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As a card of challenge, the Cross points to tests, trials, tribulations, burdens, and tough decisions. But as a spiritual card, the Cross is associated with matters of destiny. The Cross qualifies surrounding cards as something destined, a challenge, and possibly something we “have” to do, bringing the idea of burdens. 

With the Ship, this can be an important trip we are to take that has deeper implications for our life.

Although, the Ship does not always represent a physical trip and can point to a project or journey we need to undertake. It indicates pushing the boundaries and “traveling” outside them, possibly suggesting we should be more adventurous, explore options, and go beyond our comfort zone. It is a wonderful card for exploring people, places, and ideas and going beyond what we know.

Together this pair can suggest a destined trip, one we have to take because it is meant to happen. It can also represent the idea that we need to undertake a journey in the metaphorical sense.

The Ship, which is similar to the Road indicating travel and a journey, with the Cross can mean we are at crossroads or a decision point in our journey and metaphorically need to decide which direction to “sail” into.

Because of the Cross, it can be a burdensome trip we have to take or a difficult decision we have to make about our journey and how to move forward. Or it can be something wonderful such as a happy trip or a destined journey in the physical or metaphorical sense.



The Woman could be the one who undertakes this trip, but I also think we could be traveling to meet this Woman because I typically unfold the story by reading Lenormand from left to right. However, the order you read the cards might depend on your language as I have discussed in my Guides and blog posts.

From left to right, we can see the flow of the cards shows that we are heading toward this person. The Cross is the decision to go, and the Ship is the journey to see the Woman. This can involve a physical trip, perhaps traveling over water or different countries to see her.

This line is neutral in the sense that we decide to travel to see the Woman, and there is a meeting or some communication with her, but we do not know if it turns out positive or negative.

Another way to read this triplet is to consider the Woman in light of our decision. Again, the Ship can point to going beyond our comfort zone and being more adventurous, and the Cross is about making the decision to do that. 

So in this context, the Woman can mean this is someone who helps us explore our options, who offers us ideas, whom we learn from, or who inspires us to go beyond, like what the Ship suggests.

Keep in mind that anytime we interpret the Lenormand cards, it depends on the question or the context.

Suppose we draw these three cards after someone asks if they will get a job. Because the Ship is good with money and success, and has to do with trading, buying, selling, and business, it probably means they will get the job. However, the Cross can have a challenging impact on this and can mean it depends on a few things, most likely the Woman. 

There could be a meeting or consultation with her, or perhaps she is the person who makes the decision, as indicated by the Cross and Woman. But because the Ship is in the middle, and the middle card is the weightiest card for the triplet, it can point to success, albeit despite some challenges or tests. That is why I think it points to an interview to prove ourselves, and then we might be able to take advantage of that opportunity.

In relationships, this triplet can suggest getting together with the person who travels to us or whom we travel to, but because it is a neutral line, it is not clear what happens after the meeting.

In terms of money, this is a supportive triplet because the Ship is good with money, and the Cross can point to some decisions we make, perhaps with the Ship indicating an investment or business transaction. The Woman can offer support, or perhaps some decisions are in her hands. This is a positive triplet with money, but things need to be carefully considered.



With this order of the cards, the meaning changes slightly and can mean the Woman is the one making a decision about traveling.

In relationships, this could point to a potential separation because the Cross, as the middle card, implies challenges and burdens and possibly going in a different direction. The Ship sailing away on the right brings an energy of separation, and the challenging Cross indicates we have to decide to go in a new direction. This order of the cards can be more challenging for relationships. 

In the context of jobs, careers, and money, the line is more exciting because we set out on a journey and are more open to adventure, and the Cross might point to some challenges and risk. Still, the Ship on the right brings adventures and happy outcomes especially in the context of money and careers.



The Fox is a tricky card highlighting anything we need to pay attention to because the Fox does not have transparency and is associated with traps and someone two-faced. But it also has some advantages like being disciplined and good with family, interestingly enough.

The challenging side of the Cross brings out that aspect of the Fox, and with the Ship, it can point to a tricky journey ahead. So when I see this triplet, I would be concerned about an offer to do something, engage in a project, or go in a certain direction because the Cross and Fox suggest this might be the wrong decision. Especially with the Fox highlighting possible issues down the line and asking us to carefully consider this journey or trip and double-check everything before we decide to proceed.

Even though the Fox is generally negative, it can give helpful advice and warning signs. The challenging combination of the Cross and Fox can mean we have to refuse an offer, assuming we receive it. But the Fox is not necessarily a disappointment. Instead, the advice of the Fox is helpful in this triplet because it warns us against possible issues coming up in this journey.

The Fox is also associated with work and employment and can point to a project when paired with the Ship. However, the Cross does not support this interpretation. Instead, it suggests a warning. But if we had a more positive card like the Sun or Flowers, this would indicate engaging in a job or project.

Switching the order of the cards to the Cross, Ship, and Fox perhaps gives the nuance of “having” to take a trip despite some challenges down the line. But overall, I think any order of this triplet will have a similar interpretation.

So overall, the Fox in this triplet warns about what could transpire and suggests we carefully weigh the options and consider if this trip, journey, or project is in line with our best interests. The Fox is good with being self-interested and aware of its own needs and priorities, and paired with the Cross, which is about destiny and important things in life, those aspects of the Fox come through as an advantage.

The Ship indicates we may need to narrow our focus so we can prioritize the journey, the direction, or the project that matters the most to us, though we may need to sacrifice some things because of the Cross. Again the question or the context at hand helps guide the interpretation of the cards.



The Letter points to some important news, documents, communications, or paperwork, and the Cross indicates deciding on the trip or project represented by the Ship.

The Cross, in the middle and next to the Letter, brings a burdensome element and may indicate the news is challenging and we “have” to do something. So with the Letter, it can mean there is news that makes us go on this trip or in this direction, though it might be for a good reason as the Cross brings the destiny element to this line.

The order of the Cross, Ship, and Letter, can mean we announce our trip because of the Letter on the right. Alternatively, news finally arrives after being on hold, delayed, or pending a decision, as indicated by the Cross on the left. The Ship and Letter both have communication and travel elements and suggest we receive news. 

Changing the order of this triplet does not make much difference, and in my opinion, it is still about making a decision, or documents and paperwork coming through, and then a trip or project ensues.

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