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Hi everyone! Welcome back to the channel and thank you for tuning in. If you're new here, welcome I'm Layla the Lenormand reader and today folks I want to share with you the news that my deck is finally available for sale.

Thank you so much to all of you who have expressed interest in buying my cards and I want to say sorry it took me so long to be able to make it available for you.

I want to tell you a little bit about this here and I also want to go over the cards with you and show you the place where you can get them from, so that everything is clear.

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So initially, I worked with a printing company that specializes in decks and cards and all sorts of similar things and they produced a really nice deck for me.

This is the one that I always use in my readings and some of you might have a sample of my cards as well when I was running a few tests.

It came in this carton box here with a bit of a guide here on the side and on the back side. So it is a very fine deck. I've been playing with it and using it for a while now and the cards keep really well.

They also have a glossy kind of cover that makes it easy to clean and things like that, however, the reason I didn't continue with the company is because it is a company where you have to order a number of cards ahead and you have to have them all printed. And then you have to move these cards to a place where they can be sold.

So I felt that this whole system was not really efficient and with covid and all of that it became really difficult.

So instead, I decided to go with a different company, a company that prints on demand. They print a deck only when you order one, so that way it is more efficient. I don't have to order a whole bunch of decks ahead of time, and I don't have to move the decks to a place where I can sell them. They do the whole thing.

So this company is called Printer Studio and of course I'm going to link everything in the description box.

I have to say up front that I didn't order my own deck from Printer Studio because of the fact that I'm currently in Egypt in Cairo, and shipping stuff into here has just been really, really difficult.

I came here to actually get my stuff out of Canada because of where I was traveling, it wasn't really practical, so I made a bit of a space for myself here for the time being, and I shipped my stuff out of Canada.

Maybe you're aware that Canada has been in a challenging covid situation and I'm sort of enjoying my time off a little bit, traveling and just working on Lenormand and things like that.

So I had my stuff shipped to me to Cairo and I have to say it's been a total nightmare. The customs are really, really difficult, and so I decided not to take more risks and waste more time and order a sample deck before I could make it available to you.

But the reason I went ahead with Printer Studio is because I have ordered a deck from them before and this is the Palimpsest deck.

The Palimpsest deck is this one. This is the one I have used recently on the Tarot to Lenormand video about the Cups and Wands, and how they compare, because the pips on the Palimpsest are so clear.

The Palimpsest comes in a plastic box which is, I would think, better than a carton box. And the cards are standard.

So when you start working with cards you will find that there are some standards in terms of size and shape of the cards. I'm just going to take two cards here to show you that it is the exact same size of the cards.

So when I was working with Printer Studio, I told them this is exactly what I want for my cards. And when I compare it with this, the one that I had printed before, it is exactly the same in so many aspects.

The feel of the card, the thickness of the card, the slight gloss that we find on the card, and of course the size. This is a standard size.

So I'm confident that you will get a really good product because I have worked with Printer Studio before and I've ordered a deck myself from them before.



My deck has its page now on the Printer Studio website. You can order it from there. You can order them in quantities as well and resell them if you like. There is a discount on larger quantities. The more you order, the cheaper the cost per deck.

It should come in a plastic box like this one and I've preferred it over a carton box. And also, you know how sometimes you will find these extra cards in a deck, they're not used for anything. They're just in there. So I've created one for my deck with the information that I had on the back of the pack.

The box is transparent. There's nothing that goes on it, whereas on a carton box, you get to print something on it. So instead of having it printed on the box, I have an extra card for you that is the same size as all the other cards, and the information on that card is information about the Guidebook.

So when you purchase the deck, and you receive it, you will get that extra card with a link or a website address that you can type into your browser, and that will get you to input your email and you will automatically receive the Guidebook.

So let's talk about what's included in the deck. It's just basically the cards, all 36 cards of them, and it comes in the plastic box, and the extra information card. I don't have a copy of it, but it is the same as what I had on the previous one.

So again, with that link on the information card you can download the Guidebook and I can show you a little bit about the Guidebook.

It is quite comprehensive. It covers every single card meaning and a number of card combinations, as well as how to do some readings. And so it is quite comprehensive for its size, and it's definitely helpful and of course it's aligned with the way that I do Lenormand.




I want to tell you a little bit about the design of my cards, why I've picked this style. And so the cards as you can see from the readings that I do on YouTube are simple and minimalistic. That's why I call them the Silhouettes Deck, because it's really just the shape colored in with my brand color, which is this purple.

