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Hi, everyone! Welcome back to the channel. Thank you as always for tuning back in. If you're new here, welcome! I'm Layla, the Lenormand Reader, and I'm one of the few people who focuses almost exclusively on the Lenormand practice.

In this tutorial, we're going to explore some combinations that describe a place, specifically a physical place. We'll look at the general cards that point to a place, and then we'll do some amazing combinations to show you how specific we can get with our descriptions. Finally, I'll quiz you to see how well you can describe certain places.


Let's start with the general single cards that point to a place.

The first card that comes to mind is the House. The House is a physical space representing the home, your base. But the House is also good for describing smaller spaces, private spaces, and the idea of being indoors. So the House in different combinations is going to suggest a smaller space.

The next card that is generally associated with places is the Garden. The Garden is associated with open spaces, so it is more public than the House. You can see how we can use these cards to contrast different kinds of spaces. The Garden is also associated with meetings and community.

The House can be associated with that too, but the Garden is a bit more public, so it tends to bring in more people into the picture. It's also sometimes associated with the workplace, whereas the House in the context of work would point to your smaller group, like the team that you're part of within the job.

The Garden is also associated with events. Now, that's a little bit different from a specific place, but you can see how by extension of the Garden, you can associate a public place or a bigger place with something like an event.

The Garden is also the card of connecting with others because it is the card of community. And so it often suggests networking and connecting with others, going out there, and being with others.

The third card that is about a space or a place is the Mountain. The Mountain is about a place abroad or away from where we are. It is a little bit different from the House and the Garden. It is more of a qualifying kind of card. It suggests that the place that we have in mind, that we're talking about It brings an element of distance and borders, and so when we have the Mountain by itself, it suggests a place abroad.

But if we wanted to get specific about the kind of place that we have in mind in this place abroad, then we would need other cards to qualify this. In the same way that the Mountain qualifies place cards and place combinations as being abroad.

I also use the Mountain to represent the online world. You might agree with this interpretation, or you might not. There are different ways you can adapt the essential meaning of the cards to apply in different contexts, new contexts, and in situations that didn't exist at the time the cards were created. So this is up to you and your interpretive imagination. For my part, I take the Mountain to represent either a place abroad or a place online.

Now, the Mountain is also associated with obstacles. I think you can see why: when there is this big mountain in front of you, it's like something in your way. So the Mountain does have that aspect as well. In fact, for the most part, Lenormand readers will read the Mountain as more of an obstacle than a place abroad. For me, I tend to go 50/50. It depends on the context and on the cards that are next to the Mountain.

So with that said, let's combine just these three cards together before we get into other combinations to be more specific about what the different places could be.


Now, the House and Garden combination, for example, would be a house with a garden. I also think it's a good combination to represent the idea of a gathering, probably with family, friends, maybe the team on the job, or other groups that you are a part of.

The Garden brings an element of activity to the House. It can also describe the House suggesting a house with a garden in a very literal way, but also adding that sense of activity. I also don't think that the order of the cards or directionality matters in this context, I think it's pretty much the same.

We can also combine the Garden and Mountain. Here, this can be a gathering abroad. It can also be a gathering online, like a social community or a community online. This can work. And again, I don't think that the order of the cards matters.

We can also do the House and Mountain together. This would be a house abroad. It can also be your family or the family home abroad, which is possible. I think this element comes through more clearly with the House than it does with the Garden. The House is the card that is associated with home and family, not so much the Garden, since the Garden is more public and the House is more private.

There is also a sense of boundary that comes pretty clearly with these two cards. Each of them has it, but the House can reinforce it because the House is a card of privacy. Whereas the Mountain is just that element of distance. The Garden is not so much about privacy and the idea of being indoors, obviously because it's the opposite. It's the idea of being outdoors.

In this sense, the Mountain and Garden, as well as other cards that are connected with nature, like the Tree, come to mind. This can be something like a hiking trail or going places outdoors, you know, doing things outdoors. These ideas can come through. Again, these are more activities or events and not so much a specific place.

But I have to say the idea of a Mountain trail or a hiking trail are fun ideas that you can bring out of the cards. Maybe with third cards like the Rider, in order to become more specific about the places and spaces that you're interested in.

