practice & ethics Mar 29, 2020

These are truly strange times.

The corona virus has practically the whole world locked down. 

Not only are many of us confined to our homes with little leeway to go out, but the world economy is on a standstill and emergency measures are being taken just about everywhere

I have my own thoughts about the veracity of medical claims and I feel that many pre-existing political and economic failures are being conveniently blamed on the virus.

Still, there’s no denying that the pandemic, exaggerated or not, is causing many businesses to go bankrupt, oil price to crash, lenders to face mortgage risk, and central bank rates to go to zero, among many other problems shaking up the world from the inside out.

How is all this affecting your mindset? And what can you do about it if you’ve got Lenormand in your toolbox?



A year or so into practicing positive affirmations, I realized what it means to have faith in fear. It dawned on me in very clear and tangible ways, and became one of the most important insights I’ve had in my life so far.

Having faith in fear means that we give power to what causes the fear.

At the same time, a mistake that many of us make is to think that not having faith in fear is the same as not believing that the source of fear exists. This is not the right way to go about dealing with fear.

Whether the source of fear is real or not, ignoring it is not only a mistake, it is a dangerous one that can lead us to throw all caution to the wind and think that we’re immune to real dangers.

Taking back our power from fear and its source is not about pretending it doesn’t exist, rather, it means that we take the teeth out of its bite.

Our buttons are no longer pushed, we’re no longer reactive, and we can focus on constructive action. Most importantly, we’re centered and unshaken.

And it is out of this space of genuine centeredness that we can create the life we say we want.

Now, in the context of reading Lenormand or doing any other kinds of divination, it’s important to put your faith in the right place.

I read Lenormand both seriously and casually, and have been doing so for over twenty years. It’s one of my closest companions and I have a very personal relationship with my practice.

But no matter how much I care for the messages delivered by my cards, I cannot rationally and spiritually place faith in my cards over and above faith in myself or in the higher power that I align with.

I know it can be hard to have faith in the face of something as globally overwhelming as the corona virus pandemic, but from my heart to yours, please do not place unreasonable levels of faith in any divination practice.

Get clear about the true source of power in your life and put your faith in number one - whether that’s your higher self or your idea of a divinity.

On top of that, what your cards tell you is often a reflection of your inner alignment, and the quality of your readings is often a direct result of your sense of centeredness.

So if you’re in a state of anxiety and are feeling helpless about this pandemic, try to step back and connect with yourself.

The added bonus is that it’s this kind of inner connection that produces wonderful readings.



I love the predictive power of Lenormand and I don’t shy away from making them and talking about them. 

One key reason why we’re attracted to Lenormand is precisely because it’s clear, straightforward, and doesn’t beat the bush.

At the same time, I don’t believe things just ‘happen to me’ or that I’m at the receiving end of life’s random events. 

It’s true there are many things that we don’t control (like the corona pandemic), but there are many others that we do. I believe in free will.

That’s why I like to interpret my cards in a way that I can take away insights and advice I can act on - be that in word, thought, or action.

You might have heard my motto a few times before: If you can’t do anything about a reading, what good is it?

I’m not saying that your cards don’t reveal the unknown - they often do! - but I care for you to get more out of them than just ‘facts’.

What is your role in this situation? What aligned action that you take? What can you be, do, have, or think to bring yourself closer to your goals

Let your cards be your friend.

You can prompt them to give you good ideas by asking smart questions.

When we’re in a situation like the current global pandemic, we might feel like just about everything is out of our control.

And much of it is, but there’s also plenty we can do. From decluttering our homes, to diving into our financial books, right now is a major opportunity to connect with ourselves.

If you’re open to it, you can receive similarly helpful tips from your cards to help you through this phase. 

I realize that this is a very tough time, and in no way am I trying to undermine the situation or anyone’s specific circumstances, but we rarely get to stay in and curl up away from everyone and everything. We also often complain about how busy we are.

Can we try to see the up side in all this and take some time to catch up with ourselves and our homes?



A few of you have reached out to me with health and other concerns directly related to the corona pandemic.

I hold all of you in my prayers and affirmations, and hope you stand strong in your faith.

When there are so many unknowns, turning to our cards is only natural.

If you have a health concern for yourself or your loved ones, you might like to do a reading.

We can make sense of a card for any context. I call a card’s meanings for different contexts its ‘correspondences’. In the program Master Lenormand’s Cards And Combinations, I offer my own take on the health meaning of the cards.

But that is only to highlight interesting aspects and possibilities, and never to substitute for real-life expertise.

Be careful!

Don’t be tempted to use your cards to give yourself or your clients advice that lies outside of your expertise. 

And if you have clients who want you to give them such advice “at their responsibility”, I strongly urge you not to go along.

No cards or divination method can substitute for professional advice. In fact, nothing can.

When it comes to specific advice and situations, the best way to use our cards is in a more general way, and in a way that motivates us to be proactive.

They help us focus our attention on some areas that we might have not thought about, and their advice can involve seeking real-life support.

The idea is to take away practical tips that we can implement in our life.  And being practical is not just about ‘doing’, it’s also about thinking and feeling in more aligned and constructive ways.

So in these challenging times, center yourself and put your faith in number one. Sit down over a reading and seek constructive insights and advice, so you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.



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