The back of the card is the ‘L’ not only for my name obviously, but for Lenormand.

I opted not to go for an actual metallic gold color because it chips off after a while, and you start to see the actual paper of the card. So I went for a plain matte color instead, and this way it will last longer. It is the same color that goes in as well for the little insets, which I've kept small.

So I went for the simple design because most of my life as a Lenormand Reader, I've been using Titania's deck and I've done a video about Titania's deck before I'm going to link it here you can head over to the video and watch it.

Titania's deck is more colorful but it is also simple with the symbols. It has just the main symbol of the card, and Titania completely omits the insets. We see the insets clearly in the Palimpsest deck for example.

The insets are the playing card associated with each card and the card number. I opted to just keep them for reference, but they’re very small and tiny on the Silhouettes Deck.

I have for example the eight of hearts here and this is number 32, which corresponds to the number of the card because for me, in my practice, what I've done is I've assimilated the inset meaning into the main meaning of the symbol, and that's how I practice.

Of course, you can use the pips if you want to, so you might like to get a deck where the pips are more salient on the cards, so you can see them well. I've talked about the pips in another video and in a blog post.

Personally in my practice, I don't use the pips so much. Like I said I've assimilated their meaning into the main meaning of the card.

If sometimes you want to change the visuals, you want to interact with the cards a little bit differently, you might use a different deck, and that is perfectly fine - and actually enjoyable.

So that's why I've kept the insets small. They're still here for reference, and it's really the main symbol of the card. I like it simple. I like it minimalistic.

I find that when there is less clutter on the card, I can focus more on the essence of the card. It's just how I interact with the imagery. But it doesn't mean that I don't use different decks on occasion.

For example, I like the  the Palimpsest. Sometimes I will use the more classical Lenormand, the Blue and Red Owl. They're very small cards though, and I have pretty big hands. So that's why I like something a bit bigger.

So that's it for my for my take on the design of the cards.



Let's go ahead and run through each of the cards briefly over the table.

I have a few pictures on the Printer Studio page about my cards, but it's not the whole deck so let's just run through the cards, this way you will know exactly what you're getting.

So this is the deck, it is a very new deck, so it is still a bit slippery. When you first buy a deck it's kind of slippery. The cards are not used, and there is still quite a bit of gloss on them.

And so the cards are sliding in my hands a little. But because it is a brand new deck, I thought I would bring it out so you have a good idea of what should look like when you first get your.

So let's go ahead and go through each of these cards.

Like I said we would this is the Moon card, the Tree, the Heart, the Mountain, the Key, the House, the Star. I think they call this a Jerusalem star. The Stork.

This is the Tower, and for those of you in Canada you will recognize that this is the silhouette of the CN Tower. The CN Tower is my favorite tower. I'm not really interested in big buildings but there is something about the CN Tower that I find so attractive.

And then the other buildings that I really like are the Petronas twin towers in Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur. So this is the CN Tower for those of you who are in Canada you'll probably recognize it. 

This is the Snake, the Man, this is the Garden. This is my take on the Garden. I love this plant…

The Fox, this is the Flowers, this is the Fish, it's the silhouette of a goldfish obviously. The Dog, here is the Cross, and the Coffin.

The Clover, and the Clouds. In many Lenormand decks the Clouds has a dark side and a light side. In my deck, the dark side is the one where there are more clouds so it is this side, the one on the left, and then the lighter side is on the right. But it's not a very relevant feature for me personally, so I've kept it light. There is still a hint of it here. It's up to you, you can use it any way you like.

This is the Child, and the Book, and the Bird which is a silhouette of an owl which is also what Titania has.

This is the Bear, the Anchor, the Woman, the Lily, the Letter, Ship, this is the Scythe. It's one of my favorite shapes as a silhouette in the deck. It's so nice and slender.

The Road, this is the Ring, here is the Rider, and the Mouse. This is the Whip, and this is the Sun.

So the cards weren't in the classical order of Lenormand. I played with this deck and they weren't in order.

So this is the overview of the Silhouettes Deck cards. Let me know of any thoughts or feedback you might have for them. 

So thank you so much again for your enthusiasm and your interest in having my cards. I really hope the process with Printer Studio goes smoothly. In all cases, if anything is off or you have questions about anything, please reach out and I will follow up on this, and we'll make sure you get your deck. 

So, thank you so much for tuning in folks! As always, I'm really grateful that you are part of this community.

Please leave me any thoughts and comments you might have, and I am looking forward to our next video together. Thank you so much for tuning in!



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