augmented line, means that we can read the cards as part of many different sentences and structures.

This is very different from the Tarot and other decks where each card is restricted to its spot in the layout.

Consider this augmented line of five. Notice that we can read the horizontal, vertical, and an inner and outer diamond.

Though we can assign specific indications to these lines and geometric shapes, we can create our own meanings as well, and interpret the layout in any way that makes sense to us or the question at hand.

We have lots of freedom with the Lenormand deck when we combine its card and string them into interesting lines and shapes.

In fact, it’s combining the cards into different sentences and structures that unleashes our interpretative imagination and enables us to deliver many interesting insights.



Though Lenormand is filled with amazing techniques not found in any other method, it’s not easy to figure out all of its techniques.

That’s because we often go it alone and have to make do with scattered blog posts, books, and videos.

The fact that Lenormand Readers are a much smaller community than other groups means that there’s only so much we can read and learn from, and I believe this is the main reason we stop at short lines and don’t really move past them for a long time.

This was one of my main struggles from the outset. I read everything I could find, from blog posts to books. I didn’t only have to try piecing the disparate approaches into a coherent whole, but also had to experiment with them to see how well they play out in life.

With time, I grew my Lenormand lexicon and manual of techniques. They grew into Lenormand Reader’s Master Guides. And I’m happy to say that the Master Courses and Certification Program are now live.

Lenormand Reader’s Certification Program is the only one of its kind to cover the Lenormand practice in a comprehensive way, starting with individual card meanings to mastering the Grand Tableau and reading for others.

The Program is a modern online resource made up of video units organized into modules and accompanied by workbooks, guides, and bonus materials.

Save yourself many months or even years of trying to piece together the Lenormand practice, and start discovering its many wonderful features and techniques. It’s also a great opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded individuals, pursuing their passion for this amazing practice.




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