And what mainly guides that is either the question or something personal to your reading or additional cards, like we said.

So these are the three main cards that represent the idea of place. Again, the Mountain is a little bit different in the sense that it just suggests that the place is abroad, so it's more of a qualifier than anything else.

So with this said, let's turn to some interesting combinations to become more specific about what the different places might be.


Starting with the House, the first combination that I have in mind is with the Tower. Now, as you know, the Tower is quite a layered card. It can mean a few different things. But it is very commonly associated with legal things, administration, official things, official matters, and so it can point to something administrative in that sense. Now, when we see it with the House, we can read it in terms of a place as representing an office.

It can be a government office, any other office, or an office somewhere in your workplace. That can depend on additional cards or the context that you're reading in. If we had something like the Bear in addition to the Tower, we might suggest something like the CEO's office, the boss's office, or perhaps the president's office. So I think that the Tower with the House is a pretty good card to suggest an office of sorts.

The next combination that I have in mind with the House + Flowers. So getting a bit creative here, the Flowers is a card of creativity, abundance, and beauty and aesthetics. So with the House, it can represent a place like a beautician or a beauty shop, or it can represent something like a spa. Maybe with the Fish because it's a water card, we might suggest a spa.

But the idea of the Flowers with the House, by themselves, I think is quite good to suggest the idea of a pretty place. A place where you attend to your aesthetics, like a beautician, possibly a hairdresser, you know, these sorts of places. Now, of course, this might sound a bit specific, but again, what drives your interpretation across different possibilities is the context or possibly additional cards.

The third combination that I have in mind with the House + Fish. Now the Fish is the card of money, finances, all things practical, and it is also the card of business and enterprise. So with the House, it quite often suggests either a home-based business, a smaller kind of business, or it can represent something like a shop, a retail shop.

I don't think it is so much a bank. I think with something like a bank, you might want the Tower. The Tower would better qualify the idea of a bank. And yes, you can take the Tower as a place, but it is also one of those more nuanced cards that qualifies a place more than anything else.

If you had something like the House, Tower, and Fish, it can be an office in a bank, it can be an institution that is related to finance, and things like that. So again, the idea of the Fish with the House represents a place that is more related to business matters, money matters, and the sort of place that is connected with these matters.

Now let's move on to some combinations with the Garden. Like we said, the Garden is a more public space. It is more open. It is not private like the House. And so here we have different sorts of places that can be described by the cards, the Garden and other cards.

The first one that I have in mind is Garden + Book. So the Book with the Garden can very clearly represent something like a library or a classroom. There is this idea of a learning environment. And of course, there are plenty of learning environments, so this can come down to very specific considerations that you might have in mind. But more broadly speaking, the Book and Garden are pretty good to describe the idea of a classroom or a library.

The second combination that I have in mind in terms of a place that we can describe using the Garden is the idea of a cemetery. Now the Coffin is a pretty straightforward card to help us describe a cemetery. You might like an additional card to represent something so specific. Possibly the Cross can work out here just because it's very obviously used as a symbol in cemeteries.

And I appreciate that the Cross is Christian and not everyone is Christian, obviously, but what you can do is use this symbol and stretch it across different religions or spiritual schools in whichever way you like.

I know some people get a little bit hung up about some limitations that might come with a card. But I don't think you need to feel that way because your interpretive imagination is up to you. I think it's great that we only have 36 cards and that we can really stretch the cards across different areas and in different combinations.

So the Garden + Coffin + Cross might be a pretty good triplet to suggest a cemetery. And even with the Coffin, it can work. And maybe for some of you, you might like just the Cross and the Garden. You know, it depends how you see it, but based on the essential meaning of these cards and combination with the Garden, any of these or all of them work pretty well.

Another combination that I have in mind for you with the Garden is the idea of a hospital. Now, the hospital is often represented by the Lily. The Lily is a card of health for many Lenormand Readers. For my part, I tend to see the Lily mainly as a card of life path and career, and less often as a card of health. But I still allow for this interpretation depending on the context, depending on other cards.

And so it's very commonly used to describe a hospital in a combination like the Garden + Lily. You might like this, you might not, you might prefer possibly the Coffin to represent a hospital, right?

Because the Coffin is also associated with illness in general. So the Lily or the Coffin can work well. And in fact, you could do all three. This might be more specific. You might be more inclined to see this triplet as suggesting a hospital when all three come together. So this too is a really helpful interpretation to be specific about the kind of place.

The next idea that I have for you is a gym. Now, with the gym, I like to use the Rider. Another possibility is to use the Whip. A lot of people like the Whip for something energetic and athletic. It is often a card of sport.

I feel that because the Whip is such a challenging card, I don't feel I need to use it to represent something as pleasant as a gym. And instead, the energetic aspects of the Rider can be used to represent a gym. So you know this idea of running, cardio, exercise, and agility, so things like gym classes and so on. All of them can work really well with the Rider.

But obviously, if you want to use the Whip, it can work pretty well because of this element of practice and repetition. And it's also pretty strong and aggressive. So it can work out well in the context of a gym, in the context of exercise. You might use all three, you might use either one in a pair with the Garden, Garden + Rider or Garden + Whip.

Now, just to add an extra dimension to this, I have an idea here that I can share with you. By adding the Ring, we might suggest something like a gym membership. Do you see how this comes through? So the Ring is a card of commitment, involvement. It also has that element of repetition.

It is a card that I use, for example, to represent subscribers in the context of business. It is also the card of promises because of that commitment. It is also a card that qualifies the Letter and the Book as contracts. It offers the idea of an engagement, a connection. And so with the Ring, it might represent a membership.

So in this case, it would be a gym membership. But with other contexts, for example, you might use just a membership generally, being a member of a certain group.

The House can also work out nicely with this, right? In fact, it might be a little bit more appropriate depending on the place because the House is more private. And this idea of a membership can come through as well with the House.

So this is flexible. It's up to you. It depends on the place, on the space, how big or how small it is, how public or how private it is. But like we said, adding the Ring to something like a gym or maybe a library can add that element of a membership. So in the case of a library, for example, it might be having a library membership.

So you can get creative with the cards in these ways to become pretty specific about where and what is going on. And of course, there are many possibilities with the cards. So what's going to drive your choice of an interpretation again is either additional cards or the context.

Now, as I said, with the cards of place, we can go a little bit beyond the idea of a space and describe events and qualifying elements around this event. For example, if we had the Garden + Moon, it could mean going out at night. It can represent the idea of nighttime. If we had the Sun, it might represent daytime. If this is relevant to your reading, you might want to apply this interpretation.

Another way we can represent the idea of a date with the Garden + Heart. This can be a happy meeting in general, but if the context calls for it, it might suggest a date. You might like an additional card to be more specific about this. The Heart and Ring might be better to qualify this, but again, if the context warrants this interpretation with just two cards, you might want to go with it.

Another idea is to represent qualities of a space. For example, with the Bird, it might be a noisy place. Obviously, this would be a place where we can network, where we can talk to a lot of people. It might represent singing and concerts and things like that, especially with cards like the Moon or the Star, where there's this element of performance and shining and things like that. So you can use all sorts of interesting elements together.

You can pull into the interpretation many different interesting aspects of the cards. And as you know, that's what I call correspondences. The idea that we interpret the cards for different contexts.

So with the Garden + Bird, it can represent something like a noisy place. I also read this combination to suggest an interview of sorts because there is a meeting and there is a conversation, and the Bird can sometimes bring in negotiations and a bit of anxiety.

As you know, the context can drive how exactly you interpret the cards, but even then with just two or three cards and with a good dose of interpretive imagination, you can come up with some pretty interesting ideas to describe people, places, and things happening.

With this said, I'm going to leave you with a quiz. I'm going to ask you to pick two, three, or possibly more cards to describe these places.

Are you ready? Leave me your comments:

  • How would you describe a restaurant with Lenormand cards?
  • How would you describe a bar or a pub?
  • How about a daycare?
  • How would you describe the beach?
  • And what about a forest?

Leave me your comments. I look forward to reading them, and I hope you've enjoyed this video about how you can describe spaces and places with Lenormand cards.

Thank you for tuning in. Be sure to check out all of the links and resources that I have for you on the website. And until next time, take very good care of yourself.

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